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I am planning a September trip to USF/IOA and WDW. I have never been to USF/IOA and a little leery of the rides. I’ve read many of the post hear and talked to a few people, but want to ask one more time. I have mild vertigo issues and my top tolerance ride is Big Thunder Mountain. I can handle that ride with just 15 minutes or so recovery. I can do Sorin’, Mission Space Green and Tower of Terror. Do you think I could handle the HP rides? Are they mostly visual? Could I could close my eyes if it gets too intense? I’m okay with motion to a point, but the visual and motion together can be a little much. I want to at least go through the que to enjoy the attraction, but want to figure out if I should ride. I have the following on my touring plans, so if you see something that would be questionable or I should avoid, let me know. Thanks for all your insight. Looking forward to our trip!
Men in Black
WW nuthouse
Jimmy Fallon

Everyone is different, but here is my insight. My Dad loves Big Thunder Mountain, but that is him “limit” in terms of intensity. I brought him on HPFJ … he said he is glad he tried it, but would not go on it again. It’s a completely different ride system than Big Thunder Mountain so very hard for my to compare intensity, but for what it is worth my Dad found it more “intense”.

I enjoy Mummy but I think it is a more intense coaster than Big Thunder. There is one drop that is bigger than anything on Big Thunder … plus the darkness makes it feel more intense. I also think Escape from Gringott’s is a bit more intense than Big Thunder, but it is closer to Big Thunder than Mummy.

I have never ridden Kong or Hagrid. My brother and nephew have ridden King and said it was not intense.

To me, all the others are less intense than Big Thunder, but the screen based rides are very different than a coaster so again, everyone is different. My wife loves coasters but gets motion sickness on the screen based rides.

I hope some of this helps and doesn’t leave you more confused! :slight_smile:

Everyone is widely variable in what they can or cannot tolerate, but here is what, based on your description, I would think about:

Minions - Quite possibly will cause motion sickness. 3D plus motion simulator

Shrek - Should be okay. 3D movie, old-style technology. I find it annoying, because I see double. But shouldn’t cause motion sickness!

Mummy - Fairly safe. Half roller coaster, half dark ride. The roller coaster portion is fairly tame and relatively short. If you can tolerate BTMRR, you’ll have no issues here. (It also is one of my favorite rides at Universal.)

HPEFG - Very likely to cause motion sickness. Closing eyes might help. Not as bad as HPTFJ.

Men in Black - No motion sickness…although there are a couple moments where you sort of spin out of control. Very short lived though. Mostly like Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kingdom.

ET - This is very similar to Peter Pan’s Flight. Doubt it would be a problem for anyone.

WW nuthouse - ???

Jimmy Fallon - ???

Transformers - Ugh. This one is a frenetic mess of a ride. Motion simulator with 3D, and non-stop action so busy you can’t make heads nor tails of what is going on. BUT, the type of motion might not be as bad as HPTFJ.

Spider-Man - Iffy. Not as bad as Transformers. Overall fun, but it is 3D with motion, so hard to judge.

Kong - I don’t think you’ll have issues with motion sickness. It is 3D as well, but the motion itself it quite limited/tame.

Hippogriff - Kid’s coaster. Not likely a problem. Very short.

HPFJ - Most likely to cause motion sickness. Not just motion simulator and 3D, but the ride actually flips you around quite a bit.

Hagrid - ???

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Thank you for the details. Yes this helps, but would I be able to close my eyes on most of these or would it not make a difference.

I would rate the Mummy as much more intense - and a lot more fun - than BTMRR. I’ve never been with anyone who had motion sickness so I don’t know about that - my good friend won’t try it, she says it’s far too much for her and BTMRR is her limit at WDW.

Hagrid is much more intense than BTMRR. Again, I can’t rate it for motion sickness.


Has your wife tried closing her eyes, did it help? I think the more I look into this the more uncertain I get instead of confused. :upside_down_face:

Agreed! It’s my favorite, but it does go faster, or at least feel faster, than BTMRR

No longer 3-D. Still a motion simulator. Not really that bad. Probably easier w/out the 3-D

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Yes, that helps her from having motion sickness on the screen based rides. It won’t help on Mummy or Gringott’s and Forbidden Journey has a fair amount of motion outside of the screens.

Forbidden Journey is brutal. I would not recommend it to people with sensitivity to motion sickness. They told us on the VIP tour I did that they had to allocate a room for “clean-up” where people who’ve thrown up on themselves can wash and get a change of clothes. I personally think it’s not a very good ride in any event. This view is not necessarily widely shared. You can still tour the Castle without doing the ride.

Escape from Gringott’s is a fast, dark rollercoaster that takes you from 3D scene to 3D scene. It’s pretty smooth. The banking hall is stunning. Then you take an elevator nine miles down. And then get into the card to race round the vaults. I love it.

Kong is totally fine from a motion-sickness perspective. You’re on a bus that gets a bit bumpy as it moves from scene to scene. It’s visually intense and quite scary at times.

Spider-Man and Transformers are basically the same ride. Spider-Man is better in my view. You’re on a motion simulator type vehicle which runs around a track from 3D scene to 3D scene. The first time I rode it I thought it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen.

Hagrid is a very fast rollercoaster. Seven launches, a backwards section and a drop. The second time I rode it it made me feel a bit queazy from the repeated accelerations from the launches. If you’re on the motorbike you feel like you have to hold on tight.

Jiffy Fallon is a massive motion simulator — the whole theatre moves as one, with a 3D screen. I think it’s great fun and not problematic from a motion-sickness perspective.

Men in Black is BLYSRS. ET is PP.

Mummy is basically Gringott’s. I like it less, but just because I prefer the Gringott’s theming.


I don’t ride the real coasters (Hulk and the Rock n Roll one).

Forbidden Journey is the first ride in a long time that has made me sick, and it’s primarily because it tilts you backward so that your hips are above your shoulders (i.e., it tips the contents of your stomach back toward your throat) for what feels like a very extended period of time. It does kind of swing you around a bit, but it’s that tipping backward that is so problematic for me. It’s also getting so worn that some of the screen visuals are so blurry that seems to contribute to the sickness for me. Will also say that, if you’re at all claustrophobic, the restraints can be a bit intense in how small your space is and how confined you are.

Gringotts - there’s a part where your cart is pointed downward and suspended for an extended period of time, then you “drop.” That’s probably the most intense/uncomfortable part. I think this is a lot of fun.

Spiderman and Transformers are the same ride, basically - little more than motion simulators, lots of fun, I love them both. There is a kind of swooping spinning action as you move from one scene to the next, so if you’re extremely motion sensitive it could be an issue, but the rides are not intense.

Fallon is a motion simulator, very mild

Kong is not intense - if you have ridden Kilimanjaro Safaris on that part where the bridge is rocking, that’s basically the intensity, but with screens/motion simulation

Have not ridden Hagrid’s due to crowds, may not this trip either, there’s some Expedition Everest-type intensity from going backward, but it’s unique with the drop and the launches

Men in Black - there are times when your car spins 360 several times in a row. My ex was very shaken up by that.

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DH or USH, got motion sickness on this ride. I got a bit woozy too but I wear glasses and have issues with dilation and swift visual movement, DH? has none. If the visual is the problem, yes close eyes. If its motion, its not that bad.

Im more than a bit, had a bit of discomfort but got through it

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Thank you to everyone that has replied. It gives me a good perspective and you have given me the information I need. I will just go through the ques of HPFJ and Hagrid, but I will probably do the rest. Our trip is USF/IOA for 2 days and then we’ll do 4 days at WDW. Out of our party of 5, three of us have been multiple times. One hasn’t been for nearly 20 yr and one is a first timer(13 yr old). Thanks to touringplans for giving me the tools and resources to make our trip magical!


Another thing about Forbidden Journey is to not get over confident about it. I went once terrified that I would get sick (I am very motion sickness prone) and was fine. So I decided to go back on the single rider line (walk on), I was fine. Then I decided to go back again. I was sick for a couple of hours after that :scream_cat:

For people who have been to Mummy and Hagrid’s, how would you compare their intensities? Mummy is my favorite and I love expedition Everest, but I ToT is to much for me.

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Mummy was our fav too!

There are portions on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride that makes me queasy but I have taken it many times and learned to close my eyes as I start to feel it and I am OK after that…I have never witnessed anybody throwing up or being queasy after the ride ended, and I have been on HPFJ over two dozen times. The first time I rode it, I was more concerned about whether my eyebrows were singed since the dragon’s fiery breath gets a little close.

I agree with others that Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts is less intense. I don’t get queasy at all. I personally like it better because I find it less jerky, even though it is a rollercoaster.

Try riding Flight of the Hippogriff at night. The visuals when the Hogwarts Castle is doing the lights show are so nice to watch from the roller coaster. You get a fantastic view.

The ride that I would absolutely avoid is the Simpsons Ride. In a group of 7 people, only 1 was not queasy at the end. Of course that 1 person was an 8-year-old kid. The gift shop after the Simpsons Ride even warns you about the queasiness. Of course, you should tour Simpsons Land, they do a truly amazing job with the theming and snarky commentary.

Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse is a kiddie roller coaster, one that a child could ride over and over again - like 18 times in a row. The queue is all open and under very hot sun, so if you don’t have an Express Pass, you may want to avoid this, otherwise you could get a sunburn (no queasiness though).

I personally love the Mummy ride and did not have any problems with it, but the kid who loved the Simpsons Ride hated the Mummy ride. I do think it had more to do with fright (there are some very scary elements) than anything else.

Shrek is really showing its age and I don’t think you will enjoy it. It can be blurry in parts. If you are interested in a show, go for Hollywood Horror Make Up Show. It is funny!

Transformers is getting old too - it is very jerky, expect a backache. The Spiderman ride is well done and much smoother than Transformers.

This is not on your list but I suggest you consider it: Dr Seuss High in the Sky Trolley Ride - it is a lot more fun than it sounds, very mild and it gives you fantastic views of Islands of Adventure. There are 2 different tracks so you can get slightly different views.


The horror makeup show is definitely on my list. I heard about Simpson ride and don’t plan on getting on it. The Seuss land rides are on my list, but I thought I could handle them, so I didn’t list them. Most of my concerns were the HP rides. I think my touring plans are good, we will just skip anything we second guess. Crowd levels are supposed to be pretty low, so I think we will have time to decide as we go. Thanks for all the feedback.

Maybe we can tour the whole park and try the HP rides at the end just in case it causes issues.:thinking:

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I don’t have any motion sickness problems at WDW except Star Tours and Mission Space Orange. We went to Universal this spring and after a couple rides I was sick and had a headache for the rest of the day. I think it was from going from one screen ride to another. If I had done a show or something in between I might have done better. Forbidden Journey I will never ever do again. I closed my eyes almost from the start and just prayed for the ride to be over.

what is BLYSRS?