TP Rookie, making FPP picks tonight!

Hey gang! I will be getting up at midnight tonight to put in my FPP picks for my October trip and I’m kinda freaking out. It seems the more I read here, the less I know. We are doing AK/EP day 1, MK day 2, HS day 3 and MK with MNSSHP day 4. Some last minute questions:

  1. Since I will be on-line at Midnight, and the week I’m going does not look to be super crowded at all, how likely will I be to get the Meet Anna and Elsa FPP?
  2. Should I try to get A&E on day 1 or the second day? Does it matter?
  3. Any helpful hints or tips?

I would try Anna and Elsa as far out as possible. Will you be saving your FPs for EP?

Curious as to why you say try for “as far out as possible” Why would this be a better chance? Our trips to EP will be after AK on Day 1 and perhaps after MK day 2. I will not be using FPP for Epcot until we get to the park which as I understand may be too late for anything good…

Because people can book 10 days out from the start of the trip, it is more difficult to get a fastpass for those days. The farther into your trip you aim for the A&E FP, the more likely you are to get it, because fewer people will have booked for that day.

Hopefully that makes some amount of sense.

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If you go to AK at opening you can walk on to most attractions without FPs. If you save them for EP, you can do the headliners in both parks.

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As @theredheadsaid, if you hope for Ana and Elsa, start with you last MK day. Seconds may help!

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Ah, hadn’t considered this! Thanks!

I’m having a hard time with this concept. Can you elaborate? I’m only going for 4 days, so what you’re saying is try to get FPP for A&E on my LAST day rather than my second day?

Anna and Elas FPs are very hard to get! Since there probably will not be any 62 or 63 days before your trip (many of them would be booked by people o their 7-10th day of their trip on day 60- or 67-70 days out) the ONLY chance you will hVe is on your last day. Since there are so few FPs, start on your last day ( the best chance you have)


I think @PrincipalTinker explained it as well as possible. It’s a tricky concept if you’ve never dealt with it before. But yes, in summary, aim for that A&E FP for your final day at MK.

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Thank you all!

OOOOOOH! Dang. So the chances that A&E are ALREADY sold out for my second day at the park are really good? WOW. That’s kinda discouraging.

Does it make a difference that our last day at MK, day 4 of our trip, will be on the MNSSHP night which we are attending?

Might make it more difficult to get since FPP park hours are reduced (no FPPs after 5:30pm I believe)… just make sure to log in at midnight and go straight to your last day to have a chance at booking it for your trip

Aaand, now that I look, it appears that you may be out of luck already…

No availability for A&E for a party of 4 through Oct 9. Can try for a party of 2, but will likely require FPP-stalking…

Did you also check out the advice on how to get your FPs to your desired time (book them to a time away from when you want them and then change the time)? If you do not, make sure you know that Ana and Elsa and 7DMT may not have other times available if you can get them.

This is not happy news. Should I now just try for other Headliner attractions and forget about A&E? What is FP stalking?

I’m not following you. I thought if I had say, 7DMT on my TP at 4:00 pm, I was supposed to try and get a FPP for 3:30? Can you please elaborate?

Doesn’t seem fair to those who aren’t booking 10 days…

When you go to book your FPs you will check off the three attractions. Then then will give you those three attractions in groups of times. For example: you pick 7dmt, splash and PP. they will give you A( 9:05-10:05, 10:10-11:10, 11:20-12:20) B (1:00-2:00, 2:05-3:05,3:20-4:20) C (6:10-7:10, 7:20-8:20, 9:30-10:30).

If you do get an Anna and Elsa, it will most likely only show up at a certain time- grab it! If not, the chances that the three choices will give you what you want, when you want them is very small! You cannot move FPs to a time where something is scheduled. Therefor, pick the ones no where near when you want them, and then go in after and change the times. You want 7DMT at 4:00? Pick morning times, and then move them!