Trip to KI

My wife and I just arrived here for our 24ty anniversary.


You’re bringing back memories! Kings Island was my amusement park for my entire childhood. Do they still have the Racer?

Oh man! This was one of my closest parks growing up. Does the beast still shake the crap out of you?

I loved that park in my early teens! Happy Anniversary!

The Bat.




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Is that the one that used to be Top Gun?

Yes. Correct.


Ooo fun! I have to say, I would miss the late 80s pics of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in line for Top Gun :joy:

You can get some 2019 pics of them for it now!

Hahahahaha true story :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Super hot here (90) so we headed to our hotel to check in. After dinner we will head back into KI to watch the fireworks and shop a little.

Looks like a ‘crowd level’ of 0.5 :laughing:

Not quite, but pretty low. Tomorrow will be better since it is a Monday, plus today was free admission for teachers day, which added some to the crowds. Waits were averaging 20 minutes.

We also watched a stunt/Cirque style shoe called. Gravity. It was kind of cool, but also kind of overly silly. Definitely not Disney quality. But the acrobatics were impressive.

We just finished dinner and going to head back to he park. My main mission, aside from fireworks, is to obtain a Graeter’s chocolate shake!

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Mmmmmmm graeter’s

Back in the park…

Invertigo next.


Viking Fury, aka “The boat ride”

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Adventure! (Express). Mine train coaster.

And next Diamondback…which I am doing alone. My wife refuses to ride anything this tall.


Nevr been to many other parks, looks awesome. Happy Anniversary!!:smile: