Uber/Lyft and MK

Hi Friends! I am looking at a WDW trip later this year. In the olden days I would take Uber/Lyft from my resort to the Contemporary and then walked over to the MK. Is that allowed in the age of COVID? What is the process these days?

You’ll likely need either a TS or a QS mobile order to gain entry by it it does seem guard dependent


I would do a Mobil order as they’re easier to cancel if the guard is a bugg-a-boo. I’ve heard ppl ask the Lyft driver to drop them near the walk way too. Also ppl have been having trouble getting a Lyft so reserve the day before to improve your chances.


The mobile order thing is not a sure-fire “get in and then cancel” trick. On other forums there have been multiple reports of the guards having you hit “I’m here. Prepare my order.” before letting you through. So I would order something you want to eat just in case. I doubt they would willingly cancel your order because you just wanted an easier way into the MK.


I think that there has been some discussion on chat and on Instastories this morning that mobile order is no longer allowed through at the Contemporary. This is for both Uber/Lyft AND to park!


Interested to see the best strategies for this going forward. I assume whatever barriers are put up at Contempo will apply to GF too.

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Out of curiosity, is there anything to prevent ride-share drivers from continuing down the road a little bit and just dropping off the customer where the road intersects with the actual pathway to the MK?


That’s what I would do

We did the drop off with Lyft a few years ago at Contemporary. The guard let us through. The Bell service at the Contemporary looked at us like we had a few heads, when we told them we weren’t checking in and were going to MK. Security with a dog immediately swept our stroller and let us go, but I imagine given their reaction then that things would be a lot tighter now.

Is there any map out there or description where I could tell my driver to drop us?
My plan was to do a Mobile order (and pick it up) on the way in, and walk in. But, seems iffy now and more iffy as days go by. So, I would like my driver to be able to drop us as close to the walkway as possible, so we can walk in. I am staying at Shades, so those buses won’t be early enough, and Poly buses, while a bit earlier than Shades, I don’t think will be early enough either.
I need a way to walk to MK that is legit, (not breaking any rules) and not ALL the way from our resort.
I am looking for an early ADR at The Wave, but chances are I won’t get one.

Here you go.

If you can walk to Poly from Shades, couldn’t you walk the whole way to MK now? From Shades to Poly to GF to MK? Then no worries about gate guards? No transportation delays beyond your own walking speeds?

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Can you walk from Poly to GF? You can walk from TTC to Poly soo…

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Smart suggestion! Any sense of the walking time?

yes to all… it’s about 24 min from Poly - GF - MK… I think that’s what @Randall1028 reported this week in his trip report and @Olafsdad has walked park of this too.


Is the new GF to MK path always open though, or is it blocked off at the bridge at some point before park opening or after closing? That’s the part I’m not clear on yet.

Good question, I’ve not heard anyone report it being closed as there isn’t a temp check point on it until you get closer to the monorail station.

Good to know. It’s hard to find that info, other than it closing briefly at the moveable bridge for the EWP floats to get through. I don’t recall seeing a single trip report here yet of someone RDing MK from that path.

ok… I went to find @Olafsdad and his relaxing strolls on YouTube. I’ve been meaning to do this… here is TTC to GF-walk way
(387) Relaxing stroll from TTC/Polynesian to Magic Kingdom via the new walkway at Grand Floridian - YouTube


Super-helpful, thanks! I was so taken with @randall1028 's pictures, that I did not read all of the text.