Treating the monorail as a ride?

I have in mind a couple of monorail journeys that might be fun — would be interested to know if others have tried this, or whether it’s further proof that I’m insane.

MK to GF via Contemporary — exciting to ride through the Contemporary, perhaps, and you circle the whole lagoon

TTC to Epcot — you get to do the loop around Future World.

Fun, or no?


We did this our first night! My friend was so excited to be at a Monorail resort, and we weren’t going to the parks on the day we arrived, so we took a spin on the Monorail. It’s no Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was a fun enough outing! You could also get off and explore the Poly, and get a drink at Trader Sam’s.

(Right now I am up at an ungodly hour to make my 180 day ADRs. The things we do for Disney…)


It’s a nice relaxing way to spend a few minutes.

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And again after sunset.

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It’s one of those “We’re in Disney!” things that is FREE we like to do on arrival day when we’re not using a day of our tickets. In other words, a cheap thrill for this old gal. It’s still fun to go through the Contemporary, and to do the loop around Future World.

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Last Disney trip, we did this…took a monorail trip just for the sake of taking the trip. In our case, we were at Epcot and took the loop back to the transportation center and then back to Epcot.

I was sad to see Disney’s decision to switch to the giant ski lift going forward. I have a terrible fear of heights and just can’t see myself using it. But the monorail is part of the magic. Of course, I understand the cost of a monorail is huge, but I hope it never goes away. Buses and ski lifts just aren’t…Disney.

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I don’t know about at WDW as I have yet to go, but at DLR the gondolas was a huge attraction and mode of transportation from one side of the park to the other. At DL DIsney after Dark featured one as part of the retro backdrop for pictures. I share your fears though. The gondolas when I was a kid scared me more than any other ride!

It’s not quite a ski lift. It’s an enclosed “pod”. Still maybe nerve wracking for those with fear of heights (I’ll ask my DH!) but not the same as an open ski lift.

It is the same kind of ski lift they use in the Swiss Alps, etc. It holds a boatload of people, etc. But still a ski lift. :slight_smile:

You’re right. I wasn’t talking about the kind where your legs dangle, etc. I’d actually probably be better with that. But I have a completely irrational fear of heights. I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out.

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My husband is like that too. So gondolas probably won’t mean much to us.

Totally not being facetious, but the monorail is high off the ground as well. What makes it less scary than the gondola?

I said it was totally irrational. I’m not afraid of heights on roller coasters either…even those that hit 420 ft.

But I work in an office building with glass railings and it took me a year and a half before I could comfortably walk up the stairs or go anywhere near the railing that looks down to the first floor. Even now, I have to consciously work at not thinking about it.

The monorail has never bothered me probably because I trust the big concrete rail that we’re riding along far more than the cable a gondola dangles from.

There is a backstory as to why I’m like this, but I won’t get into that here and now! :slight_smile:

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I am the exact way. Put me on any roller coaster and I am fine. A little car dangling from a cable, leave me home! And I have no back story…


Yes - we love riding both lines. But don’t lean against the doors.


The monorail going through the CR is one of the most iconic images in WDW. I think everyone needs to do this at least once. Going to EP via the monorail is actually my preferred way of going; the circle through FW provides some great views. Just remember to sit on the port side of the mono car; the starboard side primarily gives you a 360 degree view of SE…


To quote “monorail guy voice”: Please stand clear of the doors!

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Be sure to choose Monorail Green, if you don’t want the doors to fly open. For the more thrilling version, choose Monorail Orange.:wink:


His name is Jack Wagner


Actually, this makes me recall that the last time we were at Disney, we had to wait about 35 minutes in the monorail station, next to board, because the train stopped slightly askew from where it should have…basically, short by about 5 ft, give or take. It took them that long to get the matter resolved. In the meantime, the entire monorail system was inoperative since the other trains on the line couldn’t move. So, a failure of one is a failure of the entire system. Not good when you have the entire population of the park trying to get back to their cars/resorts for the night.


We did a monorail tour as well. My kids loved it. We also took the boat to Polly and had the pork nachos :blush: so yummy