Umbrellas or Ponchos

So it is going to rain on you at some point at DW.

What is best a small compact umbrella or a poncho.

Poncho when folded takes less space. But after using it , may not pack as small.
Some of the compact umbrellas are small but bigger than a poncho. After use it is easy to fold up quicker than trying to fold that poncho.

What is everyone’s vote?

Definitely a poncho for WDW. An umbrella is as useful as wearing shoes on your hands in Florida rain.


Ponchos… The rain can blow in and you are fighting the wind. Plus, umbrellas are intrusive to the people around you. Also, if it’s a really rainy day you can just wear the poncho all day without having to hold your arm up in the air constantly.


Ponchos… we get the cheap disposable kind and just throw them away when done.



Anyone who has had to navigate crowded city sidewalks in the rain would not even hesitate to say poncho.


Haha so true

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So I am kind of getting the hint that ponchos are definitely the way to go. It was just a thought I had.

“as useful as wearing shoes on your hands” LOL


Ponchos are my preference although I’ll admit we occasionally do pack a small umbrella in the stroller but that is more for shade than rain.


I carry both. I really hate ponchos, but for blowing rain it is a must. The compact umbrella also blocks sun. If my compact umbrella pokes you, you are standing on my toes.


(but how many barf bags?)

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Poor mother earth!

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You can take my approach and just lean into the rain. In summer, being wet isn’t so bad. I am a teva flip flop sun dress kind of person - so that means I dry quickly. I hate ponchos (wasteful and I don’t like the plastic sticking to me) and umbrellas aren’t practical. I do take a rain jacket but only bring it to the park if rain is forecasted all day - not just the normal afternoon shower.

That is the way my family has rolled since I was about 8 or 9.


I always thought you were a dude.

But now I learn you wear sundresses.

I mean, maybe you are a dude - I’m cool with that.


Interestingly enough, I set up the account with my DH’s typical username and pword so we could both have access… but it always me. So technically the name is “dude”, but I identify as a “dudette” :grin::wave:



I know… hangs head in shame

In my defense, I’m a big enough guy that they’re usually ripped getting them on or off so they’re junk after one use anyway.

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You talkin’ junk about Will Smith now amiga?


Will be packing the disposable ponchos that we bought on a trip in the 90’s. Once they rip, we throw them out, but get several uses out of those $8 yellow Disney ponchos.

We went in the winter so we brought raincoats instead of ponchos. If it rained, it was likely to pour all day. (and it did.) I’d consider throwing raincoats in your suitcase in case one of the days is going to be a complete washout.

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