Universal Touring Lines App

Hi, I’m off to Disney and Universal ( first time!!) next week and I’m hoping to use the Touring Lines App for both places.

My issue is that I can’t download the Universal App! It’s saying my phone is running the latest Android and the app is designed for the older version!?!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Could I still use the website if I can’t download the app?

Many thanks in advance



Lines :+1:t2:

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Is the one you tried to download called “Universal Orlando Lines”?

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This may be redundant, but just in case…

Go to the Google Play Store…

Search “Touring Plans Universal”

You should see this… (Yours might say “install” instead of “Open” if not already installed)

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I really hope this app gets updated like the WDW app has been. The Universal app was so clunky we could not log wait times.

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It’s on the to-do list. I think end of year, but not totally sure.