Toy Story Midway Mania Closing Date?

Just saw the following on a June 2018 FB Group:

“First date we know: all of Toy Story Midway Mania will close on April 9th so that the entrance can be moved into Toy Story Land. We’ll have to watch and see what the rest of the timeline holds, but that is our first glimpse.”

Has anybody else seen this April 9 date referenced from any official or reputable source?


Oh, well that’s it. I’m cancelling my (non-refundable) trip. No TSMM and the whole trip is pointless.

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There are no FPs available after April 8th. There hasn’t been an announcement that I’m aware of.

That is interesting… if TSMM is actually closed during the 1st week of June, that will make touring HS an interesting problem.

If the closure is to change the entrance, I can’t imagine that would be more than a couple weeks process… and I would think that with the few attractions at HS already, they would try to limit the amount of time a headliner is offline.

Meaning that I can’t imagine closing TSMM from April 9 through Memorial day weekend…

But, I am not in charge.

Isn’t that because April 8th is 61 days from today?

I looked on the TP FPP availability page. THey have information for other FPP after APril 8, but none for TSMM…

see, e.g.

No. If you have 14 day tickets, you can book all 14 days at the 60 day mark, so they would be available up to 21st or 22nd April.

@gamusicman I can’t imagine it will be shut that entire time, but they probably don’t want to release FPs and then it ends up being shut longer than anticipated.

@missoverexcited, you are probably correct. I wonder if Disney would reopen TSMM with the new entrance before the rest of TSL is open, or is this might serve to support an early summer opening of TSL as opposed to the delayed opening we have been hearing rumors of…

It is fun to guess what Disney is gonna do. They probably laugh at us. :slight_smile:

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Man plans and God laughs.


It’s really not. It’s stressing me out!

The only glimmer of hope I currently have is that if TSMM is closing on April 9th, surely it won’t still be closed during my June 25th - July 2nd trip? Surely? Please?!


Plus I have the additional stress of worrying whether the new Fast and Furious ride at Universal will be open.

You should all feel really sorry for me :cry:


You have 10 months between your first two trips, I had 8 years! You should feel sorry for me!


Do you even know who you’re taking on?

I’m a statistician. Don’t try and use statistics to beat me.

There was a 21 year gap between my first and second trips. And then a 10 month gap between the second and third. (Assuming I don’t cancel it because of TSL stress.)

So on average, my trips are 10 years and 11 months apart. Which beats your 8 years.

I win! My life is more miserable than yours! Ha!


If they are moving the entrance, and the new entrance is in TSL- will it re-open before the land opens?

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Well, I don’t know.

If they aren’t opening TSL until mid or late summer, I really hope they open TSMM before then. If they are going to open TSL on or before Memorial day weekend, then I guess its a maybe… I think taking that attraction down for almost 2 months would drive crowds out of HS. So I would hope not…

I’m not worried. I’ll be packing one of these bad boys in my carry-on.



Haha! I missed that you had a (much) earlier trip. The difference between my 2nd and 3rd was 12 years, but you still beat me.

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If they don’t, then DHS becomes a completely pointless park to visit. Two rides and, er, that’s it. (I don’t count Star Wars. I don’t like it.)

But can we now determine what percentage of your life, compared to percentage of @missoverexcited’s life occurred between trips… that might be illuminating-yes?


I think if it is right on the outskirts, possibly, but if it’s more in the heart of the land, probably not.

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