Trip Report (12/7 to 12/12) and Notes for Next Time

Well, I’m sure I’m not nearly as good a writer as most of you, but I’d like to get my story written down… and more importantly, my thoughts for what I’d like to do differently next time. Because, OF COURSE there will be a next time. :smiley:

The cast: Me, 30-mumble-mumble-mumble, DH-40, DS-10, and DD-6. This is our third trip as a family. Trip 2 also included my parents.

Day 1: 12/7 Arrival Day.
We sent the kids to school, this morning, but they didn’t stay long. DH and I did a little extra packing, played a board game, and then headed out to pick them up. As we drove to the airport, it was snowing like a giant snow globe. Flight and DME were uneventful… we actually got through bag-check and security in less than 15 minutes. I guess mid-day on a school day is a good time to fly!
As we landed, I checked and we’d gotten our room assignment already. We were staying for one night at the Boardwalk Villas on rented points. I knew it would be somewhat far away from the activity, so even though we had 3 bags between the 4 of us, I wouldn’t let anyone go to the room.
Instead, we walked right through the front entrance of the Boardwalk and out the back. It was dark already and so cool to see everything all lit up. We wandered around for a little bit, and as we walked past Ample Hills I “randomly” suggested that we have ice cream for dinner. It was probably 7pm by that time, and we hadn’t had any “real” food since McDonalds on the drive to the airport. The kids LOVED the idea of ice cream for dinner, though. We tried a handful of flavors, and DS picked 2 scoops in a sprinkly waffle cone. I thought, no way he’s going to eat all of that. But he did! This is the start of a love-hate food relationship for him over the course of the trip. DD had a scoop of plain chocolate (lol. so boring) in a regular sugar cone, and DH and I just had single scoops in a bowl. It was plenty of ice cream for all of us. But OH SO GOOD.
DH and I then decided that we wanted some real food, so we picked up sandwiches and breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery on our way up to our room. We at the sandwiches and DD at the chips as we got the room organized and our bags delivered. Those were some great sandwiches, too. So far, our trip has started out with some surprisingly delicious food!
We were all pleasantly surprised by the murphy bed, although it took us a while to figure out how to fold it down. You’d think we’d be smarter than that… a pair of engineers. Anyway, it was nice for the kids to each get their own bed to sleep in. The layout of the room was decent - sink outside the shower/toilet room, and a small kitchenette across the hallway from that. The view was uninteresting, but we weren’t there for long anyway.

A review of the rest of the room… the queen size been was WAY to squishy for me. I had a backache when I woke up in the morning. There was one packet of coffee, which worked well for us, since we were only there one night. The shower was amazing - great water pressure, and lovely H2O products abound. We tried not to get too many things out, since we were leaving in the morning.

Tomorrow - Hollywood Studios.

Notes for next time:

  • Ample Hills and Boardwalk Bakery are worth going back to - maybe as a break on a HS day.
  • I would not stay at BWV again. There wasn’t anything wrong with it (well, the bed), but I like other places better.
  • I would, however, stay in the Epcot area again. Walking to HS and Epcot is excellent.
  • Don’t bother to make the kids go to school on arrival day. Fly in earlier and get a little more time to explore the resort.

I like this “Notes for next time” format. I might steal it :wink:


Not sending my kid to school arrival day also made my changes list! Sounds like a great start!

Not going to the room when there’s limited time is smart.
And nothing wrong with ice cream for dinner. We never feel guilty about replacing a regular meal with splurges like ice cream! It drives my sister nuts when she travels with us.
But it’s better for you than eating the big snack, and then making up that for it with “real food”.

Day 2: Hollywood Studios

We woke up bright and early, ready to get packed up and go… well, 3 of 4 did. DS is quickly turning into a preteen and decided he HAD to sleep in. So, a slightly slower start than I wanted. Not too bad, though. We got ourselves packed up and took the bags down to the desk to get transferred to BLT. Really this was a pretty quick, painless process. We enjoyed the decorations at the Boardwalk, too!

Then, we hoofed it over to HS. This was a much longer walk than I’d anticipated. I think it was all due to the construction. We took a pretty decent detour, and I can see how the walk would be pleasant if not for all of the green walls. We were NOT at the front of the crowd, like I’d hoped, and it was wall-to-wall people as we scanned in and waited on Hollywood Blvd for Rope Drop.
Along with everyone and their brother, we headed to SDD, since I hadn’t been able to snag a FPP. The kids kept asking why we had to wait in line for so long. I wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed with them or pleased with my epic planning that we’ve never had to wait that long in a line before. (FWIW, I think we waited 45 minutes, tops) The ride was amazing. It was just so FUN. I mean, I know it’s not the big, huge coasters that everyone likes, but I thought it was just perfect. Exciting and fun without giving any of us headaches by the end.

I’d been hoping to get into a second Toy Story line quickly, but we were behind a lot of the crowds, so it didn’t pan out. I planned to come back and do it all later, so I wasn’t too worried. Instead we did Star Tours (great!), Muppets (meh), and Jedi Training. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Jedi Training, even without a kiddo in the show. It was just so dang cute!

We stopped for a few pictures, and headed out of the park, back to the Boardwalk for lunch. Perfect timing - the boat was just loading, so we had a relaxing ride back to the hotel. Up next was Trattoria al Forno for brunch. I was nervous about this because DD has always been so shy with face characters. She sure didn’t disappoint here, either. I don’t think she said a single word to any of the 4. DS was having none of it, either. We’d teased him too much about his “smolder” so he was anxious the whole meal. Neither one ate much (expensive for DS who’s now an “adult”), but it was a good break, out of the park. Both DH and I liked our meals quite a bit.
When lunch was done we spent a few minutes relaxing in the sun in the Boardwalk courtyard, but everyone was anxious to get back into the parks. Instead of walking, we took the boat again, which was enjoyable.

Back in the park we started with the Frozen Sing-along. We LOVED it (except for DS, who vehemently hated the snow). It was so much better than I was expecting. The storytellers had a ton of personality. Then we made our way over to ToT and RnR. On our way, we saw the stormtroopers marching out. Didn’t get to see the whole show, but that small amount was enough. ToT brought the kids to tears, and RnR made life better again. (I, on the other hand, much preferred ToT. RnR was pretty rough for me. I guess I’m getting old)
Another full-park crossing led us to the Indiana Jones show. I remember seeing this one as a kid, so I expected it to be meh - like the Muppets. Boy was I wrong. It was DH’s favorite show of the whole trip. While we were waiting for it to start, I mobile ordered for Woody’s, for later in the evening. Had a snafu there where MDE wouldn’t show my order, but the front-line cast member fixed it all up in a jiffy.
After Indiana Jones, we made another long hike (who planned this day anyway?!) back to Toy Story Land to use our final FP on the Saucers. Another really fun ride, but way too short. That one will be great when the line dies down a bit. I thought I’d get motion sick on it, but didn’t at all! Dinner at Woody’s consisted of mostly grilled cheese. I got both pastries which were delicious, the noodle salad was good too, but my sandwich (turkey, I think) was unmemorable. It was way crowded but a nice gentleman gave us his standing table so we could scarf down our food.

Finally, we got to ride TSMM (30-ish minute wait) and the kids wanted to do SDD again (another 45-60 minute wait). Fortunately, we’d downloaded that Disney Play app, which helped pass the time in line pretty well.

I’d wanted to stay and watch Jingle Bell Jingle Bam! to cap off the night, but at this point, everyone was exhausted. As we were leaving the park, the fireworks were going off, but none of us felt bad for missing it. Plus, it meant we had a quiet bus ride over to the Contemporary.

As we were walking over to BLT, the HEA fireworks started up, too. So, we stood on the sidewalk and watched most of those. It was quiet, and relaxing, and we were ready for bed! I’d never gotten a text about our room being ready, but I did eventually get a room number in MDE. So, we went straight up and… no suitcases. It was quick for them to deliver, so that wasn’t a big deal. The room was just a few down from what I’d requested, so again, no complaints.

To end on a bad note… I woke up in the middle of the night to DS throwing up. “Oh no! Trip ruined” I thought. But, he recovered quickly. He had no fever and felt just fine once he was done. Something food-related maybe? Poor kid.

Tomorrow - Magic Kingdom.

Notes for next time:

  • Get to HS Much earlier. Like an hour before RD instead of 30 minutes. It’s crushing on Hollywood Boulevard
  • Skip Muppets, but don’t skip Indy or Frozen. (Maybe DS needs an umbrella?)
  • Skip ToT, replace it with a Star Tours FP so the kids can ride that twice
  • Don’t bother with face-characters. My kids don’t like them.
  • Split stays stink because there’s nowhere to go to nap midday.
  • RD to Fireworks still doesn’t work for us - even with a long lunch in the middle.

Glad DS recovered quickly! Can’t wait to read the rest of your report!

I’m enjoying your “notes for next time” section. Great for your family, but also good to make note of for mine. DD will be 10 for our trip, so I may deal with some similar issues.

There was a surprising amount of moodiness from DS. He’s not usually that bad at home. Maybe too much “together” time? Not enough healthy food? (more on that to come) But then, when I’d least expect it, he’d be fantastic. Ride things that he normally would balk at, get all lovey and thankful for the whole trip. Who knows what’s happening in that brain of his.


We learned the same lesson on split stays. Without the room available mid-day, it was a disaster. DS10 is definitely not a RD to fireworks kid and the day we moved between resorts was our worst of the trip.

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Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Before I start on our day, I have a few comments about BLT. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I know some people don’t like the decor, but it’s perfect for us. The beds were so comfortable. We had a queen and a pullout. I slept on both, and both were good. I liked the extra kitchen room area. We must’ve had a disability room last time, because it had different layout. This extra hard floor space was necessary, as you’ll learn later. The shower didn’t have great pressure, but it was adequate. The desk CM were all great. We could see MK from our room, and also a very nice view of Bay Lake. Now that I think about it, I didn’t take any pictures out the window!

Ok. On to MK. The forecast today? Low 70’s and LOTS of rain. And boy were they right about the rain. We got to MK and it was quick getting in. I sure do like this new RD procedure.

We stopped at Starbucks to pick up some breakfast and a coffee on our way to the Tomorrowland rope. As we were standing there, waiting for the magic to begin, families kept walking up to the CM and going into Tomorrowland. In my head I’m thinking “What the heck?! There aren’t any events here. Why do those people get to go in? There must be something special going on. Lines are going to be awful when we get there!” Finally, we’re let in, and of course the crowd all heads to Space Mountain, us included. Well, as we’re going in, I pass some of the folks that were let in early. They had t-shirts on that say “Gary Sinise Fallen Warriors” or something like that. So NOW my inner monologue is going “Oh. I’m an asshole. (sorry). There are a LOT of them. Don’t cry. Don’t cry” Turns out there were almost 2000 family members of fallen soldiers that came to the parks while we were there.

We got onto Space Mountain as a walk on, and then headed over to Buzz, which was also walk-on. Now, we were ahead of schedule, and the rain was starting to get harder. So, I called an audible and we rode the people mover. Ahhh. Relaxing, and DRY. Also, LOVE that the CM used the force to close the doors. Bhahaha

So, while we were riding, it really started pouring. We decided to pick up some kids ponchos and keep on going. I’d already gotten adult ones, but couldn’t find kids sizes. The park was SO QUIET. It turned out to be only CL1 (predicted 3). We crossed the park over to Pirates which was starting to garner a long line. It’s indoors, so I don’t really blame everyone. We waited maybe 15 minutes, it really wasn’t bad.

Still raining. We’re soaked. At least it’s not too cold. My shoes were squishy at that point, but everyone was still happy, so we kept going. First fastpass of the day was BTMRR. We couldn’t see a thing as we rode, but it was still fun. There were no lines. After that? Splash? Why not! We’re already soaked, what more can it do to us?! No fastpass for this one, but it was practically a walk-on. If possible, when we were done, it was raining even harder. The water was flowing in rivers down the street. We had our ponchos on, but they weren’t doing much good. And then the lightning started. It wasn’t bad, but I knew that would mean plenty of rides would close down.
We still kept on with the plan, although DD and DS were starting to complain. I don’t really blame them. It was uncomfortable. We squished over to our next FP, which was HM. It was dry, but air conditioned, so we were chilly. By now, the kids really wanted to leave. But, but, we had a 7DMT FP to use! So I would not let anyone go anywhere. It hadn’t converted yet and there was no way I was giving that up.
I gave everyone two choices for lunch - Gaston’s or Friar’s Nook. DS wanted Gaston’s, but the rest of us wanted warm food, so we’d settled on Friar’s Nook. Unfortunately, it’s all outside seating. Everything covered was taken. So, DS won ultimately, and we went over to Gaston’s. There were inside seats when we walked in, but by the time we ordered, they were all taken - lots of people without food sitting at them. That’s a thing, huh? We found a table outside that we could stand at, under an umbrella. I ordered way too much food - 3 sandwiches, a cinnamon roll, drinks, a picnic lunch. DD ended up eating off my sandwich (which was surprisingly good) which became a theme throughout the trip. Gaston wasn’t out - maybe he’s afraid of the rain.
We were still 40 minutes away from our FP time. The rain was still pounding. So, off we went to Under the Sea. It was wet. We were wet. But, still fun. Kids still wanted to leave. Still no. :slight_smile: We decided to go check at 7DMT and see if they could tell us when our FP would convert. She was oblivious. She couldn’t understand what I was asking. So, I gave up.
At this point the rain was starting to lighten up, so against DS’s better judgement, we went over to the carousel and rode that… well, DD and I rode. He pouted. As we were riding, I could see that they’d started up the carts at 7DMT again. And we were within our FP window! The rain had FINALLY stopped, so we got on 7DMT and enjoyed it quite a bit. Although he complained, I think DS was glad I made him stay.
I’d had a handful of other things on the list to do, but we were so wet that we decided to take a break for a while. On our way out, everyone but me did the teacups. We picked up SotMK cards and some Minnie Ears for DD. I’d wanted to do a handful of other rides and stay through the parade, but this was a good decision in the end. And anyway, there’s no dragon anymore.
I don’t have any pictures from that morning, since it was SO WET.
We took the monorail back to the Contemporary, and checked out the gingerbread before getting back to our room, changing back into our jammies, and crashing. Everyone slept, even DS. He NEVER naps. We laid out our wet clothes on any hard surface we could find (thank you kitchen!). When DH woke up he turned the hair dryer on my shoes, in particular. Everyone else had a second pair they could wear in the evening, but I only had my sandals. More on that later. Hey - thanks for packing shoes for us, Mom!

After a good long nap we got cleaned up and took the boat over to WL for dinner at WCC. We seriously LOVED it there. The antics were minimal, which was fine with us. This was, by far, the best meal of the trip. We all had the AYCTE skillet. Well, DD had cornbread and DS had green beans and a milkshake. Ugh. But DH and I were in heaven. I did get both kids to eat some pulled pork eventually. We were all just so happy, there. I think I could live at the Wilderness Lodge.

Ok. enough pictures! After dinner, we took the boat back to BLT to pick up jackets. It was starting to get colder, and we appreciated the extra layers that night as we were headed to MVMCP! We walked back over to MK, and arrived about an hour later than I’d planned. We started with Jingle cruise where I really appreciated the Christmas details in the queue, and then on to BTMRR. That was much better now that it was dry… and dark!
I’d planned, after that, to watch the parade and do the rest of the party events, but we were doing pretty well after our midday break, so we decided to stay for the late parade. That threw my whole plan out the window and we ended up standing around for a while, trying to decide what to do next. (Ugh. That’s why we plan!) We rode the carousel, all together, picked up cookies and eggnog, and then finally decided we wanted to do more rides in Tomorrowland. On the way over, everyone but me hit up the teacups again. They LOVE that ride. I ran into Cosmic Ray’s for a bottle of water and there was a dance party going on. It was just so cute. Reindeer and elves dancing away with all the little ones. :heart:

DS wanted to ride Space again, but DD and I did not. So the boys went one way, and the girls went to do Astro Orbiter. I was nervous about how much it spins, but I breathed through it and did OK. No barfing for me! While waiting, we got to hear a little of both stage shows. They were both good, but I’m glad I didn’t plan a lot of time on either one.
We took one last ride on the people mover, waved to Nick and Judy Hopps, and then headed to the hub for shows and fireworks.

We found a place against one of the garden walls where we could sit a little. It was obstructed with a lamp, but worth it to have somewhere to sit and some space around us. We got to see the 9:25 Most Merriest show, which was far away, but still good. There was a mama and her baby rockin’ it out nearby and DD and I enjoyed watching them boogie. The fireworks were excellent, but not as emotional, for me, as the Hallowishes ones. Weird, I know. I thought we had plenty of space, which was a pleasant surprise considering how busy everyone said the parties were.
At this point DS really wanted to go home, but we had to push through until the parade. We took another spin on Buzz, picked up our SotMK cards, and then walked all the way back to Frontierland to find a spot for the parade. That was all dumb. We should’ve just gone straight to Frontierland. I know, everyone says to watch the parade from Main Street, but remember, DS didn’t like the snow during the Frozen show? I thought we should just avoid it. Maybe we could’ve picked up cookies or something, and just found a spot to wait without going all the way down to the Firehouse. Instead, we walked. and we walked. and we walked. Now everyone was tired and grumpy, and it was STILL busy.
We found a ledge to stand on, so the kids could see over the tall grown-ups standing in the front row. The parade was very cute. Even DS was glad we stayed (but I didn’t tell you that)

Tomorrow - Epcot.

Notes for next time:

  • Midday break was so good. Do more of that
  • Always come to parks on CL1 days. (hahaha. I wish)
  • I would’ve liked to do more of the distraction-type things. Everyone would’ve liked to do more rides. This might just need 2 days at MK
  • Go back to WCC!
  • Stay at WL, someday… although walking to MK from BLT is wonderful
  • If its warm enough, wear my sandals. always
  • Figure out a way to let DS rest more. Poor kid was tired. Remember, they’ve got little legs. (DD was carried, sometimes)

Great report…what type room did you have at BLT (studio/1br…etc)? Sorry if you said and I missed

I love your trip report! It looks like ya’ll had an amazing time. Thank you for sharing!

No, you really aren’t. You had no idea. I didn’t know Disney did something like that, but wow that is super cool of them.

That’s awesome! I wonder if they all do that. I will pay attention next time.

I love your attitude, great attitude to have!

I love that castle picture all lit up; it’s gorgeous! That pic is really making me want to take a Christmas trip there!

You’re right. I forgot to say… we had a studio at both hotels. There was definitely more open space at Boardwalk, but more separate spaces at BLT. Both were good. 7808, I think, at BLT.

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I read somewhere that Gary Sinise paid for them all to go. Cool that Disney supported them and let them all in early. I had to look up who he was (name recognition but not why… he’s Lt Dan in Forrest Gump)

The CM in the evening did not do it. I had to watch, just to see. It was such a funny surprise in the morning.


Day 4: Epcot

The plan for our third park day was to sleep in a bit and get to Epcot around 10 for a Mission Space FP, and standby for Test Track. However, because we’d stayed out later than expected for the MVMCP, we were slow getting started. I had a 9am FP for Spaceship Earth which I was 100% prepared to miss. I thought we’d make MS, though. By the time we’d gotten up and ready for the day, and eaten something at the Contempo Café, it was after 10. It took us a while to take the monorail over to Epcot, so I knew we’d never make MS.

What that meant, though was that we could slowly stroll into Epcot for the first time in forever. We stopped to pick up a sorcerer’s hat for DS, and a couple of Chip & Dale Scavenger Hunts. It was cold that morning, so we were very bundled up. Jackets and hats at least part of the day, plus tennis shoes for me. Good thing they’d dried out after the rain yesterday. However, little known fact about me. I have one bad pinkie toe that tucks under the others. I’d put band aids on both toes, which usually works to keep them apart and pain-free. Really, the best solution for me is to wear sandals. But again, it was COLD. More on that later.

Once we were in the park we started making our way over to Norway, since our first fastpass was now Frozen. We took a long way around, since I got turned around, and ended up going past Test Track. The wait was already posted at 75 minutes. Glad we weren’t really trying to ride it. After Frozen – which was quite fun – we started searching for Chip & Dale. We looked and we looked. Finally, I convinced DS to ask for help from some pin traders. They said it was “near a troll” which was good enough for us! Finally, our first wreath. Once we knew what we were looking for, it went quicker for us.

We had a lunch reservation for Biergarten so started working that way but stopped in China to look for Chip & Dale. We were unsuccessful but knew we’d have time to come back. In Germany we searched and searched before lunch and finally found the wreath. I loved all the decorations here.

We checked in for our lunch reservation and only had to wait a few minutes. We were seated with two couples who were great company. One couple was on their first trip without kids. I told them my parents were sad the first time they went to Disney without us kids. She said “Yeah, that’s what we’ll tell our kids, too” HAHA! DH and I ate a ton of food (the cabbage stands out for me, for some reason), DD ate pretty well – sausage, green beans, pretzel bread, and tastes of some other things. DS again ate… nothing? A couple brownies? Why is he considered a Disney Adult?! We ended up sitting through two of the musical shows and it was a quiet, warm, relaxing break. DD and I snuggled for a while and I could tell she was ready for a nap. While sitting there, I snagged fastpasses for the 4 of us for Soarin’ – right at the time I’d hoped!

After we peeled ourselves away from Biergarten, we went back to China and found our wreath, and then worked our way around the rest of World Showcase. We stopped for the Voices of Liberty, who were amazing, as always. I had to choke back tears.

Then, on to Japan where I picked up some chopsticks. That was the one souvenir I’d wanted a couple of years ago and didn’t get. We were getting better and better at finding the Chip & Dale Wreaths, so some of the later countries went quickly. Since DD was tired and whiny, we stopped for the movie in France. I’d hoped she’d nap, but no luck. I think DH did, though!

I’d wanted to see some of the holiday cheer meisters (the holiday who-by whaty?) in Italy, Norway, and France, but we were never there at the right time. By the time we left France, DD was in full meltdown mode because she wanted to ride rides. She and I sat for a while on a curb in the UK while she cried. My one foot was killing me by that point, so sitting for a while was a relief. I’d tried to explain to her that we were walking to a ride, but it was far away. That didn’t sink in very well, though. While she cried, DS and DH went over to Canada to get the “last” wreath. We hadn’t done Mexico, but by the power of deduction….

I finally got DD calmed down, and piggy-backed her out of WS and back to a store, to turn in the Chip & Dale stickers. We’d hoped for pins as a reward, but it was only a pack of holiday cards. Disappointing. It got the kids into each country, if even for just a few minutes, though. We practically sprinted to a bathroom, and then over to the Land pavilion for RIDES!

We were a few minutes early for our Soarin’ FP, so we got in line for LwtL, which I love. After a short (less than 10 minute) wait, we were on and enjoying the greenhouse. They had some cute Christmas decorations. I don’t know why I like that ride so much, but I really do.

Then over to Soarin’ which we all loved, too. This was the first time I noticed the scents, and now it will forever be “the ride that smells like elephants” to my kids. I asked for “B” too early and got the “B” concourse instead of the “B” section. Whoops. So, we were off to the side a little, but not all the way. It was noticeable, but my family was already rolling their eyes at me, so I didn’t ask to move. While in that line, I picked up fastpasses for Spaceship Earth – for 45 minutes later. Yay!

After Soarin’ we slowly made our way over to Spaceship Earth. We went up to the photographers at the front gate for a few pictures. The kids were kind of into it at this point. Once our fastpass window opened, we hopped in line for Spaceship Earth. Standby was still 30 minutes. I felt bad for the poor saps who were waiting in line, in the cold, and could’ve grabbed a FP for RIGHT NOW. DS loves Spaceship Earth. He probably would’ve rode again, but there were new rides to ride!

DH and the kids headed over to Mission Space Orange, next. They were all excited about that one, but DD was nervous. I had no interest in orange, since I’d get motion sick, so I stayed behind to try to figure out a missing ride photo from a few days earlier. After a little searching the CM (who had just taken our pictures in front of Spaceship Earth), found them and it was all figure out. I limped over to Mission Space and thankfully sat down for a rest. I took a quick look at my foot but couldn’t tell what was going on with it.

While waiting for everyone to come out, I saw a dining reservation for San Angel, for about an hour later. We’d planned to eat at the Mexico QS, but I was hesitant to do that because it was so cold. That’s all outside seating, so after an OK from the family, I booked San Angel. They kindly offered to ride MS Green with me, since I’d never gotten to experience it before. It was … fine… but I don’t feel the need to do it again.

We hiked over to the Mexico Pavilion and did a little shopping and rode the boat ride. Everyone, especially DS, was getting hungry at that point, so I checked in and we sat down to wait. It was a surprisingly long wait. Really, probably 10 minutes. DS was hangry, though, so he was going towards a meltdown. I suppose, he hadn’t really eaten anything all day, since he didn’t bother to eat lunch, and we never did stop for snacks. He decided he didn’t like anything on the menu, so I picked something for him that I thought he’d like. DD picked quesadillas. She ate them, but again she really preferred my dinner. At one point she was two-fisting tacos. This was just an OK meal. The food was fine but not memorable. At least it was inside and warm, though. I wouldn’t go back since there are better options at Epcot.

I’d planned for us to hang around for a little longer for the fireworks. However, everyone was tired and just DONE for the day. We left and got on the monorail for a quiet-ish ride back to BLT. I’m sad we didn’t see the show but a good night’s sleep was more important. We saw other fireworks as we made our way home.

When we got back, I took my shoes, socks, and band aids off. I had a HUGE blister on my toe. OUCH. So, even though it was cold, I knew I could no longer wear my tennis shoes. I guess I’d gotten the band-aid in the wrong place and it did more damage than good.

Notes for next time:

  • I’d like more time at Epcot. More snacking and enjoying World Showcase. More time for the exploration after rides
  • A midday break is hard, here, but would be nice to get out of the park for a while. Maybe just two partial days?
  • Never go back to San Angel Inn. It was slow. Tables were too close together. The food was just OK
  • Force snacks on the kids if they’re behaving badly

I like the half day option. You have figured that out more quickly than I did. If you’re staying at a resort very near a park (for us, the EPCOT hotels, in your case, CR) it might make sense to do a morning at a more distant park, come back to the room for a rest, then walk over to the nearby park later.

Otherwise, as you noted, it’s just really hard to do a mid-day break at a park that is not your “home” park- a person could spend up to 4 hours on transportation in a single day doing that. Doing half-days spreads that pain out a little bit, and you still get the much-needed break.

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I step on my own pinkie toes too. I know now to use moleskin on them but it took a long time before I figured that out!

I love Loving With The Land too. Hoping to do Behind the Seeds eventually.

I was hoping you had decided to eat at La Hacienda. REALLY good food and a great view.

I couldn’t find a reservation for La Hacienda, unfortunately. I would’ve jumped on that one!
Maybe someday when just DH and I go, I’ll make him do Behind the Seeds with me. :smiley:

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That’s a good idea… maybe a reason to get the Park Hopper. I haven’t seen the benefit for that (for us), but that might just give me a reason to do it.


I didn’t see the benefit, either, especially when we were staying off-site, and since there were 5 or 6 of us the cost wasn’t trivial. But when when we started staying on site, eventually at the YC/BWI, it seemed to allow the flexibility to make maximal use of the location. Of course, I didn’t figure that out right away!