Undercover Tourist - refunds?

I know what the Undercover Tourist website says about refunds but I’m wondering what anyone else has experienced. We have prepaid electronic tickets to begin on 4/5/20. This was the only time this year we had available to go to WDW. Next year is probably out too given changed schedules. Has anyone tried to just cancel the tix in full and get a full refund? Is this even possible? (So bummed that I have to ask this question…)

We’ve been chatting about them, here:

They’re refunding folks (at least hotel stays), but they’re swamped and it’s been difficult to contact them.
As far as tickets, I don’t think you have to go through them to apply them to a future booking. Disney will do that. I’m not sure about getting a refund, though.

I have heard that they are - I know that Tripster is.