Trying to Recall Daughters First Ride From 2018

Ok, now I know this is going to sound insane, but I figured since people might have more time on their hands these days and want a challenge…

(plus it’s honestly embarrassing I can’t remember or didn’t document this…)

So, we went on a trip to WDW in Aug 2018, it was my daughter’s first trip (yea!). Everything went great, good times, lots o fun, etc.

But I can’t remember the first ride we / she went on!!! As a WDW freak, you would think I might have had a tshirt made or gotten a tattoo to memorialize the event, but… NO. Or, I dunno, TAKEN A PICTURE???

Anyway, I know none of you were with us, but I was wondering, besides looking at our photos of the trip, can anyone think of a way I can figure it out?

I was thinking MAYBE our fast pass info might be recorded somewhere? I didn’t take any screen snapshots of them.

I do know that we went to Magic Kingdom first, and we got there at about 1pm. So maybe that helps statistically eliminate what we DIDN’T go on first (aka 7 DMT).

I feel like it would have been Small World… but again…no idea.

Appreciate any ideas or tips to jog my memory!!!

This is an easy one.

It was either:

  • The Monorail


  • The Ferry


That is, unless you stayed on Disney property…then…this makes it easier:

  • The Bus


(Probably not the answer you were looking for.)


Ha, ur funny Ryan! No, but technically you are correct, the bus.

Ok, so the SECOND ride :wink:

Did you eat a late lunch or get snacks around the time you arrived? That might help you narrow down which part of the park you were in and narrow down the list of rides, if you don’t cross the park willingly.

Does your daughter remember her first ride? Did she ask to go on a ride again and again during the trip?

Did you use a touring plan? Unless you delete them, hey stay on your TP account.

No idea how to help, but now I’m trying to remember what my kids rode first. I’m pretty sure we went to epcot on the first day with an afternoon arrival, so that narrows it down a lot more than yours!

Did you use photopass? You might be able to look at your photos to tell an order and get and idea of where you started that day.

How old was she at the time?

Thinking logically for a moment, if you walked down Main St and turned left, you would have reached Jungle Cruise, POTC and Magic Carpets.

If you’d turned right you would have come to Buzz, People Mover, Space Mountain.

If you’d gone through the Castle, you’d be in FL so IASW, Peter Pan, Pooh, Under the Sea, 7dmt.

But with FPs that might not even help!

I vote for asking her. If she can’t remember (maybe because she’s too young) then ask what she does remember riding - and there’s your answer! I know it might not be factual, but it’s as good as anything else. Maybe.


Rather than call it a biography, we can just call it a memoir. :slight_smile:


No, she doesn’t remember, I asked her :frowning:

THIS is a great idea!!! Now, my family was reluctant to use them, but I did still make them, so maybe it will help!!!

But what if my subscription has expired? Can I still look it up? I may have exported it tho… Ill look.


Sure did, but the photos aren’t really helping me figure it out sadly. Starting to wish I could ask ATT to give me my gps tracking data for that day, lol.

I don’t know but I hope so!

Totally valid points, but she doesn’t remember. Just that Space Mountain was her favorite (we rode it like 5 times).

She was 6 at the time of our trip.

And I tried to retrace our path, but its not helping so much. The first thing we did was get a picture in front of the castle. And I feel like we went to Tomorrow Land, but it doesn’t mean we rode something there.
I am starting to think it MAY have been Barnstormer…
Going to look over all the photos and timestamps again…

Since you don’t believe you took a photo of the first ride, perhaps looking at the rides in the other photos will tell you which rides it WASN’T.

What about google location tracking, if you have it turned on?

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Does that exist on my phone that far back? I have google maps on my phone, but don’t know if that was implicitly turned on or off. Its in whatever state the default is. Ill check tho, good call!

Yep forming that list now.

Not sure. Sometimes i’ve had it just simplify my day to one stop at MK with no details. So you never know.

Edit: mine goes back to April 2017

Unless they flew (and then it was a plane).