Unusual preparations for WDW

Planning for a WDW trip can become all-encompassing. Recently I’ve taken a number of steps that are perhaps unusual.

A few weeks ago I developed a pain in one of my teeth. After a visit to a dentist — and another for a second opinion — I eventually decided to have the tooth removed. I definitely had in mind the fact that I’m on the deluxe DDP and eating food is a major part of my trip. I’m hoping I didn’t have it done too late: it was done a week ago and it’s still pretty sore. I’m only eating on one side of my mouth at the moment (which turns out to be great for weight loss, because it’s such a hassle that I’m eating much less than usual).

Around the same time, and mindful of how much walking is involved in a WDW trip, I made an appointment to see my podiatrist to make sure everything was ready for the challenge!

I’ve even used the trip as an excuse for some perhaps naughty shopping. I just bought a new iPad because I want to make sure I have the right equipment for the flight and — of course! — for writing my trip reports in the hotel.

Do you make any unusual preparations?


Not unusual, but a little hyper/dorky/overexcited planning, like buying new travel backpacks for the kiddos, searching Amazon for travel games for their bags, making sure my highlights are touched up (:-)) --a total necessity–and watching my diet to make sure I look good for pictures. Does any of that count ?


That’s not unusual at all. What WOULD be unusual is if you had said, “watching my diet for the long-term health benefits it will have on my life.” :wink:


Who does that?


No one. Which is what would have made it unusual!

Having a tooth removed for a trip - that’s a pretty good one. Honestly, that might be a hard one to top.


I do some heavy lifting for my work. The two weeks leading up to my trip, I don’t lift anything! I’ve tweaked a shoulder / back right before a trip and it makes it so much harder. Plus, I buy new shoes about 3 weeks beforehand too.

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hahaha “unusual”… hahahahahahahaa Everything I do is perfectly normal. And if you try and tell me otherwise my fingers are going in my ears and lalalalalalalalalalaalaALLALALALALALALALLALALALA!!!


So, you watch “La La Land” in preparation for a trip to Disney? That IS unusual.


Never seen it. Musicals that aren’t Disney or animated are usually pretty cringey to me. I think I caught 3 minutes of La La Land and it was confirmed.

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La La Land is semi-parody.

And that changes nothing

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About a week before our last trip I noticed that our Sky+ box was filling up. I watched several recorded episodes of Air Crash Investigation every night so I could delete them and free up space. DH refused to even come into the lounge unless I paused it first. :laughing:


Well, I figured it would change your opinion about it being a cringe-worthy musical to a cringe-worthy PARODY of a musical. :wink:

Well my options were:

  1. Wait until I get back from my trip and have it dealt with. Which was my original plan, but it seemed like it was getting worse and what if it got really bad in Orlando?

  2. Have a temporary fix to tide me over until I get back, and then deal with it properly. This was tempting but involved more visits to the dentists office.

  3. Bite the bullet and have the tooth taken out. (Poor choice of metaphor?)

I’m really hoping it recovers soon!


Well, if you had taken your own tooth out ala Fight Club, you would have received major kudos.

Seems like a solid choice to get the tooth issue resolved before your trip. :+1:

I can’t help but think that the previous fifty years worth of choices (should I eat this candy bar) have all come back to haunt me :woozy_face:

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I counted my underwear to see if I would be ok to not do it until after the trip if I wait until Monday. I will make it.

And not gonna lie… If I was not gonna make it by 5 or less, I probably would have paid a visit to Victoria’s Secret and bought 5 more pair.

Plan is to start packing after laundry so that I can trim things down to the basics to ensure I can get it in a carry-on and not deal with checking a bag.


That is literally what I’ve done.

Well, OK, not literally. But I have bought a full set of t-shirts and underwear for the trip. And for some reason I’m only allowed to wear my Adidas Ultraboost shoes in Orlando.


We tried to watch it and I really did want to like it. But 10 or 15 mins in I was like - OK this can go now