Trip report Oct 3-9 Day 1

So I am a little nervous writing a trip report. I have read so many others and learned quite a deal from them. I hope mine can live up to the standard by some small degree…
This was our first trip to WDW. We were staying 6 nights with 5 days in the parks. We had 5 day park hoppers with water parks and more through the military promotion. We ended up staying at Saratoga Springs (after much consternation on my part- I think I changed resorts a total of 3 times). My travel party included myself, DH, DS12, DS10, DD6, DM and DMIL. SSR was perfect for us. We were all able to stay together in our 2 BR villa. We ended up with a small kitchen and washer and dryer which came in handy. We were in a preferred villa in the Springs area so had a very short walk to the bus stop and pools. Everyone loved the pools and the resort itself. The staff were all amazingly helpful and friendly. My only complaint was one time waiting an overly long time for a bus to MK. But I think that the buses will always be slightly stressful for me since it really is a gamble of when the next one will come. However, I do feel they are the way to go. As long as you allow the travel time, they are comfortable and efficient and bring you right to the park entrance. Once you are at the bus stop the arrival times for all of the buses are accurately posted. Leaving the parks was always easy for us although our stop at SSR was the last so we always had to travel through the entire resort before our stop. Overall, I would definitely recommend SSR especially for larger groups that like to spread out.
Before our actual first day in the parks, we arrived at the Orlando airport from Maine and let the Disney Magical Express whisk us away to SSR. We had not used the yellow tags for DME to check our luggage since we were arriving around 6pm and did not want a late night knock on our door. I had prechecked into our room online and got a text before landing that it was ready. I had used the touring plans fax and that worked perfectly. I think we may have gotten the exact room we requested. We did stop at the front desk to check on some arriving packages and our garden grocery delivery. It was a nice introduction to the resort and we were greeted with a hearty “welcome home!” Bell hops quickly brought our luggage and packages to our room. Once we checked out our space and unpacked the groceries, we ate a quick snack of carrots and hummus and donned our bathing suits. With just a hop, skip, and jump we were at the High Rock Spring pool. It was a beautifully themed pool that we all enjoyed. It has a wonderful twisting slide through rockwork and cascading water, a nearby splash area, and a couple of hot tubs. We had spied a bridgelike walk way over to the Paddock area pool and decided to check it out. The Paddock area pool is another beautifully themed pool with a large, fast slide coming out of a water tower and a separate kids water slide/splash area. So fun! After our swim time, we returned to the room where the grandmas had cooked some frozen pizzas. We all cozied in and got to bed to get ready for our PPO breakfast at Garden Grill in Epcot the next morning.


Great start to your report!! Looking forward to Epcot next time! :slight_smile:

Some constructive criticism made in the gentlest manner, paragraphs would help your trip report be much easier to read.

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I am enjoying your report! I stayed for the first time at SSR my last trip and I really enjoyed it. Are you DVC?

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I am not DVC. Would love to be though! It was our first trip and I booked a little later than I should have so not many options for rooms were open. Once I realized that SSR would fit our group well and that spots were becoming available there, I tried to rent DVC points or book through a DVC rental agency but was not able to make it happen that close to our trip. So we paid the Disney price!

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Thanks for the feedback. I did hit return to start a new paragraph but did not indent! It does make it tough to read. Will use indentations in the future :slight_smile: