TP weirdness (this is theme lately I think)

Check out my plan:

Does anyone else think it’s weird that it’s giving me a 2 minute walk time from Regal Eagle to Mariache Cobre (and back again) when earlier it is giving me a (closer to realistic but a little excessive) walk time of 19 minutes from Three Caballeros to American Adventure? These four things are all in the same locations so the walk times should be pretty equivalent, even as you account for crowds.

It’s also giving me a 7 minute walk time from Frozen to Three Caballeros which is kind of funky and excessive too. There are other weird ones in there too. Thoughts?

I will probably send to help desk but before I did that I wanted to be sure I’m not overlooking anything that might account for this.

I believe Mariachi Cobre is currently playing in the America Gardens Theater (as opposed to the American Gardens building, where both Patrick Bateman and Tom Cruise once lived), not in the Mexico pavilion, so two minutes would make sense in that context.


Oh! It’s not showing on my map in that location but that would make sense.

What do you make of the other weird times? Like Amer Adv to Jammitors (which is on the Canada stage right now, isn’t it?)

PS Were Bateman and Cruise roommates?

I am not able to view your plan- could you make it public?

I don’t see where you said how long it’s giving you to walk from U.S. America to Canada…

Are you out of your mind? Tom Cruise lived in the penthouse, and Patrick Bateman had an apartment on the 11th floor. They once had an awkward exchange in the elevator where Bateman told Tom Cruise how much he liked him in the film Bartender, but they weren’t exactly buds.

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I think TP refers to Three Caballeros as the ride in the Mexico pavilion, so 7 minutes from Norway and 19 min to America makes sense to me….

Depending on time of day it might take you some time just to get into the Mexico Pavilion unless they’ve gotten ridden of that line along with some of their other social distance removals?

That’s weird. @BGK could

It’s step 2 and technically right at park open. It’s not the wait, anyway - it’s the walk time

I just re-linked to the plan. Not sure what happened the first time. But take a look

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Nothing looks off to me in terms of walking times.

ETA:. The issue seems to be in the placement of the numbers for 4 and 5 in the image. But the times seem correct to me.

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I guess if Mariachi Cobre is at the America Gardens then it’s not as wonky as it seems.
Except there’s just a 1 minute walk time from VOL to Jammitors, but an 11 minute walk from Jammitors to BATB Singalong (which is between VOL and Jammitors). So that’s still weird. Also 14 mins from The Land to SE is a bit much.

And yeah, 4 is off the map :laughing:

Oh. You’re right about VOL and Jammitors. I was distracted by the Mariachi Cobre part!

I think the walking time from VOL and Jammitors should probably be closer to 15+ minutes.

If you have your walking pace set to slow, it is probably somewhat close. I’m not sure where they are measuring from, specifically…but if the downstairs part of inside The Land, you have to factor in time to get up the escalators, walk around just to exit. That can take a few minutes right there.

It’s set to relaxed (but not VERY relaxed)

Maybe they never updated their database for Jammitors to the location in Canada…in which case, it thinks it is 1 minute…but the location on the map is updated correctly? Seems odd, for sure.

Oh, that might make sense: it updated enough to show in the right location (but mariachi cobre does not LOL) but not for the walk to update (while Mariachi cobre did LOL)

I’ll send it over I guess.

I don’t know what the construction update is at this time, but when we were there in early May, we kind of had to go a weird/long way around some construction to get from the land to SE.

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Yeah it was the same in April. And it definitely didn’t take 14 minutes but that one is the least weird of the lot.

haha it probably took us about 14 minutes because 1. stroller. 2. two year old had a meltdown during that particular walk.