Uber/Lyft and MK

There was a trip w/ a mom and 3 kids staying at GF that RD from there I thought?

I think the path is blocked (possibly by opening the bridge) at some point after MK closes to some point before opening. I don’t know what time they open it up.

So it is possible to rope drop but probably not an hour before.

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Where is the temp check from GF to MK? I didn’t see it on any walk video. You basically enter MK by resort boat launches and monorail ramps. I can’t visualize or remember how temp or security is done via resort boats. I know there’s a security check on the walk from CS to MK and I assume they’ve added a temp screen.

The temperature check is where the path meets the new boat dock at MK

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Oooo so GF walkway doesn’t have it’s own little security check like contemporary has?

Don’t think so. But I could be wrong.

Paging @Olafsdad for confirmation.

Interesting so if there isn’t one - you might still run into a block and actually not get a jump on anyone. (I mean it makes sense because everyone would just walk from TTC if that were the case)

OK, so I asked on WDWMagic and got the same answer from two people. It is at the boat dock.

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It is indeed at the resort boat dock. You merge with the other guests as they are exiting the boat. If nobody is exiting you simply walk through to the dedicated temp screen first, then security. Not very busy at all


So accessible by the path or only accessible by boat?

Relevant follow ups:

  1. If only by not, could you in theory just walk to GF and get on a boat?
  2. When does TTC parking open? Does it even open early enough to make a walk from TTC to MK a realistic RD strategy?

The path comes in right beside the boat dock exit. And there’s one security / screening point for both the path and boat dock.

TTC opens approximately 45 min b4 MK opens. I think walkers still have an advantage. You could do a breakfast mobile order at one of the three bay lake resorts and then walk over. But gate guards are getting savvy. They always ask to see my MDE order and an ID. I’ve heard some tell ppl to click “I’m here, prepare my order” to prevent ppl using the order for parking and once through gate the cancel the order. I’ve made breakfast reservations and been a no show figuring the $10 no show fee is cheap. I usually only skip it if it looks unsafe to me during covid.


I wonder if one took Uber to TTC, could the driver drop you off before the TTC parking lots open, or would you be left in the same line of cars waiting to park. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I thought someone else posted that ride shares are being let in at the sane time as other cars.

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Thanks - I must have missed that one.

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Easy to miss stuff here :joy::joy:

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End of January we had a Wave ADR for 7:30 am. Uber got us right in. Got to table and ordered coffee and fruit to go. Tipped the waiter generously. Was in line at CR temp check by 7:45, 10th in line. Enjoyed my coffee until they let us in at 8:30. The wait staff count on tables and tips for their livelihood so I try not to ditch or no show on ADRs. I think this would still work.

Yes, that will still work, if that’s the plan from the start, outside of 60 days. Those going in the near future and didn’t get an early Wave time when available because they were counting on MO at Contempo might be in limbo until we figure out what works consistently.

I’m thinking aloud here as I’ve wondered about this before… it seems like there is no space to stop anywhere near the intersection, it’s designed so that it’s not a convenient drop off location. You’d pretty much have to stop in the lane and maybe get out at the traffic light, I wonder if this is one of the reasons there is usually a patrol car at the intersection (blue area).

If you don’t have plans to get in CR, one option might be to drive 300ft onwards, pull to the gated entrance to CR parking lot at the next intersection and get off there. Or, to drive to the CR gate and when they presumably make you do a u-turn, get out before the intersection after having turned around. at least there’s less traffic then on the side of the road.

I think these two would be the safest and wouldn’t involve any unwanted trespassing (I don’t think they’d like you turning to the bus stop or walking through there)

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Very helpful suggestion. Thank you!