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That’s my philosophy too!


Yes, updating both Disneyland and Universal Orlando apps is planned. We have no timeline to share, but I hope the Universal app is done well in advance of the opening of Epic Universe.


User feedback is listened to, so please keep suggested it. :slight_smile:


When I search for Touring Plans Universal in the Google Play Store on my Pixel 7a, the only option I get is Disney World Lines, which is already installed. I tried on my desktop computer and also got an option for DisneyLand, but no option for Universal. Any suggestions for how I can get it on my phone, or is this no longer an option?

Try searching for UOR Lines. That is what it is called on my phone.


Unfortunately Google play store doesn’t support the older but current version of UOR lines App. Until Touring plans updates their app,you have to use their process outside Google here. Works well when I uploaded it.



There is a way to find a “back door” to the UOR App on Android

If you download the TP Disneyland Lines App you can access the old UOR App.

Scroll to the very bottom of the Disneyland Lines app. You’ll see a section titled, “Other Lines Apps”. You can get to UOR Lines App from there…

Hmm. Looks like the Disneyland App isn’t available from the Play store any longer either.

I was able to find it in the Goggle Play Store using “touring plans disneyland” :

Maybe because it’s already on my phone??? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

You can find it because it is already installed.

I can find the UOR one on my phone because it is already installed. But if you don’t have it installed, it doesn’t show up.

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Yeah… that was my suspicion. Thanks for confirming!! (Now, I’ll never remove it!! :rofl: :rofl:)

I wonder what happens when you upgrade your phone?

Usually, Google will automatically re-sync the same apps you have on your previous phone to the new phone…but I wonder if it does that for apps that are no longer available. Hmm. :thinking:

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I’m a month behind but I totally agree.