Trust Level


I am Basic trust level ...does this affect anything I can do in the forum? What different levels are there?


I am a basic too - and for now I don't think it does anything. There seems like many capabilities that will be released as we go.


log out and log back in so that will change if you are eligible, based on post count in Lines.


Um I'm a leader.....Did I just join Lens secrete lines cult ....? Oh wait did that 3 years ago...Ha....Thanks Alitig


I have over 3000 chats and have logged out and back but am still "Basic" trust level. Hmm.


did you clear your cache and cookies?
nothing happened for me once i logged off and back on, but mine changed to "regular" trust level once i deleted my internet history.
(i'm only at around 1200 so no "leader for me frowning )


Just tried, no dice. Thanks for the tip though!


We still have a few bugs to work out in the system that auto-assigns groups to Liners. I modified your account and you should be able to see the new Lounge.


I want to be part of the popular kids club! smiley


I am basic too, so we dont get to see the 3000+ lounge (I am not even close to that); but I also don't see where the subscription chat area is. Does anyone know?


Oh great. A dwarf as our fearless leader? dizzy_face


I am at basic too. Have 1500 chats. I will wait and see and try in a few weeks. Hope all the bugs work out, I miss all my "Disney friends"!


QUESTION for STAFF - Just curious as to why I am now listed as a "regular" user, when for the past 2 days I've been a "Leader". I think my 20,000+ Lines posts "qualifies" me...


@raschmidt - Laurel posted yesterday (see the "Sausage Factory" string in the meta section) that both the La Cava Lounge and the Subscribers Only area had to be taken down due to programming issues that need to be fixed (the La Cava perhaps for other reasons too). Impression is that at least the Subscribers' room will reopen once the programming is worked out.


Same thing here. Was also wondering.


The staff is apparently working on this issue. Try logging out and back in again and see if that works. I wouldn't worry about it too much. We all have access to everything now anyway. Keep smiling! ❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊


Is the Leader tag (like Beachmom has by her name) different from Leader trust level?


@bswan26 Mine said the same thing until I went under my profile and Leader was still there. I think yours is too.


My trust level says leader but I don't see anything by my user name on the forum. Can anyone else?


You have to go under your profile and check that you want your title to show.