The new Unofficial Guide

Who buys the guide every year? Does anyone know if they’ll be anything new in it?? :

@Lentesta @len @LaurelStewart Might have more insight into what will be added in this years edition. has the “What’s new” info from the inside flap

2 Likes and check the blog later this week for an article on it.


@MotherBoy, The link in @LaurelStewart’s post is the most complete list of what’s changed.

We’re also planning free monthly refreshes of the Kindle edition, through Amazon. So if you have a Kindle, that’s the best way of always having the most accurate information.


I buy the new UG every year. I enjoy the updated Jim Hill pieces, and all the info on new rides (I.e. New Fantasyland, Test Track, Diagon Alley, etc.), updates on Disney Springs, etc. I consider it a keepsake as well. I love to look back through my guides from 2008 and 2011, and marvel at how much has changed!

@len, I checked out the 2014 Birnbaum Official Guide last night at Barnes and Noble and was completely shocked at the amount of outdated information. It still told people how to obtain legacy FP and said that FASTPASS Plus was coming in the near future. The rides included the FP symbol next to the titles and made no mention of FP+. And the majority of pictures they use in the guide are the same ones they used in the 1994 guide! Again, I was just shocked. Thank you for continually updating the UG. I truly appreciate the accuracy of the information you and your team supply.

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My next trip is more than two years away :frowning: but I’m already planning. I like to have the Guide next to my computer for easy reference, particularly with dining ideas. Guess I’m just old school! This Guide is a must have. I can’t even imagine what my previous trips to WDW would have been like without it!

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I buy it every year - it helps me keep on top of any and all changes in preparation for the next trip.

While the cartoons are cute, everything that I want from the guide is online: room recs, restaurant ratings, ride reviews, etc

Oh awesome. My son has a kindle so maybe I will purchase it through that. Thank you so much!

The Unofficial Guide is by far the best book out there. I’m always astounded by the other books I see. The information is either just BAD information or outdated. Or both!

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I buy one every other year. I’ve got the Kindle app; I might get the e version now that DH has an iPad. I did not like the e version on my iphone. I couldn’t read the charts and I LOVE the charts!!

I just bought the 2014 UG for a trip in October and realize several things have changed since then (FFP process, procedures and plans for UOR given the expansion, MagicBand procedures, benefits of staying onsite - although we’re a bit too late to change that now, etc.). Do I just have to scout out that updated information on the TP blog and website? I found the list of updates on the website, but it doesn’t include several big things that seem to have changed based on what I’m reading in the forums. Any advice? I guess I don’t mind searching the forums, but I do wish there were a way to have all the pertinent information I need in one place, which is why I’m a fan of buying guidebooks - it just saves a lot of time if I don’t have to compile information from several sources, which was my hope in getting the comprehensive guide in the first place. Any advice would be great!

Looking at the list for what’s updated in the 2015 UG - I guess what I’m asking is if there’s a place with all of those changes that can be accessed now since the new book won’t be out for a few more weeks? I’d wait for the new edition, but I feel like I’m planning too late as it is since we only booked four months out.

I’ll be getting the 2015 edition as the 2014 doesn’t cover fast pass plus and the new system I don’t think. I like the book as I can go through it with my highlighter :smile:


Ours just arrived today from Amazon - preordered.

I get one every other year but may need to get the kindle version. Sorry Len the years I do not buy I borrow from the library

I haven’t bought a new version in a couple years. Paying attention to forums and other online sources of Disney news keeps me pretty well informed about what’s going on in the parks, and I don’t know when I’d even get around to reading the guide. Touring Plans is still getting my subscription money for this site and don’t fret @len, as I’ll still occasionally buy copies of the latest guide for friends and family who are traveling to the parks, so I paid for my share of your Space Mountain kitchen.


I am a library girl. but the UG I always buy my own, to highlight, use as constant reference as I plan our trips. wouldnt dream of going to disney without it all these years. and always buy recent one if going that year.

I am also shocked by that info re Birnbaum’s book. a cm at ak fpp help desk shared with me that a lot of people were very confused,also angry - trying to make fpps same day even though staying at dis owned resort. then finding out some headliners not available at time of day they wanted, or maybe not at all. If they used that book, certainly would have been assuming old system still in place. of course plenty of them I suppose just hadnt checked, just went on their old knowledge from years past, or were winging it as first timers.

the cms must have been having a tricky time soothing those folks.

Excellent I have the Kindle version so having it updated this way is good news :smiley: