Transportation back to 100% capacity within days

There are now security checks at Disney Springs. Temperature checks have gone but the security is probably here to stay.

So they need security checks for the boat docks at DS from the resorts. Which I assumed the DS businesses will also have to pay for if they want the boats as a convenient way for people to get there.

I didn’t see any security checks when I was there? At best just the standard personnel just standing around? Certainly nothing like the parks though.

There are metal detectors I think.

Hmm… this could screw up the ferry sitch unless they hurry up and get those done at the loading zones.

:scream: Thank you for mentioning this! I hadn’t picked up that wasn’t running!

We are parking at TTC for one of our MK days and then having a late lunch at GP. We were planning to take the boat to Contemporary and then the resort monorail to TTC.

So we need to take the boat back to MK and then boat or monorail to TTC? Or is there a more direct way?

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After lunch at GP I think the easiest way would be to take WL boat back to MK and then you can choose the ferry or monorail back to TTC.