Transition from Chat Lines Format

It’s all good! With this new format we can share more, learn more and do more together! But if you are worried or nervous, this is the post to chat about it. Once we all get going, you can search for topics - no more “will someone bump the BOG link” - because it will all be here. Load up fun profile information and let’s get this forum going!!!


So back me up here @Camsdad @MDU @Darth_DopeyD73 @disneyteachers @weasus @Suprgurl let’s get chatting Liners :smile:


@MagicMN I am trying I figure it out. I am on my phone

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Can someone bump the ringtone link :wink: …poking around seems cool …how’s it look on the PC ?


this sure is different. I like the search functionality.


I’m on my phone as well. I’ll have to check this all out on the laptop later tonight.

So far I’m digging it. :slight_smile:

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Way way way better on PC - I’ve only been testing on PC since it’s so nice with the larger screen . Ring tones… I will look. Then we want to save it under other and label it so we can find it again. Might make sense to make it a new topic so people can search on it

I think this is truly fab @MagicMN!!! I love the organized aspect and the search feature and being able to tag you darling angels!!! :heartpulse::+1::sunglasses::dancer::tada:


Make sure you adjust your preferences. You will be surprised how many emails you can get if you chat a lot and then miss a day - the system will reach out and tell you everything you have missed. Just imagine EVERYTHING we have all shared on lines over the past year being saved in an organized way with search ability. We are all going to be soooooo happy!

Wow. Just. Wow. This is amazing. Can’t wait to see it all on the laptop

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Im sure it will be great onei figure it out.

Figured how to change my avatar. Yay!


And, I learn how to type.


So slow on my phone :disappointed:

@MagicMN. Once again how does one know where “friends” are in a forum particularly if one mostly just reads? How can it be instantaneous? How does one find the funny and amusing threads? Will try but admit feel terrible about this

How, I can’t do it. It just says 1%

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@Suprgurl how do you change the Avatar?

I think loading profile pics has a bug - mines still says 0% after a week.

So maybe our frantic liner craziness may be filtered. You can follow active threads, they will be on top of your home list. AND you can avoid topics you are not interested in. You can also search for favorite liners and see what they are up to. Best of all we can private message and tag each other so we get notifications.

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Trying to figure it all out. Can you see me?