Universal photo pass

Has anyone used the My Universal Photos Package? is it worth it? Thinking it would be nice to have the ride pics.

I’m interested in what people say aboutthis as well. I found this think from touring plans that explains more about it: https://touringplans.com/universal-orlando/my-universal-photos

We found it to be awkward and expensive for what you get. After each ride that has photos you go stand in line to identify your pictures and add them to your card. There are a few photographers out, but when we were there in December, only a few of the identified locations were staffed. We ended up with only a handful of photos. Disappointing after the option at Disney where we had lots for about the same money.

I have used it twice and liked it both times. The first time, I thought I was looking at a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I am a huge picture junkie. We got all our ride photos, several photos out and about in the parks, and we were there for multiple days. The second time, I went with my sister. We also did all the ride photos and found multiple photographers out and about in the parks. Are you looking at the same number of pictures as you would in Disney World? No, you’re not, but I still find the pictures, especially with the various meet and greets, to be worth it. I didn’t find the 30 seconds it took me to scan my card after the ride to be that much of an inconvenience.

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We found it OK. Having been in WDW for 6 days we were really enjoying using their free photopass. We felt being first timers that it would be a shame to miss out on this a Universal. As the person above says, it isn’t quite the same as WDW, you don’t get the same number of photographers in the park but they are there if you look. Furthermore you don’t get the same number of characters but if you seek them out there were lots. I guess we had about 40% of the number of photos from WDW to Universal. If you can get them discounted then it is well worth it. Apparently there is a black friday deal they do.

You had a much better experience with them that we did. It wasn’t just scanning the card. It was waiting in line, telling the person where on the ride you sat (who remembers?) and then identifying the pictures you had. When there were two pictures (there were 4 of us), they only tagged one of them apparently because we didn’t get the second one on two or three rides.

I’m glad it worked out for you. Everyone has a different experience I would suspect.

I utilized Universal photography for our trip…photographers were definitely not plentiful, some blurry pictures disappointing especially in front of Hogwarts Castle, and pictures that didn’t even show up even after standing in line to try and find them. I did not feel that it was worth it for the price…very expensive for what it was.

Hmmm… sounds like I’ve just been lucky! I’ve never had blurry pictures, missing pictures, or pictures that were tagged but never made it onto my card. The worst I had was when the system went down for half a day and my pictures didn’t show up in my account until the following day.

we used it as well and loved it. The lines post rides were minimal for us (Christmas eve, day, day after) and easy to access our pics. They were doing more facial recognition checks but I thought that was for the express passes… I liked it better than Disney as the borders were already on the pics and on an app that I could send directly to print at Costco. There are less photogs on the streets but I am an annoying pic hound and asked the photog to walk with us to see other characters if no one else was in line. We had around 200 pics (some duplicates) not many over 3 days!

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Wow, sounds like you had a great experience!

Has anyone here ever gone to Shutterbuttons? If so, can you share your experience? I cannot find anything about the prices, or what you get, etc.

yes you get a discount on either two printed pics or the moving pics dvd. The girl who did our session seemed new and didn’t have much enthusiasm. That may sound silly but like she had all of us in Gryffindor robes except my 8 year old boy who loves everything harry she handed him a Hufflepuff. For him that was crushing, if you read the books you know the difference and I have read them to him. I asked to find another Gryffindor and it was a big deal. I know this sounds picky but if you work in WWoHP you really need to know that and no little 8 year old boy is going to want to be Hufflepuff. This then set the tone. I’ve seen others pics and they are much better. Tou could see our closthes under the robes. She didn’t find ones that fir, we didn’t use our own wands, etc. She was in a hurry. I don’t mean this bad as it drives me crazy when people pick one small thing to ruin their vacation. This did not ruin our vacation but I would not do this again.

sorry robes that fit not fir

in reply to the number of pics the transformers switch every 30 minutes ? 15 minutes so we took our pic with Optimus and then he was leaving right back in line for Bumblebee saw both within 10 minutes. That would never happen at Disney!

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I have done Shutterbuttons twice and had one great experience and one bad experience. The first time I went, I had a great photographer, who narrated everything perfectly so our resulting video turned out fantastic. The second time, the photographer did not seem as enthusiastic and didn’t narrate as well, so our reactions didn’t time properly with the video. I was sad that they wouldn’t let me wear a Slytherin robe because they said that with the green screen it would cancel it out, but I know that the shades of green are different and it really wouldn’t have been an issue. As far as cost, I have always gotten it as part of the photo package deal, so I don’t know how it breaks down. If you’re interested to see the final result, here is the link to my family video, where we had a good photographer.

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Isn’t that the truth!

Wow that is quite the video. You say it was included in your pass? how do you get it then?

When I pre bought the package online, they had a three-day photo pass coupled with the Shutterbuttons DVD. To physically get it, I had to go to Diagon Alley, to the store connected to the Weasleys shop. That’s where they do the filming. If I recall correctly, I just took my photo card over there, along with my email confirmation and they were able to pull it up.

Interesting. I wonder if that still applies? I haven’t purchased yet as we have a few months yet

Here is the link to the pre-sale. And apparently they have a Mardi Gras sale going on now as well!


thank you! I will bookmark that for later!!