Trip report Oct 3-9 Day 2

We woke early and ready to go for our first time ever to WDW! Our first stop was Epcot for a PPO breakfast at GG. We got to our nearby bus stop and waited only 5 minutes before we were on our way. Once we got to Epcot all three kids (and all of the grownups!) were beyond excited! We made our way through security and into the park fairly quickly. First we needed to stop at guest relations to activate our park passes purchased through the militay promotion. The process was also quick and easy. My mother suffers from chronic back pain and so was planning to rent an ECV for the day. However, when we got to the rental area no one was to be seen. After waiting a few minutes, my mom decided she was up for a walk and so we headed over to GG. We were mesmerized along the way taking in all of Epcot. My family was very impressed that I seemed to know my way around a park that I had never been to before (of course every WDW map has been permanently imprinted into my brain :wink:

We were seated after only 5 minute wait. The food and service were great. We all tried and loved POG juice! What a wonderful way to start off our trip with Mickey coming to our table! The kids were ready with their autograph books and were just taken with all of the characters. Chip and Dale and Pluto all stopped by. We put a quick order into amazon to have permanent markers delivered once we realized that the pens we had were not the easiest for the characters to use. Even DH got a picture with Mickey. Super fun!

Once breakfast finished, we headed down to Soarin right as the park was opening. With no wait we were seated and were in for quite a treat! We had seen Soarin in DL a few years back and this was just as amazing. One of our favorites from the trip! We had been checking out parts of the Land while we were in the restaurant and so decided to go there next. TP had us going to TT but we were all excited to see the Land so went for it. We absolutely loved it! My MIL’s new dream job would be to work there and be a WDW Epcot gardener! The fish tank fertilizing the plants that gave oxygen to the fish was just too cool. Next time we go, we would like to go on a behind the scenes tour.

My mother now needed an ECV and I had forgotten to get a MM (with the military discount needed to get at guest relations) so she and I headed back to the front of the park and sent the others over to TT. All went well with mom and myself, but DH and boys went in line to TT with a 45 min wait! (hence why my TP had directed us there immediately following Soarin) They did not want single rider lane so they were in for the haul! DMIL and DD6 (who did not want to go on TT) were waiting. My first FP for Mission Space were expiring so we went there. DD6 did not want to ride (yes, we have a pattern forming!) but was happy to wait with my mom while DMIL and I went onto the ride. We chose green and had a blast! DH and boys were finishing TT, so I sent the grandmas and DD6 to check out Innoventions while DH, myself and boys rode MS orange (standby was only 10 min wait). We had a full flight team and great fun playing our parts!

Next was Spaceship earth. We had FP but on our way around the sphere a CM directed us into a side entrance for my mom in her ECV. It was so great because even with FP we were waiting in small lines that added up for her standing time. She was able to go right up to the ride in her chair! Next time we really should take more advantage of this for her because I think she can utilize it on most all rides. Even if she were to wait in a separate area while we were in line and then joined us. We just kept forgetting to ask and overall she was doing really well.

Then we were off to check out the Seas and did the Nemo ride. It was ok and the aquarium tanks were neat but we were ready ot move onto Club Cool. DS12 and DS10 were excited for this one even before our trip and it did not disappoint! We were visiting during food and wine and knew WS may be busy, but it was realively tame. We stopped in France to see Impressions and enjoyed it. We stopped to try all kinds of different foods along the way. My favorite was Cauliflower Risotto at Almond Orchard with chicken, spinach, artichokes, and parm cheese. Yum! Boys favorites were sushi and beef empanada and DD6 loved her flavored ice (from Japan?). Everyone also tried belgium waffles and incredible chocolate gelatto. Wow!

We had FP for FEA at 2:30 and so made our way to Norway. The ride was fun (DD6 was unsure about riding! but we convinced her to give it a go). We loved Olof! Huge smiles as we left the ride. DH spied Anna’s sommerhus (not on my TP!) and it was a perfect stop for us. The standby line was short and DD6 was happy to meet princesses if her big brothers promised to tag along!

We were now heading back to SSR for rest and relaxation by the pool. This was our only stop at Epcot during our trip and we loved every minute. We didn’t want to go back at night with Food and wine fest happening and our nights were already pretty booked. Next trip we definitely plan to go at night and see Illuminations. Also plan to spend more time in the WS. We just kind of walked through it without spending too much time, with the food boothes on the outskirts of each country we didn’t end up walking into each one. On another visit not during food and wine, we will book ADRs which I think will draw us more into the different countries.

After some rest, we headed back to our bus stop to go to MK. We had a dessert pary booked with garden terrace viewing. Our bus however wasn’t set to come for 30 min. Then when it finally did it was completely full! Some people had been waiting for over 45 min and were becoming upset. The bus driver called to have another bus come to take the group that couldn’t fit on his bus to MK and so another bus showed up in less than 5 minutes. Security then had a bit of a wait. We had lready been pushing the time by not setting out until 6:30 and now we were definately feeling rushed. Once we made it onto Main Street we were dazzled by its charm but then saw the huge swarm of people forming. We weren’t sure if we would be able to get down the street to the Terrace Restaurant. My mom was in a regular wheel chair, my DH was pushing, others in tow and I was leading the way. At one point I thought we missed the turn to Terrace and we knew if I had that we were not going to be able to go back to it. There were too many people. But around the corner we saw where we needed to go. The CM was very kind and showed us around and found us a table. He said not to rush and that we could go to the garden with the last group at 8:40. We enjoyed the desserts. The fruit was fantastic (maybe grown at Epcot?) and the coffee hit the spot. My mom left her wheel chair and we joined the group to go to the viewing area. It was mayhem. Once we got to our area though, we were able to spread out and an awesome view. HEA was absolutely amazing!!! It was followed by Once upon a Time. Most people had left but we stayed and loved it. We had a huge area to ourselves and the kids danced and enjoyed the music and show. It was magical.

We had FP for Winnie the Pooh so we all rode it. Then the line for Peter Pan wasn’t long so got that one in too. Seemed like classic Disney!The park was open late for EMH but all except for DS’s were ready to go home. So we said good bye and hit some major rides! SM, HH, BTM, and lastly 7D. Whew! We were ready to fall over at this point so headed home for rest.

Post note- I would definately recommend the dessert party but also definately recommned getting there early!

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