Universal photo pass


I hope the rest of your journey is safe and uneventful!


@rebeecky when you go on Gringotts with EP how do you get your pic??

Also anyone else who knows the answer.


Sometimes they have the camera open on the EP side and you take it there through that line. Once when they had it closed, I asked about getting a picture and they brought someone over to use that station. Unfortunately, at that time, the camera in the EP station wasn’t working, so they told me to ask after we finished the ride and went to the cashier where you purchase a picture. I mentioned that we were not able to get a picture in the EP line and they walked us through a back way to just go to the picture station.


Thanks. I will just ask when we get there!!


I bought the package on sale ($69 for 5 days). We were only there two days and here’s my assessment:

  • we got 32 pictures for our $69 dollars.
  • I am a scrapbooker so i buy ride photos and I print out most trip pictures I take
  • from that standpoint, it was worth it because the ride photos alone would have cost more than $69.
  • The photographers that were located around the park took 4-5 photos each of us in different poses. They were friendly, fun and helped make us feel the package was worth it.
  • We were only at the parks 5-7 hours each day to do everything we wanted so we probably missed some opportunities for ride/character photos.
  • Overall, I am not sorry I bought the package but I would probably not buy it again unless it is a long time until my next trip with different family members.
  • Buy the Amazing photo package only when it is on sale! If I had paid full price, it definitely would not have been worth it!


Thanks! How’d you find it on sale?


Keep checking this link:


There will be an additional listing for a sale. Usually happens close to a holiday. You can purchase this at any time, and it will be good until you activate it at the parks. Even if it’s months or more than a year later (I don’t know if there’s any time limit).


There’s a slightly different link posted up above by rebeecky. It seems to go to the same page. Good luck with hitting the sale!


DUH…That’s what I get for not checking my own thread LOL. Right now it’s 3 days for $90. I have 64 days before we go so I think I’ll hold out for a better deal.

Thanks!!! To all of you!! :wink:


My math is shoddy right now, but I think 64 days puts you after Thanksgiving, correct? My understanding is that they do a Black Friday sale every year.


Yes, I leave the Monday after Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:


Then definitely keep checking back!


Definitely there will be a Black Friday sale. i can’t imagine there won’t be.

I should add to my assessment that the ride photos plus the few photogs in the park make it worth it at the sale price, We got some great photos. But many of the photos of characters along the street (Betty Boop, Doc Brown, Beetlejuice, Homer & Bart Simpson, Gru & girls, even Bunblebee) were with our own camera, not an official Universal photographer. So those pictures are great too, but how awesome it wold have been to have them included in the package, Their borders and backgrounds are awesome…when they are included. This is where Universal misses out on making their photo package worth buying and an exceptional value. I highly recommend this package…only when it is on sale!


The sale has started…just FYI in case anyone else was waiting :slight_smile:


Thank you. I was waiting.


People, I have never seen a better deal than the 5 days for $60. This is the deal I got and used in September. While I still wish Universal had more photographers around the park, just the ones they do have + the ride photos make this packages worth it. Go for it y’all and enjoy!