Universal Liner Daily Tips


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Do they allow you to take Snacks inside the park?

Found today http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariellecalderon/hidden-gems-in-diagon-alley

Tip: Use an insulated bag to keep water/drinks cold while touring the parks. Two purposes: it keeps them cold and it keeps the perspiration/condensation from getting on everything smile


Keep calm and carry on. If your day is not going as planned, shake it off an enjoy the fact that you are in the world!! I have had too many trips that have had at least one family fight. My new motto is "Hakuna Matata"!


Research as much as you can prior but be flexible while there. Bring your own ponchos just in case!


Refill drinks $8.99 + 99 cents for refills. Pop corn $5.99 + $1.29 for refills and can be used year after year










coca cola souvenir cup, freestyle 100+ drink choices $11.99 + tax. You can now add on a extra day for $5.99 + tax at US and IOA. I have list of freestyle locations


The illusion of Muggles going through the walls of Platform 9/10'for HEX


If the telephone booth is working in DA dial 62442


If you purchase a interative wand you'll receive a map, put it under the black light in Knockturn Alley and you'll see figures pop up. They highlight the spots where you can cast spells with the interactive wand


Send a postcard from the Owelry in Hogsmeade Village after getting it stamped.


Listen for Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom near The Three Broomsticks


At DA if you stand outside 12 Grimmauld Place and you'll see Kreacher open the curtains every few minutes


When in line for FJ listen for the teacher talking behind the Potions Classroom door.


Gladrags Wizard wear in DA there is a cat made out of tape measures and its tail moves.


The Superstar Parade is definitely worth watching