Universal now requiring an IAC card for special ride access

This news is just breaking and appears to have been introduced today.

Universal is now requiring guests who want special ride access (their DAS) to get the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) and register it online prior to their park visit. A Universal team member will then contact the guest to discuss their requirements.
This is taken from their website:

“Universal Orlando has developed an Attractions Assistance Pass for Guests whose disability prevent them from waiting in a conventional attraction queue environment. Guests requesting an attraction queue accommodation must obtain the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) by registering at www.accessibilitycard.org prior to their visit to the park. The IAC registration consists of an online application which includes uploading necessary documentation”.

Link: Universal Orlando



On the one hand it seems like it will streamline things, and that it’s good for a year is better than the ?90day expiry currently in place for DAS at WDW

OTOH they discuss needing to provide “documentation” of your accommodation needs. I tried to see if I could see what that’s about but you have to register to proceed. I kind of get why they would ask for documentation, but it also goes against a lot of the philosophy of protecting the dignity and privacy of those with special needs. It is my understanding that Disney does not want you to necessarily tell them, for example, I have IBS - just that because of your medical condition you cannot always wait comfortably in long lines.

Similarly, with service animals, one is not allowed to ask what the disability is that causes need for the service animal; only what task the animal provides for the person with the condition.

I would be curious to see more of the application for this.


This is what someone else posted on the DIS. For kids an IEP suffices, and a parent pointed out that it didn’t require any actual medical information other than what was on the IEP - namely autism and speech & language needs. For adults it’s going to be more difficult documentation wise.


DOCUMENTATION needed - these documents would now be in a database and good for one year.

Information Needed for Registration:​

  • Recent photo of the cardholder for identification purposes
  • General information about the cardholder including cognitive disorders or disabilities and any accommodations that would be helpful
  • Contact information for the parent/guardian or support person of the cardholder
  • Contact information for the healthcare provider of the cardholder. This includes their doctor, therapist, or counselor
  • Statement from your healthcare provider regarding the extent and circumstances of your disability/disorder

…which is more than WDW requires.

And yes also this:

That’s more than anyone should have to provide IMO

Look, certainly there are people who abuse this every day. But the vast majority of people who are using services like this have a real need. And even with the way things are at WDW there are plenty who will forego obtaining the DAS for all kinds of reasons including privacy.

I really don’t like this and I’m not squeamish about much in terms of things like this.

Life is difficult enough, at times, for folks who need accommodations. Why not lets let them have a few hours/days of an escape from explaining themselves to anyone

(Realizing you’re just sharing the information - none of this is directed at you specifically :wink: )


No offence taken. I don’t even pretend to understand your ADA laws. How this card doesn’t contravene them is too complicated for me.

We have to provide proof of a disability all the time to qualify for any kind of help. Same in most of Europe.


I completely agree. Sadly, it’s the people that abuse / “game” the system that cause these overreactions. :angry:


I started the application today and just contacted my neurologist for documentation. Will let folks know how it goes. But this is much more complicated!


I was always under the impression that they couldn’t legally ask what exactly the illness is.


I wish this worked like my Handicapped Placard. My doctor filled out the paperwork years ago and noted that the condition is incurable and will never get better. They just send me a new one every 5 years and I don’t need to do anything.

And I can’t even begin to describe how annoying it is to explain the condition. I brought DS to urgent care yesterday because of a rash and the DOCTOR asked if we were headed to a game of some sort…no, these are leg braces that we need to wear daily so as not to fall over (he thought they were shin guards)…kind of makes you question everything :woman_facepalming:


Oi. Wow.

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One of my twitter friends got the application…



And I’m lucky that I have a fabulous doctor who turned around a letter already. I know not everyone has that. Docs are busy.


I trust that most people that use DAS have a legitimate need. I don’t question it and try not to even notice / think about how it impacts my wait because it’s just a fact of life.

But I have to admit that it does bother me to think that there are people who are abusing the system, and I’m sure Disney and UOR are more aware of abuses. If too many people feel comfortable abusing the system, this is an unfortunate step I assume they feel they need to take.

Humans are pretty selfish in general and it’s a shame all this is necessary.


This would bother me too, for sure, but it also bothers me that…

Especially in a place designed for escapism.



Dumb question, but shouldn’t this be under the Universal group, not WDW? Or maybe it’s here for talking about the effect on WDW?


I am wondering if Disney will do something similar. On the most recent episode of Disney Dish Len mentioned changes will be made to DAS.


Agree, that was my first thought. They must be noticing a lot of people abusing the system to have to put this in to place. That’s unfortunate for the people legitimately needing it. Too bad.


This is the same system that Six Flags has used for a few years. I’m actually surprised that UO decided to go with it.


An intrusive level of enquiry is only necessary in the eyes of the requesting party - in this case a couple of theme parks. Who are currently plagued by low attendance according to other sources.

Corporations don’t always appear to need to employ logic in decision making. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think the corporations care except as it impacts other guests when people cheat.

Separately, I was thinking about how grocery stores require a handicap sticker to park in the specific spot. Is there a way to get a third party validation so Disney / UOR themselves aren’t asking invasive questions?

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