Tricks to get ADR

Here and there I’ve seen references to how to get ADR’s. I am talking about how to get past Disney IT stupidity, not getting one that is fully booked quickly. Someone will say “Why don’t see any ADR’s for ABC place on XYZ dates?” Then someone will respond with something like “Use the phone app and stand on one leg.” Then there will be a response like, “That worked, Thanks!”

My ADR day is in a mere two-weeks. I thought that there might be a stickie with those hints, but there wasn’t. I must not be searching using the right terms because I can’t find anything.

So, wise ones? What are the hints to get an ADR to show up? Topolino’s is on my must-do list, so I don’t want delays because I use the wrong technique.

So far the suggestions are:

Start trying at least 15 minutes before 6am.
Log on and off MDE a few times before 6am,
Use multiple access methods including.

  • Webbrower on computer
  • Incognito on computer
  • App on phone
  • Webbrower on phone

If you get an error message and the reservation doesn’t complete, try changing your default credit card, making one reservation and then reinstating your default card. An online CM suggested it. I was skeptical but it worked.

Try different # of people. Particularly try even numbers and 4, if less than 4.

Both tilt and turn your head to the left, if that doesn’t work also stand on one leg.

(Added from another thread) Just try all the ways. Search by restaurant, search by time in all restaurant listing, use browser, use app, go incognito, stand on your head, tilt and turn your head, etc etc.

Sorry for the last minute addition. I want to say this ^^^^^^^^ is the way!!

I had zero problems by doing this. And I have had some ADR problems. Before the booking window opened, I did this for each restaurant in a different tab. Once the window opens you refresh the page and then pick your day on the calendar. There are two ways to check the date -1) select your date in that little corner calendar as pictured above, or 2) click first on the “check availability” button and a calendar pops up. #1 worked best for me, but if your window is not open one way, try the other way and you should have better luck.

And finally, never, ever use Chrome. Anything but Chrome.

I’ve also resorted to clearing my browser’s cache and cookies in addition to all the other suggestions people have mentioned.


Oops I see you said in two weeks. All of the info still applies though (including the system’s foul disposition today)

The system is being a bitch today. I’ve been trying since 0600 on the dot and have had some go through but have had most get almost through and then an error message “problem booking this reservation”. :roll_eyes:

Just keep at it, trying all the ways. It sucks but there’s nothing else to do

Also Topo is going to be very hard to get. If you’re booking now, you’re in Marathon Weekend territory. Set up a res-finder or maybe consider that paid option (I don’t know it off hand, maybe someone can say) and you’ll probably get it before you arrive. Otherwise keep trying once on the ground at WDW; options do pop up last minute. Finally, you could try to join the walkup list if nothing else happens before then. No guarantee there, but a last ditch effort.


No, I am getting prepared for my ADR day on 11/20. I now know what I’d like and when. So, my mind went to How.

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I updated while you posted.

The how is: all the ways, never surrender, no mercy.

(keep at it in other words – all the info in my post still applies)


My ADR day was yesterday and we got everything we wanted for our 5 night trip on 1/5/21-1/10/21 including topolinos and steakhouses 71.
I need to talk to my friend to see what device she was on, but she sent me a text saying that she couldn’t book anything at 6 AM and was setting up Mousedining reservation finder. I was on my phone using the app and searching by time and I was able to book all of our meals for the exact time I wanted. At around 6:20am she was able to get in and see choices pop up.

I kept trying earlier than 6 AM but wasn’t able to access anything until 6 AM.

So if standing on one foot doesn’t work, then maybe try using the app on your phone? :rofl::grin:


It’s seriously just the luck of the draw.

I had this morning:

  • web browser on lap top
  • web browser on phone
  • app on phone

And was still getting every variation of problem (nothing available, dates not showing open despite in window, unable to complete reservation process…)

Glad you got it all!! That’s fantastic!


I hope you get all of yours too!! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Meh. Most. But my plans are a little 'splody right now and it looks like I may swap out HS days (currently Fri but probably change to Sat) unless I can get Oga’s to move (could only get for Sat) which is a challenge and a half.


I’m not sure if this matters but because of my diligent BG training (thanks @bebe80!) I did log off and then back on to MDE a few times times before 6am.


Yep. Did that too LOLz.


Was that on your phone or computer?

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I have heard incognito helps, but don’t know if it’s true

My ADR is Tuesday and I don’t even have a plan yet other than Ogas.


I was on my iPhone.


Does which browser seem to matter?

When you’re looking in the app you have to make sure your head is turned slightly to the left. When using a browser your head has to be to the left AND you have to be standing on one leg. That’s the details folks seem to miss.

Seriously, though. It definitely feels like jumping through hoops. The reservation finders are great. MouseDining has had a slight edge over TP.

FWIW - I was able to book breakfast and dinner at Topolino’s at 60 days. The only other suggestion is to stalk obsessively - all times of the day every day.
I wanted Top of the World Celebration at Contemporary in a bad way. It’s only available two days a week for around 50 at a time. Very hard to get. I was stalking one morning and there it was. Nearly fell off my chair. :laughing:
Had to give up the Topolino’s dinner for it, so now I have an alert at MouseDining for Topolino’s on a different day. Got a hit the other night, but I was in bed.


Did that too lol


Omg dying!!

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@OBNurseNH maybe you need to turn your head farther to the left. Or then again maybe you turned it too much? :rofl:


That could definitely be it. I’m a righty so :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Well, darn, I just did a search to see if there was a rumor on Aker. returning. I saw something from August that they’ve changed the signs and made it a corporate lounge.

Oh, well, more dining money saved.

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