Transportation back to 100% capacity within days

Disney transportation is returning to full capacity within the next few days.

We’ve already seen gondola cars being loaded with multiple groups. Distancing markers have been removed on the ferries to MK.

This should presumably also mean they can start running the Epcot monorail, since they won’t needs as many trains on the MK loop.


I’m pretty sure the REAL reason for the Epcot one not running is because it would show so much of the torn up mess behind the walls currently.


Does this mean that they will also open up more transportation options between resorts?

No it isn’t.

It’s because they needed the extra trains to run on the Express and Resort MK loops due to the capacity limits.

If construction is the real reason there won’t be an Epcot monorail for about 5 years, assuming SSE gets it’s much needed refurb.

Not to mention they didn’t stop the MK loop when Bay Lake was being built or the GFV building, or indeed the Poly refurb now.

I don’t think we’ll see “100% capacity” (does it say that somewhere that I missed?) as in packing people in like sardines as they did pre-Covid.

It said full capacity.

I’m sure plenty of people would be delighted if they never returned to standing on buses and the monorail. But we’ll have to see what happens.


They never had transportation between resorts.

So no.


Please include the OKW/SS/DS ferry


I was referring to the ferry between the wilderness lodge and the contemporary.

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Ah OK, that should restart I guess, since they don’t need the extra boats doing GF and Poly to MK.

which’ll then lead to opening up POR FQ and Riverside!


Do your thing, Genie…


a-a-ahem “All I wanna do is stay at POR:FQ and ride the boat to DS.”


It’s arguably the other way round though.

The OKW, SSR and POR / POFQ boats are apparently paid for by the Disney Springs stores and restaurants.

So until POR & POFQ open back up again, the DS businesses may not think it’s worthwhile to pay for the boats and security checks.

Awesome! Thanks!

(just a reminder… I’m still waiting on that Tusker House thing and also fireworks for my birthday)


What security checks?

There’s a lone guy that stands at the end of the Dock/Bridge area. Poor soul has to basically stand next to that SUPER LOUD “DS Map” kiosk with the fan that sounds like a turbine for hours on end.

Was he always there or is that a covid thing. I don’t remember him at all.

Maybe I was too consumed by the fact that I was on a boat


I did my part. Now it’s time for Disney to do theirs :wink:

Then I guess it won’t reopen. Cause there’s already the security guy that’s at the end of the dock and nothing else has changed.

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Yeah. Was there in the beforefore time. I was talking to one of them at the time cause it was just so loud and I felt so bad for them. Droning noises are especially grating to me so I was extra empathetic.

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