Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP tour questions?

Has anyone done this? We are thinking of booking this for one day during our 2019 Thanksgiving trip. We have four in our family so it will be pricey — $1400 total plus tax.

You get to ride 11 headliners over three parks: MK; Epcot; and HS. Transportation is included as well as a quick service lunch. One particular question is how big are the tours? 20 people? 50? The bigger the group the less interested we are.

Wonder if that’s going to include star wars at HS

I’ve done it multiple times and it is great. The tours I’ve been on have ranges from 12 to 24+, and they break it into groups at the higher range, but you could ask when you book what the numbers are, because the numbers are limited. I am very curious myself on whether it will include SWGE so if you learn please report,


Thanks for the response.

Currently, it does not list any SWGE attractions, but does include SDD. The website states that you will get a list of attractions the day before the tour, so it seems like we will not know until right before the tour. I doubt Disney will give any definitive response when I book in May, but it would be great if a SWGE ride is included.

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I am looking to do this for a short trip in mid-August and I just called yesterday to ask about some details. She said that the group size is limited to no more than 20. You start at MK and they do not pick you up at your hotel, you have to get to MK but the transportation while on the tour is included. You have to pay for the whole tour when you book it but you can cancel within 48 hours for a refund. She also said the ride choices are not customizable (I asked if FOP could be added), if you want to skip a ride you can but you cannot substitute it for something else or go on something else while waiting. I did ask about SWGE because we are going back for that and she said she did not think that would be included once it opens.

For another $100 would you consider sharing a VIP tour? We have a group of 4 as well. If 8 of us did a private 7 hour tour it would be ~$372/person. I like the looks of the Day of Thrills, but would love a shot at getting into SWGE. Thoughts?

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Interesting question.

A few weeks back, I followed thru and booked the Ultimate day of Thrills for my immediate family (4 of us), plus my sister-in-law and her spouse (they are paying their share) for the Saturday before Thanksgiving - our first park day. We are really excited, but it probably will ruin us for the rest of the trip having all those headliner rides with no lines. :smile:

My concern with sharing a private VIP with another family that we have never met would be agreeing to the park(s) and ride(s) to do over the course of the seven hours. It’s a lot of $$$ to spend and not have control over the options. At least with the Ultimate Thrills you know in advance the entire schedule.

While we are excited about SWGE, that’s not our primary focus for the trip and if its not included we figure we will be able to see it at some point during our week in WDW.

I agree, it’s a little scary! If you are interested, I’d be happy to message back and forth with you to see if we could agree on a lineup. And if not, no harm, no foul, we’ll probably book the Ultimate Day of Thrills too. :slight_smile:

SWGE is definitely not the focus of our trip, but would be something I would want to do if available. Like make it the last stop to hit the rides, then stick around to explore after the tour. I definitely wouldn’t want to spend time exploring the land during the tour.

In a different thread the lineup below was proposed. We’d be happy with that, but also open to changes as well.

And for informational purposes, our dates are 11/27 - 12/7. We arrive very late on the 27th. Our group would be me (38), DH40, DS7, and DS4. The youngest will not be able to ride the 44" and 48" rides (and we don’t mind working around that by swapping/missing some rides), but DS7 can and will ride anything!

I definitely agree that the proposed line up in the other thread is better because it includes FOP and EE at AK and TT at Epcot. However, it appears that our travel dates don’t really sync up to make a joint private VIP tour work. Our trip is from Friday 11/22 through Friday 11/29. The first day our trips’ overlap is Thanksgiving day (11/28).

We are planning a full MK day that day and I have already secured lunch (Skipper Canteen) and dinner (Liberty Tree - very hard to get on Thanksgiving) plus we are doing the HEA dessert party that evening. On Friday 11/29, (the other overlap day) we only have a partial park day as we fly out in the early evening, so we couldn’t really take full advantage of the private VIP.

My goal is to earn enough money so that we could do a private VIP for everyday of a WDW vacation :smiley: One can dream - right?

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Bummer :frowning:

Great snag on Liberty Tree. Those reservations were definitely gone by the time I booked my ADRs, though we did get it for later in our trip. I think we may be at the HEA dessert party too! It will depend on the Candlelight Processional narrator lineup.

Worthy goal!!

Well if you do decide to do the HEA dessert party Thanksgiving, maybe we will see you. FYI – I booked the after fireworks dessert party. My group is me (DH), DW, DS14 and DD17, Sister-in-law and her spouse.

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Me too! Me, DH, DS7, DS4, DD2, and my mom.

Great minds think alike!!

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