Trip report D180



Before I went, my day for MNSSHP showed rain. We had very little rain our whole trip.

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Sounds like you’re all set!

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Hypochondria update

Just checked my temperature: 98.6F

I’m clearly at peak physical health. Olympic athletes would do well to learn from me.


Excellent. Have a pleasant journey across the pond!

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Have a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Have a great trip!

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To make this trip as immersive as possible for us, I suggest you install the Life 360 app on your phone, and then allow each of us to follow you’re every move in real-time. We can then live-blog your trip for you.

“Oh, @profmatt’s just got off Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and he’s heading toward Carousel of Progress.”

“Or, no. Wait. He’s not. He’s doing Space Mountain!”

“Hmm. That’s not Space Mountain. That’s the restroom.”

“He’s been in there an awfully long time.”

“Hope he doesn’t miss his ADR!”



@Randall1028 made the same suggestion and I did look into it. But there was a question mark over battery drain when running the app.

During my last two trips I wrote daily reports each morning, which I really enjoyed. And in June I live-blogged my meal at V&A.

I’m likely to do something similar this time. It actually does add to my enjoyment of the trip.


It will drain your battery faster, no doubt. Any time anyone is “watching” you, it forces your phone to utilize location services. No biggie, though. You just have to carry a couple spare battery chargers with you at all times. You know. For us. You have an obligation to your fans, after all. What? Did you think this trip was all about YOU?


Looking forward to following you on your adventures @profmatt. I love your sense of humor. Sivako! And happy travels across the pond.

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Can’t wait to follow along. Have an amazing trip! :smile:

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Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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I hope you have a safe trip across the pond and have a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to following along!

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So glad to hear!
I’m really looking forward to following along!

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Safe travels! See you in the World (well from my computer screen).

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Sounds like you are all set! So excited to follow along! Safe travels!

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For some reason I’ve been putting off packing. Maybe for fear that it will give the game away to Calvin. Though I think he suspects something’s up.

This trip feels very different to my previous trips. I think perhaps because it’s winter and not summer. I’m excited about the trip but not excited about the details surrounding it. Like the packing — on my last two trips I was all about packing cubes and mini toothpaste and toothbrushes. This time the packing just feels like a chore I can’t be bothered to do. I don’t even think I’ll bother with packing cubes! Can you imagine!

But I’ve got to get on with it. My friend Sarah arrives in about two hours time so I need everything ready by then.

I’m still in this weird place where I just can’t take this trip seriously because I don’t believe it’s going to happen. It’s very odd.


I woke up this morning and got all excited that I would begin hearing about your trip through reports of doing it today.

I hope all goes well for you. I hope you have a great flight. I look forward to hearing all about your trio.

I am sure Calvin will be fine and so happy to see you at Christmas.