Ugh another 2-factor identification process

Dear Disney Vacation Club ® Member,

At Disney Vacation Club, protecting your online account security is important to us.

Beginning on November 16, Disney Vacation Club will require a two-factor verification process in order for Members to access their Membership accounts on In addition to a strong password, two-factor verification is another preventive measure to stop unauthorized access to your accounts. When logging on to the Disney Vacation ClubMembership site, Members will be prompted to verify their identity via an access code that will be sent to the email address or mobile phone number associated with their Disney OneID account.

In order to receive the code, Members will need to have access to the email account or mobile phone with a U.S. area code listed in their Disney OneID account profile, by the effective date of November 16.

To learn more about two-factor verification and how to update your Disney OneID profile, please visit

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to make online security a priority.

Disney Vacation Club


but hey, at least we’re finally there.


I am raging and just emailed them.

This means that international members are effectively going to be charged for accessing our account, because we will be charged for receiving an email on a phone.

I’ve just realised I now need to send an email to higher up people, not just Member Services via the website. I’m so angry I can’t even think who’s in charge at DVC now, and the line of command.

Does anyone know?

wait, why would you be charged for email on a phone? And do you have to get that email on said phone?

How do you normally handle 2FA logins/requests?


For me this means a lot-

no hope of DVCapp coming back up…

A lot of companies use 2FA these days. It’s an important step to block hackers.


It’s a long overdue security measure


It’s also going to slow down those of us - that use multiple devices trying to get into virtual queues for member events…

I honestly don’t know anything about internet security but I do think that using the single sign in & password combo is kinda like having eggs all in one basket

I’ve only used 2fa on banking apps, which use a code sent via text.

Oh s**t, just realised this affects authorising payments on my credit card whilst I’m away.

If I get a pre-paid US sim, I wouldn’t get the texts if they want me to authorise a payment. I need to ask how to get around that.

I get the reason for 2FA as far as security goes. But…I still hate it. It is what it is, though.

I actually ran into issues with 2FA not long ago with one system I use because the thing I was logging in from was my phone, so it wouldn’t let me use 2FA on that phone, but the second device I could use was nowhere around at the moment, so I was blocked from using the app entirely. :roll_eyes:

Usually it isn’t a big deal, though. A minor annoyance in the scheme of things.


If you connect to the Disney wifi, you can access email without any charges involved, no?

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I don’t mind this as long as they send it to my preferred source. Which is to say don’t email it to me idiots! Text me. It takes a million clicks to get into my email. Text pops right up.


Yeah, you’re right lol!

After sleeping on this I realised that. And since I’m only likely to need to log on when at a resort it should be fine.

Also I could update my profile with the US number if I needed to.

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Also don’t forget, when you’re going to be checking your account a lot (like when going into MDE), you’re not going to need to 2FA EVERY time unless you fully log out and log back in each time (and maybe not even then? I’ve never tried). It should be about the same frequency now that you get emails from Disney saying “someone has signed into your account”.

So checking constantly while in the parks will likely require no 2FA procedures more than once or twice for your whole trip.

You’ll get to choose if their little infographic is to be believed

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I hope that will work. It hasn’t been this formalized to date, but I’ve been two-factored a lot (for a while with every single log in!) and even when I’ve asked it to do the one thing it has done the other on occasion. But I’m glad to see this is part of the setup and I hope it will work as intended!!

Regarding this:

I think when it was two factoring me with the most frequency it didn’t seem to matter? This was on the website though so maybe I was timing out and thus logged out.


Not sure why you’d be getting it so often? I’ve gotten 2FA’d here from time to time (and each time I’m worried I’ll have to do another Password reset cause “Duuhhh-sney”) but each time it’s only given me the code via email, no option for text.

So maybe this thing is a new process all together? Dunno, but we’ll find out next Wednesday (well…with Disney IT…let’s just assume Thursday after they recover from the inevitable server crashes they’ll cause getting this up and running :laughing: )


It has settled down. It was in the summer, I think. And it was driving me absolutely bonkers.

I have only gotten it occasionally since it settled down. I don’t know what spiked it up for a while. Probably just Disney IT.

I’ve never had to do a password reset though, and you mention that happens to you a lot which is bizarre. Hopefully this does resolve ALL of that!


short drive. :upside_down_face:



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