Unofficial Guide to WDW 2022 - Kindle edition updates

Apparently, for previous Kindle versions of Unofficial Guide to WDW, the Kindle app automatically applied updates (corrections and new info) to customers’ already-downloaded copies for the rest of the edition year. Does anyone know if this will still be the case for the 2022 edition?

Right now Amazon has a Quality Issues Reported flag on the 2022 Kindle edition that says:

Customers reported quality issues in this eBook. This eBook has: Typos. The publisher has been notified to correct these issues.

If I buy the Kindle edition today, I’d like to know that the typos will be resolved in an automatic update. And I’d also love to get corrections and updates throughout 2022!

Are the typos Disney abbreviations?

I have no idea what the typos are. The new edition was just released today and I haven’t seen it yet.

I’ve asked whether we’re going to update the 2022 Kindle edition.

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Thank you Len! Any idea how long it will be before you get a response?

Yes - they asked me to identify the typos, which I have no way of doing without reading the entire book.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do that?

In the past, you could fill out a request about kindle typos on Amazon’s website. They would ask what page it was on, what kind of mistake it was, etc. not sure how they do it now.