Universal Touring Lines App

Hi, I’m off to Disney and Universal ( first time!!) next week and I’m hoping to use the Touring Lines App for both places.

My issue is that I can’t download the Universal App! It’s saying my phone is running the latest Android and the app is designed for the older version!?!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Could I still use the website if I can’t download the app?

Many thanks in advance



Lines :+1:t2:

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Is the one you tried to download called “Universal Orlando Lines”?

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This may be redundant, but just in case…

Go to the Google Play Store…

Search “Touring Plans Universal”

You should see this… (Yours might say “install” instead of “Open” if not already installed)

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I really hope this app gets updated like the WDW app has been. The Universal app was so clunky we could not log wait times.

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It’s on the to-do list. I think end of year, but not totally sure.

Bumping this topic. Being a web / database designer, I don’t see any reason why these two apps should look and function so drastically different. Just renewed my subscriptions. Please direct those funds to getting the UO Lines app updated to the 21st century, please. It’s time.


I can tell you that it’s on TP’s “to do” list. They gave no timeline though.

Maybe @david has a UOR Lines 2.0 upgrade time estimate.

95%+ of the business that TP does is Disney. UOR has never been a priority - speaking from years of experience using the UOR app! Plus, they’ve got all the headache of Lighting Lanes/Genie+ to deal with too. Those are supposed to change at some point in the near future as well!. TP has had it’s hands full with Disney the last few year on top of the new TP WDW App

I’m hopeful that with Epic Universe coming there will be a higher demand for UOR Touring Plans and it’ll light a fire to get it updated!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Am I the only one that doesn’t want the app to change?
I’m not fond of the Disney app.
The UOR app is intuitive and familiar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like using the “traditional” UOR desktop for my planning. However, I enjoyed using the WDW Lines app while actually in the park. If I could keep a link to the old site for my planning AND have an update app I’d love it. However, I don’t see them keeping it if they have to add Epic.




I also am fine with the current UOR app. One thing that’s great is you can track your submitted wait times (or any user’s) all on one page:

But with WDW Lines, you can’t click on anyone’s name to see their waits:

Unless I’m missing something/don’t know how to use the new app, someone can enlighten me.

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Do you have a subscription for the WDW side?
I’m just wondering, if you haven’t, perhaps you need that to be able to click the names :thinking:

I do. So you can open the app, even if you don’t have a subscription? Oh, I guess you could log in still? Interesting.

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I’ve almost never used the WDW app since it changed.
When I was without UOR subscription I could see the first page of chat, but couldn’t click anything.

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You know you can use the old WDW Lines on the UOR Lines app right?

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Yes :+1:t4:

But haven’t had to :woman_shrugging:t4::laughing:


Disney hater :speak_no_evil: :wink:


Loving UOR isn’t the same as hating Disney :laughing::laughing: