Unique food

Ok what are some good eats that can only be found at WDW from all 6 parks. Example mickey mouse ice cream. Bad example churros and popcorn I live in california and I can eat those any time. I want things only found at WDW

Jalapeno cream cheese pretzel (of absolute heavenly goodness) in AK and DHS. There are soooo many original snack in EP. Norway school bread (not a fan) and cronuts pop into my head.

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Kaki Gori in the Japan pavilion in Epcot (Japanese shaved ice)! Many items from the Norway/France bakeries, especially School Bread!! Raspberry lemonade slushes in MK.

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The Butterfinger cupcake at Starring Roles is unusual and delicious. I also love the cake cups at Cheshire Cat. Some people find them too sweet, but I could eat Disney frosting all day!

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Ok thats a start thank u so far

I think anything Mickey shaped is special. My family especially likes the Mickey shaped rice crispy treats. And I think the caramel apples are works of art.


Not in a park, but zebra domes over at the AKL.

Yeah I have reservation for boma I think the where they have the zebra domes

For me it’s BG. Yes you CAN get good German food outside of EP, but nowhere near where I live, so it’s a must for me. Same could be said for Boma (and yes, that’s where you can get Zebra Domes). But in WDW, the environment also plays a part. Living in the South, I can get excellent fried chicken almost anywhere - but eating it in “Mom’s Kitchen” at the 50s makes it more special. High quality steak and sushi are readily available in most cities - but having it in the CG on top of the CR watching the sun set and/or fireworks elevates the experience to a whole new level…

I love going to the circus tent in new Fantasyland to see all the pretty sweets. But it is hard to make a choice. Ditto for the bakery at France. Don’t know exactly how “unique” they are, but they are delicious.

Yep, and another unique food at Boma is the bobotie. (Although it is now something I make at home from time to time, so it may not be as unique, but it is still delicious!)

Thanks everyone for continue to help with my food list I know I will be gaining some weight back from this vacation

what’s inside these caramel apples? caramel and apple? They look gorgeous,

where do you find the cronuts MDU? i’m putting these on my list! I know they are huge in NYC people line up for them for hours and they sell out! I was not partaking in that when I was there, but interested to try one to see what they are like. I like croissants and I like donuts, so I think this sounds like a winner!

They are at the Refreshment Port in Epcot (turn right as you enter WS from FW). And yes, a winner for sure!

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I actually have no idea what is inside the apples! I think there are different flavors and combinations. I looked longingly at them in February, and I really regretted not buying one. They’re pricey - at least $10 each! I’ve learned from my mistake, and plan to buy one my first night in WDW in November. I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat it all, but I WILL buy one. I’m trying to figure out a way to bring one home on the plane with me too. My kiddos are a bit sad they won’t get to come with me, and I will probably feel guilty enough to require an extra bag full of gifts for them. A fancy apple would be an awesome gift.

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will look forward to the review then! they look huge! I think I remember seeing them at DLR last year, or something similar. I think I’ll make it a mission to try all the ‘different’ things when we get to WDW! (was a bit restrained at DLR, maybe because I over indulged on coffee frapuccinos with whipped cream at starbucks… or was overwhelmed by the disney magic and sticking to my plan.)

So cronuts are on the list, a dole whip, and maybe one of these apples! Actually the Jalapeno pretzel sounds good too! Actually just remembered I bought a mickey mouse cookie cutter when I was there. Maybe I’ll go make some disney gingerbread, it will tide me over!

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I have to echo the goodies under the “big top” in Storybook Circus; they all looked amazing, and all “very Disney”.

I would stick to the foods in Epcot or the resorts for “unusualness.” I did notice this last weekend that WDW has a much better cupcake selction that DLR. The jalapeno cream cheese pretzel is better at AK than at DLR (though I remember DCA’s as better than the one at Bengal BBQ).

Again not a park place but, and I cant remember which one it is, either the swan or Dolphin have a icecream place and the apple pie sundae is something to die for …love it