Two Sisters, Disney After Hours, Deluxe Evening Hours, Lots of Lounges Trip Report Jan 23-28, '23

Participants: DSis and myself, both 50 somethin’s, Disney park enthusiasts, third trip to DW as adults.

Stuff to note: DSis is retired military with some medical issues resulting from her service. We are very fond of good food and cocktails in a themed environment. We also love rides but more so the classic Disney sort with the charm and art direction of the original imagineers. DSis is prone to motion sickness. And so am I now that I’m getting old, dang it.

As west coast dwellers, trips to the World are rare. I love planning, but for past trips I think I took it too far and had too much FOMO, which resulted in some a bit of rushing and stressing about getting to things that we could have done without. This time, I obsessed about learning things but just to know options as we winged it. We don’t tour like most other people so this report might not represent the best way to do things, but might offer some other ways to think about touring for those of quirky tastes and dispositions. I always like hearing people’s opinions so I will put ours in here fully realizing that we are weird.

Monday 1-23

Flights all day, met up at the airport and took at Lyft to Shades of Green around 7PM. Shades of Green is a hotel serving current and retired military. It is super reasonable price-wise and the location is great, about a 15 minute walk from the Poly. This was our first time staying here and we really liked it. While we were getting organized in our room, the fireworks started and we could watch from our patio. We could also hear the train whistle. Of course we were squealing.

We were starving so we caught a golf cart ride from the bellman to the end of the property and then walked over to Poly. We got martinis, sushi and the Ohana noodles at Tambu Lounge and started our vacation off right!

We took the monorail to MK, as we had tickets for After Hours that night. You can enter at 7 but we didn’t get there until 9:45. No line to get in. We went right for Pan, it said wait was 45 but actual was 15. Then Small World, and Haunted Mansion, both walk-ons. Then SDMT, said 30, 15 actual. We were dying, this event is the best! Don’t get a ticket for the day, save yourself and just go for the evening. We got the comp popcorn, drinks and ice cream (sandwich, but like both), and then did Pooh, Mine Train again, Pirates, and Thunder Mountain. We did a few photo ops and did one last ride on Pan, which was a total walk-on. We could not believe it.

Before we left the park, we stopped into Guest Services. DSis had tried to set up DAS before we left, but was on hold for hours and hours. She tried three different days to no avail. But in person, they got her set up very quickly and with no problem at all. She has documentation from the military about her disability, but was not required to show it, but rather to discuss why she would not be able to wait in lines. She was on the fence about applying for it because she is a badass and wasn’t sure if she should, but in the end was glad she did and said it was necessary. If you are someone who needs DAS and have trouble applying before your trip, don’t sweat it, just apply in person.

It was after 1AM by then, and we learned the Monorail was closed, so we got in line for the bus back to the Poly. It took foooorrrevvver. Across from us, a kid threw himself down on the pavement and wailed, “it’s never going to come.” I was 100% wanting to do the same thing. After this, we became one with Lyft. I will spend $13 bucks to get around without hassle. Every time!

Deep thoughts:

Disney After Hours is the best thing ever and worth every dime if you like Disney at night with hardly any other people.
The bus at the end of the night is a no.
The queue for PP at DW is so magical, and SD Mine Train is just the most delightful ride in the world.
Everything was sparkly and beautiful and the music made us want to cry and it was so amazing to be back at Disney World!


Sounds like a lovely visit so far. Looking forward to hearing more about your idiosyncratic take on touring.


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: I’d be the same way, tbh.


I am so excited about this! I have tickets in February and can’t wait!

I am not excited about this.


A wise union. Somehow I still haven’t learned this lesson myself


Sounds like a great trip so far!!


Looking forward to reading more! I love your writing style!


I feel you! Loving your report.


Completely agree!


Tuesday, Jan. 24

We slept in and I ran down to the Java Café in the Shades lobby to get coffee to go while we were getting ready. DSis was not feeling great about our room being on the ground floor by the pool and we also had a wee bathroom with only one sink. I knew from watching You Tube that some of the bathrooms had double sinks, so we asked nicely if we might move and they said yes! We moved rooms and hit the PX for water and cashews. We brought along Cliff bars and breakfast cookies and so we were set to have a snack in the mornings without having to go anywhere. Getting good coffee and water at a reasonable price in our hotel was a great privilege.

We had decided not to get Genie for our Epcot day but to go ahead and get the ILL for Guardians so that if we loved it, we could go twice. I bought the ILL around 10AM no problem. We took Lyft to the park, arriving at 1:10 and still got a BG for Guardians. We also got a DAS for Remy. We put our coats in a locker and rode Spaceship Earth first. We always make the silliest face we can for the picture and this is an endless source of amusement. We rode nemo and after were delighted to see the manatees eating romaine and the dolphins smiling for photos in The Seas. We wandered around and took some pics in the framed art photo ops, and painted some squares on the big mural. We got to do the Mary Blair inspired one (!) and got bookmarks. Then, snack time! We went to Gourmet Landscapes for the wild mushroom risotto. Yum-O-Meter: 10/10. Then to L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise for the Brie en petit pan, croissant a la truffle noir and the beet napoleon. Yum-O-Meter 8/10. (Note: Both of us eat fish and seafood but not meat.)

Then it was time for a new ride: Remy. We got relief bands for this trip which tap the nerve below your wrist with little electric shocks to help with motion sickness and nausea. We both thought they were very helpful and I put it on the other day when I had a migraine that was making me nauseous and it helped that too! We both liked Remy a lot and were charmed by the scenes depicting Paris at night. DSis Barf-O-Meter: 3/10. When we tapped in we got a DAS for Frozen. We hit up Les Halles for some macarons. I really wanted the quiche Florentine but was not hungry, dang it.

I was excited to see Mariachi Cobre and their last show was coming soon so we went to Mexico and got a marg from La Cava to go (the Dragones, Drink-O-Meter 11/10) and saw the show from the little patio behind where they perform. Mariachis always make me cry for some reason and they were just fantastic. Six violins! All those harmonies! BTW, there is a very pretty path on the side of the Mexico building with some amazing plants and a peaceful vibe. Then we went over to ride Frozen which was even more delightful than we remembered.

Then it was time for Guardians. OK, here is where my opinions diverge from most other people’s: I was not a big fan. I love Guardians IP but thought the ride story was so samey. We’re transporting you…oh no something is going wrong. Really, how many other rides have the same plot? I feel an opportunity was missed here. Just having the characters on the screen didn’t really thrill me either. The ride itself was very cool of course but it was too much for me even though it didn’t make me sick. I’d do it again I guess but I didn’t love it. DSis Barf-O-Meter: 8/10. Song: Conga.

At this point we decided we wanted a change of scenery but that we would need to come back to Epcot because we were loving it and FARTs so much. We were planning on Friday being just MK, but with all we did at After Hours and also having Deluxe guest extra hours Wednesday, we decided to hit Epcot again in the morning on Friday. We were in the mood for sitting and getting waited on, so we took the Monorail to the Grand Floridian to see if we could get into the lounge at Citricos. Success! We chose a low table but we could have sat at the bar as well. This meal was so wonderful. DSis had a martini and I had an Old Fashioned, and we shared the strawberry salad, the corn bisque and the mahi. And, then the fireworks started and we had the most lovely view. It was magic. Then a Lyft home and nighty night!


You are in for a treat!


I like to not even have a face. SE might be the only ride I do know where the camera is. It’s possible with the cars being generously sized to be out of camera view.

Have you had a chance to see Turtle Talk with Crush? It was more all audience inclusive last June and just a huge amount of fun. I love one of my favorite animated characters talking with us.


I’ll have to pay attention to other BOMs. My dear sis can not do spinning - no Dumbo even. She hasn’t been to the World since GotG opened. Did your Dsis look at the screens?

Good to know about Citricos.

Do you Lyft at home?

Thanks for another great day. I’m glad SoG was happy to move you. It’s one of the resorts we hope to stay some day.


Another weirdo here when I do trips with my DSis and DBIL! We do lots of eating and sitting and drinking and lounging :joy:

Sounds like an awesome trip for you two so far!


We are so silly!



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She would close her eyes for certain screens. I think it would be fine to try Remy and Mickey and Minnie’s because you can kind of tell when you should close your eyes. They don’t spin too much, they don’t go round and round like the tea cups. She did pretty well with Guardians considering. She was fine after about an hour. I think it’s worth a try.

We didn’t get to crush, and I’m sad about that because I know I would love it. Kids and characters are so sweet to watch.


Yes, this is why I’ve always liked Crush.

In June the ‘talk’ was longer, reaching out to a couple of the adults as well as speaking with some kids. Crush also talked about some environmental stuff in a great way I thought. Positive but low key. Not preachy yet informative.


@Enchantedbythemouse @Dreamer and @katielouhou they got noodz.

Must have gone before the kitchen closed. You should take some tips from them :wink:

I thought I liked you from the title (lounges and all), but now I know I like you. #teamsandwich

Sometimes it’s so unfair how kids get to act and grownups can’t do the same thing


I saw that. I was so jealous. I’m guessing it wasn’t at 11 pm though.


Look @Jeff_AZ !!

love this tool (and this drink)

Pro move!