Trip report D183



I’ve been stalking the boards waiting for you. I hope you get some food without floating/blowing away. There probably won’t be a big crowd.

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I spent time looking at your plan in the Cava thread for today, as well as looking at the hourly weather report. While it will be super annoying to have to slosh through the rain, it seems like MOST of what you have planned through the afternoon is fine. Rain is supposed to stop in the afternoon, and then restart again in the evening.

That’s the part that I don’t what can be salvaged. Hopefully things will change. (But, you know…when does the weather report ever actually change? That’s just crazy talk.)

When you look at the radar for the eastern half of the United States, it is pretty much raining all the way from Florida up to Michigan!

Tomorrow things shall be better!


Stay safe, and enjoy some time lounging- maybe go to one of the other hotels and take in the decorations, WL, GF (again) or one of those. Hit DS again for some more shopping, or see a movie?

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OK, time to get strategic.

I bumped and ran my Sci-Fi Dine-In reservation, so that’s gone. (Will I ever get to go there? It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to try but it just hasn’t worked out.)

I cancelled all of my DHS FPPs. I booked two FPPs at MK for this morning for outdoor rides that I hope may turn into anytime FPPs. And I found a BTMRR FPP for 5-6pm — the latest time they’re available tonight because of MVMCP. This is quite a coup as BTMRR FPPs have been as rare as FOP or 7DMT in the four weeks or so that I’ve been planning this trip. Maybe the weather gods will be kind to me and I can ride BTMRR before my dinner at BOG. Maybe.


Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll see what’s on.

Mary Poppins Returns is completely magical!!


Boo on the rain and tornado warning! Hoping it will clear up for your party tonight!

I highly recommend visiting some of the other resorts! WL and AKL were amazing (we didn’t even get to Jambo House)


I’m trusting you on this one. Mary Poppins booked at AMC Disney Springs for 12.45pm.

So I guess I’m headed to DS again. Find some food, watch the show, then head off to MK.

Or be killed in a freak tornado incident.

Fun times!


Wrong movie. That’s either The Wizard of Oz (which would make you the Wicked Witch of the East) or Twister (which makes you the annoying guy who steals the idea of “Dorothy”, which brings us right back to Wizard of Oz).

Obviously, things can change. But based on the hourly forecast, you will be in the theater watching a movie during the same time when the rain is supposed to subside. And then you will be coming OUT of the theater when the rain returns.


Sympathetic ARGH to the weather.


Meanwhile, in other news — my vacation really is doomed.

First, Virgin Atlantic pilots are planning to strike during the period when I’m flying back:

Second, Gatwick Airport (one of the main London airports) is in absolute chaos right now because of idiots flying drones near the airport. This is not the airport I’ll be flying into, but maybe copycat idiots will try Manchester Airport.

I’d be willing to bet those drone flyers are the same types of folks who like to take on-ride photos…


Haha. I’m so doomed. I chose that time because it was the only one that really worked. I definitely want to make my ADR at BOG. And I want enough time to get dressed and head to DS and find food somewhere.

I’m fine not going to a park until this evening. So it was really a matter of finding something to do during the day. I never normally go to the movies (because I won’t leave Calvin on his own) so it’s all good. If it’s raining when the movie’s over I’ll dive into shops until it subsides.

It would be nice to do BTMRR at around 6pm if it’s clear, and then head to BOG for 6.50pm.


There’s a million great movies out right now. I could just go to the theater and stay all day and evening.

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Hush, child.


Which just means you now live at WDW.

I see no problem.


Hey. I’m a realist. I can’t be blamed if people would rather I speak with more tact! :wink: