Touring Plans on the Day

@Cgarrett75- Brian’s way may work better for you and for many others. My way of doing TP isn’t the only way, Hope I didn’t make it sound as if it was. Just I like to keep it really simple, and has always worked well for us.

@Dubgirl46- The plan factors in approximate walk time from wherever the rope is being set up. These days rope drop actually is happening around the castle, so getting to 1st ride around 8:06 sounds pretty reasonable.

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For EMH we get there around 7:30. I put 8am in the plan, for day’s hours.

I never optimize but I do evaluate the night before so that I’m as up to date as possible.

On our first trip, I used evaluate in the parks as I checked items off as “done”. Last trip, I barely looked at our plans as I had a good idea where we were going. Also once we used our first three FPs, our plans were kind of fluid, as where we went next depended on what FPs we could get.


Looks like it starts at 9:15?

@Dubgirl46- as mvblack says ^, your plan says starts at 9:15. Did you put your start date in initial page of TP yet? You should type that in as 9am (actual park opening time that day) and type in time you plan to stay until- whether park closing, or earlier.

You may be seeing that you typed in 8am as a start? I can’t see that page, just guessing. The start time should be when park opens, at least that’s how I’ve always set it up.

BTW- I’m assuming you have an adr for Plaza at lpm? Adrs usually the only way to go for pretty much any sit down restaurant at Disney.

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Not at all! I love hearing how everyone implements. :slightly_smiling_face: u plan to optimize a couple days prior, check for anything I need to shift, and then leave it alone.

One example - I don’t think I want to do RNRC right after lunch. No matter the wait time. Lol.

Thanks everyone, sorry I changed the plan to a 9.15 start. I think I may have had too many attractions?

So if I were at a park for 7.30 am I have a good chance of being on a ride at 8.06??

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Optimize will rearrange your plans, evaluate will adjust the times for the most part.


When following a touring plan, I’ll usually write out at the steps (without the times, just the suggested order of attractions/shows/meals) on paper, along with my premade FPP selections. I’m probably unnecessarily paranoid about losing cell service and/or batteries dying, but the paper is also pretty easy to check. Since it’s tough to re-optimize the paper, if everything is going smoothly, then I’ll tend to just follow that.

However, if something significant changes, then I’ll re-optimize. Arriving at a park earlier or later than planned would fit that criteria, as would finding a major attraction down (even if I didn’t want to ride that attraction, it might make other things nearby much busier, like Jungle Cruise whenever Pirates breaks), or rain (which might close a bunch of attractions and send other guests back to their resorts).

Ideally, you’d re-optimize after every step of your touring plan, but in practice this system seems to work pretty well.


October 28 MK hours are 9 to 6. If you go on an emh day, that usually means park opens at 8am to disney resort folks. Are also some 7am emhs, but those are much rarer.

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