Tusker house or Yak and Yeti (for lunch)?

Hello liners, please help me decide! We have a picky eater in our family and are not necessarily looking for character dining experience.

Considering only food (variety and quality) and the overall atmosphere, which one would you choose?

Thank you!

I think it depends on what the pickey eater will eat and what the menus are (as they keep changing!). My 15yo picky eater won’t eat anything at Yak & Yeti so we have always opted for Tusker House’s buffet. He won’t be with us in October so I finally get to try Y&Y!!

I would review both menus and see if either has anything your picky eater will like. Pay attention to the descriptions as well, sometimes parts of meals might work. For my ds, he will always default to pasta so I generally feel safe if there is ANY kind of pasta on the menu…where I can then just order a plain plate of it.

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Thank you, good point about parts of a meal. I’m looking at TH menu again more carefully… do they really not have a separate kid’s menu? I see a whole kids menu at YY.

Picky eater issues aside, did you like lunch at TH?

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I have not been to TH, but Y&Y is a family favorite. My 11 and 13 yo loved the food too. One of our top choices in all of WDW.

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A few times we made our reservation for about 30min before lunch started. That gave us breakfast and lunch options during the same visit (and we could still rope drop what we wanted to).

I am not sure how that would work with the current family style meals. After looking at the current lunch/dinner menu… there isn’t anything that my ds would eat other than the rolls. :slightly_frowning_face: Breakfast would work though. Maybe the last seating for breakfast if the lunch menu doesn’t work for you?

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I second this!

Thinking about the pickiest eater in our family, I’d go with Yak and Yeti. There’s just more on that menu that would appeal to my picky guy. YMMV.

I have been to both pre-pandemic. Not sure how things might differ now. Atmosphere-wise, I’d still go with Yak and Yeti. My kids aren’t that into character dining and as I recall, Tusker House had a tiny bit of a cafeteria feel to it - it was pretty much a grid of tables in an open space. (Nicer tables and chairs than you’d find in a cafeteria and some nice decor, though.) Yak and Yeti had a more traditional restaurant feel to it, where you felt like you had a smidge more privacy.

How is TH food being served? Is it still a buffet? That’s something to consider as well. Unless the food is amazing (i.e. Boma), I think it’s really nice to have a CM bring your food to the table. After walking around all morning, getting to relax and be served is a treat for me. I’m sure there are others that prefer a buffet though - it has the advantage of not waiting for your order to be prepared!


No buffets yet, they are all family style, bring the food to the table.


Yeah - I am pretty sure that with it being family style you get the platter for whichever meal you reserved.

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I would pick Yak & Yeti. DS ate literally nothing at Tusker House a couple of years ago. I figured it was buffet, he would find something….I was wrong. But that was when it was buffet.

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Yak and Yeti! Better food, full menu, great service, and a full service bar for those who care.

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Speaking as an adult with no kids… The décor at Y&Y is certainly more interesting than TH. I have found the food a bit hit or miss to my tastes; the seared ahi tuna salad is one of my favorite lunches in WDW, but I’ve found the several other dishes I’ve had there to be kind of meh (not “really bad”, but forgettable). I am the exact opposite of “picky eater” and although I generally avoid both buffets and CMs, I enjoy the food at TH enough to go there. When it was a buffet, it was easy to pick and choose what you wanted. I don’t know how the “family style” works, so I can’t comment on what actually comes to the table.

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Actually, the (small) bar attached to Y&Y is not well known and is a great place for a solo meal.


Thank you so much! I will be canceling TH.

[Also just realized I misspelled “Yak”… :woman_facepalming: Never too late to correct it]

Shhhh, you are giving away info in a favorite lunch spot.

Good to know! Do you need a reservation for the bar?

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Not for the bar, but it stays busy and I’ve rarely found a seat there.

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Yak would be better in my opinion. I believe there is a hot dog and maybe Mac and cheese on the kids menu. So even if you have picky eaters, there are options that might appeal. Tusker for breakfast would be a good one though.

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Have done. Can confirm.