Trial DVC concierage service?

Have you all heard about this? People are getting this email:

We are excited to share that Disney Vacation Club® is piloting an all-new Member Experience Specialist Team designed to enhance your Membership. You’re invited to participate in this new program before arriving and during your upcoming stay at Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, where you will have the chance to experience an elevated approach to Member Services.

Along with existing pre-arrival and on-site support, the Member Experience Specialist team will help manage your vacation requests in a proactive, personalized way. To ensure that you arrive with ease and while on-property, this dedicated team can assist with dining reservations when available, search for recreation availabilities, organize your special events and so much more!

This test program opportunity begins on 10/12/2022 and lasts through your vacation. Please respond to this email or call your Member Experience Specialist at 1-844-382-6772 to share your vacation requests with our team.

We thank you for participating and helping us explore more ways to enhance your Membership.

From DVC Fan Facebook posts and Disboards chatter, theybare testing this out for free, for people with stays of 5 days or more in 3bdrms, Grand Villas, and Cabin/Bungalows (edited). It includes making dining reservations.

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Checks email, gets offended I did not get said email

Settles down a bit, as there are no vacations booked at this time.

Like what kind?


“what’s the catch”

So sad. Once upon a time we’d have been boasting about here they go again exceeding our expectations.

Now we know they’re coming at us to sell something


Ohhhh I hope I get an email ahead of my poly stay in Dec :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

That is almost everyone"s attitude. Most people think it is a trial run for the paid service that there have been rumors about paid DVC Memebership +

I think only if tou are staying in the bungalows :pensive:


My requests (for starters):

  1. Room ready, on arrival, room temperature precisely 72 degrees.
  2. Welcome cocktail waiting for me. Shaken, not stirred.
  3. Welcome snacks, small munchies that kind of thing
  4. Unpacking service.
  5. Santa Claus to my room early Christmas morning, but not too early
  6. Dinner for my party of 12, no questions asked, for Christmas Dinner at the restaurant of my choice.

(I can keep going…)


People are getting their room requests and all of their ADR requests apparently so, not too far off…

I would like that welcome cocktail.

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And how about Santa?

I’ve got nother for you except to suggest Epcot’s Festival of the holdiays :santa::santa::santa:

Nope nope nope

This is concierge service.

He needs to visit my villa

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Do you mean grand villas? I do have 5 nights at BLT next month but “only” in a 1-bedroom.

Yes, sorry Grand Villas, Cabins/Bungalows or 3 bdrm treehouse I believe

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If you get the email, you should make the request :joy:

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Thanks! All that I REALLY want out of this would be a room request anyway. My ADRs are long booked.

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I’d read of one person getting the email, who was staying at Riviera. He/she got the email about 90 days ahead of time.

However I haven’t had an email about our Christmas stay which is 2 weeks at OKW and BLT.

I’m also sceptical. Are they really going to be able to book your dining and special “experiences” (tours, cabanas, Savi’s and droid building etc)? Are they going to be able to do it earlier than everyone else? Somehow I doubt it, which means you might be #5 on the list for Dan or Elsie to book for that morning.

Even if they do, be warned that you won’t be able to cancel or even modify them, you’ll need to contact them to do it for you. Unless they’ve updated that part of the system, which I doubt. I remember one time Member Services booked some dining for the second part of a split stay and we couldn’t change the time on them.

But I’d be delighted to be proved wrong,


I’ve also just noticed the bit about GVs and bungalows / cabins.

Sadly we are in a 1-bed followed by a 2-bed. So clearly just plebs in DVC’s eyes. :worried:


I guess I shouldn’t even mention my studio stay!



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If I do get an email, do you think I should ask for a personal visit from Poe Dameron (without the beard)?

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