Undercover tourist?

Has anyone been able to reach them yet? I’ve been calling since 6 last night, on and off. I just get a busy signal every time. I’ve also emailed, offering to communicate that way. Nothing yet. I’m sure they’re swamped.

Folks who are traveling in a few weeks or months, I beg you to be patient in calling. Those of us who are supposed to be there right now are struggling to cancel our “today” plans.

Also, I’m supposed to be having dinner at La Hacienda right this second. :sob:


Same. Busy signal every time. Trying to figure out how to get refund for or convert AH tickets to future date, but no luck yet.

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Sorry you had to cancel. May I send you a virtual flauta to ease your pain?


so sorry…

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So sorry!

Sent an email Tuesday and haven’t heard anything, not expecting to at this point. I have time, so not following up yet…

Same. All I need to do is move my hotel res that I booked through them. It seems like my tickets will be fine for my rescheduled dates. I’ve sent emails and called and gotten nothing.

Edit: just got through to the automated voicemail message, but their voicemail box is full. I’m 7 days from “check-in” so I really hope I can get through soon.

I’m in the same boat. Can’t get through on the phone (inbox is full) and have sent them 2 emails to cancel our March 19 hotel booking. I hope the respond soon as we would like to move the date but how they handle this will determine if we book through them or not.

Update. I added the “urgent” tag to my email subject and they got back to me with a confirmed cancellation for our March 19 hotel booking. Happiness!

I will be a repeat customer!


Got email showing my after hours tickets were refunded automatically. Thank you UT.

Huh, I’m still waiting for a reply.

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Good idea - I’ll have to give that a try. We’re supposed to check in on March 17. This is the last of my cancellations that I have to deal with.

Email message from UT:

We have been helping customers for 20 years and have a brand that stands for service. Our trusted partners have emergency policies in place. We are working with impacted customers as quickly as we can. If you are trying to reach us, we will be with you today, within a few hours. We ask that you please wait to contact us if your travel plans are more than 7 days out.

Due to the Global Pandemic, we are swamped with tens of thousands of calls and emails and fewer employees than normal to handle this influx, due to illness and social distancing responsibilities. The fantastic employees we do have are away from their families, exhausted and trying to help some understandably frustrated and scared customers. We will take care of you!

Many people have been patient and understanding but we ask for your support . We want to help you but can’t if our team members quit due to exhaustion or abuse. Please, we are here to help and we will but we are struggling due to the Global Pandemic. Many rules have been relaxed by the parks so we are trying our best and will help you today.

We really appreciate you spreading the word. Positive reviews on Facebook and sharing our brand with your friends and colleagues really do make a difference for us.

Thank you from the whole Frog Family!


I felt this was a GREAT message from UT. While everyone is in a panic trying to figure out their options (myself included), those with dates that are further out should try to exercise some patience so those with urgent needs can get service.

Also, I ask my fellow liners to be patient and understanding with all customer service personnel. Verbal abuse will not help out anyone. I can’t imagine what they are going through and have to put up with. In a time where there is little that seems within our control…HOW WE TREAT PEOPLE IS ALWAYS IN OUR CONTROL.


Ok - need some advice, folks.

I still haven’t heard from UT. I’ve sent an email with “URGENT” in the subject line, I’ve read their blog. We were supposed to check in tomorrow (March 17).

According to the blog
“During the closure, customers with impacted check-in dates between March 20 through March 31 at any Walt Disney World Resort Hotel will automatically be canceled and refunded 100%. You do not need to contact us for this request.”

But - I just checked - ours hasn’t been cancelled yet. Since we’re before March 20, do I keep trying? I hate to keep sending emails/calling if they’ll get to it, but I’m getting anxious to get it taken care of.


How’d they get the salsa Verde so green?!

I didn’t hear back via email from UT but the money has been refunded to my credit card and my UT account shows the reservations as cancelled.

Do you see it removed from MDE, too?


We grind the bones of our enemies in to bring out the emerald color.

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