Unofficial - Virtual Queue for SW:GE

So according to BlogMickey, the codes for a virtual queue system like that used in DL have been seen on the latest version of the MDE app.

I have been posting about this for a while now, since insiders over on WDWMagic confirmed this would be used 2-3 months ago.

But now it seems that the eagle eyed bloggers from BlogMickey have spotted it for real.


Only 22 days before SWGE opens and they still haven’t “officially” announced this yet. I feel bad for all the ppl who don’t visit WDW often that won’t understand how this works and weren’t given enough notice to learn. We, as Liners, understand this stuff. However, I know plenty of ppl who are going to WDW this year and have no clue what MDE / FPP even is or how to operate it.


Well those people are no worse off than they were without a virtual queue. :woman_shrugging:

This makes me happy! I was getting a little nervous that we were all going to be thrown to the wolves. I think it will do well.


Debatable, but don’t want to debate it. :smile:

I may or may not like it, but I definitely like to know.

I think it’s way better than literally standing in a queue for four hours. Or even two.

It isn’t so good for those who want to do the rest of the park and not Galaxy’s Edge, as it does mean that people will be hanging about and looking to fill in the time.

What I don’t know is whether the virtual queue gives an indication of where you are in the queue and/or how long your wait may be. If it told you you would probably be waiting for four hours, people may hop to Epcot or down to the Boardwalk area for a meal. But otherwise people will obviously want to be near by, in case they are “paged”.


I’m happy about this but also wonder how it will affect my fastpasses if my turn is during a fp window.


You would have a certain amount of time to enter, it won’t be a 10 minute window. I don’t know what the window was, I’ll see if I can find anything.

It would be a bigger risk if you were waiting in a stand-by queue posted at an hour.

Very true! At least I don’t have to worry about it affecting break times since I changed my plans to two half days at HS- a 6am and a night.

According to this guide for the DL land, you have two hours to return.

The biggest thing that stands out for me is that once you’ve confirmed to enter the virtual queue, you can’t add more people. Sensible and predictable certainly, but tough luck if you forget to include someone and don’t notice immediately. :anguished:


Thanks for the info @Nickysyme You are always on top of it with brand new information!

Do you have to enter the park to get in the queue? Or is it done ahead of time?

At DL, yes. And likely here too.

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leav’em! They’ll only slow you down!


I hope WDW announced this soon.

On The Office, Michael Scott asks Oscar to explain surplus to him like he’s five. I’m going to go ahead and ask the same for this. I’m already in a tizzy about getting on this ride so I want to understand.

Basically, we show up that morning and head to Smuggler’s Run. Once there, we will use our MDE app on our phones to get into a virtual boarding group. That boarding group will tell us what time to return for our ride.


Also, dumb question but how does Disney know that we’re there in SWGE waiting and should join a boarding group. People outside of the land won’t be able to access the boarding group options? Does it use GPS or wifi from our phones? Do i need location tracking turned on? Sorry- I just want to filly understand.

I mean, it’s a good thing they aren’t waiting til the last minute or anything.


The boarding groups are for the land, not the ride.

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Oh great. So once you’re IN the land, you might still wait around in line for several hours?