Universal photo pass


Ok so we are getting very close to trip time. I had better get on this now. It looks pretty straight forward. I just purchase online and then when I get to the park I activate it?


Someone mentioned a black friday sale, how would I find this? Just keep checking Universal website? We are going during Christmas time and I really want some good pics, I’m willing to take the chance on their service LOL. Plus, I’ve paid for two character dining events at US so I def want the pics from that!


Use the link above to go directly to Amazing Pictures’ website to see any possible sales.




we used it our last trip and found it to be a waste of money we was there 3 days and only came across 2 photographers most of our pictures were ride photos. We was very disappointed maybe because we were spoiled by being used to Disneys Photopass.


Hi, What is Shutterbuttons? Do you have to buy a package for each member of your group or just one package per group?


Shutterbuttons is an experience where you stand in front of a green screen. They take a series of videos and put them into one video that looks like a moving photo album from the Harry Potter series. You pay one price which includes everyone in your party.

If you’re interested to see the final result, here is the link to my family video, where we had a good photographer.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/3U1GTYZ6PwRDfYgH3 19


I’m not sure which comment you actually commented on, so you may have already seen that link, but I thought I would post it again just in case.


That was great! Thanks for sharing!!


Wow that is amazing. Thank you for sharing. What a fun keepsake.


You are most welcome. I feel like it really helps to see it rather than just read about it. It’s a great souvenir!


Bought my pass today!! Only 5 days until we fly out 10 days until we are in the park!!


Hooray! We will be in the parks in 6 days! On my last trip, I upgraded my photo pass to an annual PhotoPass. This will be my first trip trying it out and I am hoping that it got converted over correctly. I hope you have a fantastic trip!


We overlap right???

How often do you go? I am so jealous right now!


I am there until the 20th. Lately, I have gone WAY more than I usually take vacations, but this is only my second family trip. I have a sister who is obsessed with Harry Potter as well, so we have snuck in two trips with just her and I in the last couple years. It’s a lot easier to save for one person than a family of 5!


@rebeecky how is your trip going??


Trip is going fantastic! Only one and a half days in, and we have accomplished almost everything we wanted to accomplish, plus have done several rides multiple times. Express Pass has been a godsend. Portofino Bay is beautiful. Tonight, I closed out Hogsmeade. I know a lot of people love being first in the parks, but I think there’s nothing like being one of the last ones to leave when it’s dark and everything is lit up. Thanks for asking! Are you super excited for your trip to begin?


We are excited. First Disney day is supposed to be tomorrow.

Universal is Monday and Tuesday.

I’m glad you are having a great trip.


Have a great time!!!


Glad to hear it is going so well. We arrive on Monday! Currently resting in Virginia after a day of driving through the pouring rain.