Touringplan´s not realistic?

We are from Germany and have used touring plans for our trip to Disneyworld. However, we noticed that the times between the attractions that the computer calculates, can not be quite realistic. Unfortunately you can not change the arrival times at the attractions manually. Can someone help us? How realistic are the times and how can I set or change times myself?

Why do you think that the times are not realistic? Do you think the wait times are too short?

The 7dmt wait time is not realistic. There is going to be quite a line when you get out of PPF. Most people recommend rope dropping PPF or 7dmt and fast passing the other.

As far as the time it takes to get from one place to another, on a desk top, you can change your walking speed to a more relaxed setting.

You have also given yourself 1 hour to eat at Crystal Palace. I would change that to 90 minutes to be on the safe side. For character meals, it can take 60-90 minutes.

You can also manually set breaks inside the park to give yourself more time. You can’t change the wait time for an attraction manually on the plan.

I do find that in many cases, TP is correct on the arrival times, sometimes we are even early.


Yes, i think the wait times and the times from one place to another are too short. Only 10 Minutes from attraction to atracction. it seems too short.

The walk times from attraction to attraction are pretty much spot on, unless the park is crazy crowded - however, if members of your party are easily distracted by gift shops it will take longer.

Not knowing what day you are looking at and what the CL prediction is I can’t comment on the wait times, but if it is a low CL day and it is a morning EMH day from 8:00 to 9:00 then the times are probably pretty good.


You can also set the walking pace to very slow, which gives you more time.

I add breaks into my plan every 3 or 4 attractions, just to give us time to look around and get distracted, “smelling the roses” as it were.


Have you optimized a couple of times? I would think the bigger problem is that it is putting your 8am Crystal Palace reservation at 8:48…

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You can’t change the arrival times, but you can move the steps around using those little arrows next to the ride name.

Thanks for all the answers. Yes I already knew that I can plan breaks and also that I can make the times better. I found only the times the computer calculates between the attractions very sporty. But I will experiment a little bit more. I hope there will be Disney After Hour in January :slight_smile:

Do you think the times are too long or too short? That you can change by playing with the “walking speed.” I think 6 minutes from PP to 7DMT sounds exactly right and 2 min to get to WTP might be a teeny bit generous, but those times should be pretty accurate.

@Kennytom what day is your touring plan for? those waits do seem very very low. at RD you won’t have a 1 min wait, and 4 min for 7DMT is insane. WTP, maybe - I’m not as well versed on that one…

For PPF, it is very possible to have a one minute wait at rope drop. We walked on when we rope dropped.

Are you attending EMM? I wondered because the only rides you have listed before 9 am are the three open during EMM. If it is EMM those times make much more sense.

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We parked the stroller and had to wait less than 15 min at RD. My point was I think a 1 min wait is a bit aggressive, and perhaps unrealistic unless they’re first at the ropes and really move those feet!

Was going to say the same based on the three rides. This has to be for extra morning magic (which is different than extra magic hours). Extra Morning Magic is a paid event and those wait times would be accurate.

Interestingly enough, we have EMM tickets in November and the TP tells me the wait for 7DMT will be 22 mins at 8:21am during EMM! I’ve heard reports of people riding 7DMT dozens of times during EMM, so I know this can’t be correct. I’m assuming it’s just a glitch.

First of all, thank you for the quick answers. So: The picture shown would be the Sunday 27.01.2019. There is only EMH but no EMM. Nevertheless, I consider the times utopian. 4 minutes at Seven Dwarf Mine would be great, but that has probably never happened in the past few months at Disney After Hours. Even Splash Mountain at 10:00 am just a 4 minute wait is unrealistic. Therefore, we now only use the plan as a template. After all, we are talking about a Sunday here. Does anyone know by chance when Disney releases the times for Disney After Hours for 2019? Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

If you want to, you can publish the full plan so we can see it. In the main heading box with the title and date, there is a box to click which then gives a URL that you can link to.

Often it’s easier for us to comment usefully if we can see the whole plan.

I know that the TP will assume you are at the front of the crowd heading to Fantasyland at rope drop. That would account for the walk-on time at the beginning.

Ok here are my complete Plan

I wouldn’t say the crowd levels for that date are “finalized” yet. You may see another one or two changes that will increase those waits. Except for PPF, with your adjustment, those wait times during EMH may not be far off. We went during an 8am EMH and almost everything was walk on. It felt like hardly anyone was in Fantasyland. We did PPF, saw Rapunzel/Tiana, saw Ariel, rode Barnstormer and Dumbo in less than 45 minutes. We went to the bathroom and then waited for the ropes to drop for the rest of the park. Until about 9:45, we actually flew through a bunch of attractions as well. HM, POC, Magic Carpets, saw Aladdin. We got in line for Gaston at that point.