Touring Plans Reservation Finder success

Hey big thanks to the touring plans team and their great reservation finder tool. Two weeks ago was my ADR date and I was unable
To get the day/time I really wanted for O’hana…well, I just got a text with the exact time/date I wanted and snagged that reservation!! Great tool/services guys! One more to go…noooo pressure!!


Whenever i get the text, i immediatly go on the mde app and it is never there! Im strying to get storybook dining. Should i click the link instead of going through the mde app?

Storybook dining is just a really tough one. Try clicking the link, but if it’s not showing up then try through MDE yourself.

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I clicked on link right from the text, it took me to Disney sign in page, I logged in, confirmed, and got my email confirmation seconds later!!

I can´t ever get onto the website in time as I am in the UK and don´t get a text message, only an email. I have missed my reservation 4 times now.

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When are you looking for?

I’ve never tried as I’ve been looking for BOG lunch at a specific time and it’s always been too early or late, but it nearly always comes up again 2 hours later so nobody is picking it up. Eventually you’ll get it!

Of course I check my emails about 20 times a day so I usually see it within s few minutes anyway.

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*i will say it was a reservation for 2 for O’hana I had hoped for 4-4:30 and got 4:15 so perhaps it wasn’t a in demand time so it was slightly easier for me to secure it.

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I have been trying for nearly 120 days for a 1.30 BOG lunch and can’t get it but I’ve had alerts for almost every other time from 12-2!! So annoying!

I was shocked for our trip to get BOG for 8:00am for the last day of our trip. But it’s a Tuesday so early morning magic may be back by then, or if they extend extra extra magic hours…that would Mean we couldn’t take advantage of being in park before it opens.

Sept 8 or sept 11 for dinner. Preferrably before 6. We have a 2 year old and eemh the next morning.

I found that when I got up at 6:30am for work, I could get reservations by signing into MDE and trying, even if the email had arrived a couple of hours earlier.

Keep trying, and keep restarting the searches.

I got a 1.30 at 180 days with no trouble at all, for 4 of us. Then I started seeing that places weren’t allowing you to use credits for people not on your reservation (and if you preorder BOG doesn’t let you split the bill) so I started looking for a separate one for my parents. Anyway, I’ve now given up and I’m going to use my credits for them - it seems like it not being allowed were isolated cases at HS.

When are you wanting Storybook? ETA I see you already said that now. I will likely be dropping our ADR but it isn’t in your window. Sorry. Hope you get it another way.

I was able to get Storybook on the day I requested, even though I had missed the notification by about 10 minutes. It was a later time than desired, but I snagged it. It was looking for me for at least a day. I was doubtful it would work but totally worth it!

Thanks. I have some time, so hopefully something will open up. I also plan to use the link next time.

Was able, after 4 tries, to get an email saying that I could use my dining credits for people not on my room reservation.

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I see many people here scrambling to get ressies at O’hana. Is the breakfast buffet with Lilo and Snitch the big draw? Is it just as popular for the non-character dinner?

I didn’t even bother. Plenty of chats on the topic and in most cases even where the server wasn’t happy about it, they did it. Otherwise, guest services or front desk could sort it out.

Dinner is one of the most popular meals on property I would say.

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