Touring Plans on the Day

Hello, I have had such fun making my plans and they look amazing.

Now my question is - let’s say we don’t get to a park at the time we are meant to start or if we skip a ride or if anything changes along the way - well how can I implement my plan then ??

Does anyone know?

Do I just keep optimizing ??

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I’m the type (may be an exception) who once plan is made, in the park, that’s it. We often skip or add as we go, but I don’t alter the original plan I entered park with.

But that’s just me. We like looking up wait times during day, to see what ride can hop over to, but I don’t touch the actual plan. Also, we add as many additional fpps as we can.

And of course, Disney wouldn’t be Disney, if a glitch during some days didn’t happen.

On 1 trip, our 1st MK day of trip, our ChefM adr brunch disappeared from Iphone info. I know now that I probably could have just found a nearby CM, have them look up for us.

Instead I raced to CityHall, of course late morn long line, argh. CM there looked up, it’s on their info, whatever. They did give us anytime fpp, since the mishap caused us to miss our Splash window.


The advice in the book is to jump in at the time you get there. Don’t start at the beginning. Also, skip a step in your plan for every 20 min delay and optimize in the lines app.


Thank you both. Ok so start the plan with whatever attraction was timed for whenever you arrive. But do you keep optimising??

What if you did want to start at the beginning of your plan - even if it were later? Would taht just mess up the whole day…definitely overthinking this lol!


I don’t like to optimize once there. And really I don’t find it necessary. I agree with jumping in where you’re at. Maybe if the group knows some things will be missed entirely they will make the effort to be on time :wink:


That’s true lol.
But I thought you had to optimize to make use of the real time queue waits on the day?

BTW, have you all found the TP accurate enough?


I’ve never re-optimized once there and have had very good success with the plans - been using them since 2010


Thanks a mill ObNurse.
I suppose I can’t quite believe that they might work.

We are used to Disney Paris and the queues were very long. Same story in other theme parks in Europe.


I wouldn’t still be here renewing my subscription and creating plans after nearly 9 years if they didn’t work!


Last year, I made a copy of my final plans and would use that for the day and would optimize that one. I liked this approach because my original plan was untouched and I could go back to it if needed (which I often did). So, I’m summary, this is a way you can do both.


Slightly confused. I get you had an original and then copied it and optimised the copy but why??

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So that if it completely changed things around and you couldn’t get to your ADR without missing out a must-do, then you have something to go back to. Delete the copy and revert to the plan that you created and perfected over a period of several months.

I suspect!

I don’t use Optimise at all really, or only at the very start. But I always have a master copy so tha5 even changing things and using Evaluate, I can go back to my starting point easily if I get in a huddle.


Ok, I see. Thank you!

For me, the best thing is to keep it simple, once I have the TP the way I want it.

I plug in rides we want that day. Optimize. Rework, moving a few around to actual order (usually a bit diff than optimize suggests). Then evaluate. I keep fine tuning.

Then at 60 day window, I get the fpps suggested, as close as possible to original plan. Adjust according to actual times of fpps that I got. Evaluate. Done.

Anytime you hit optimize it will completely rearrange your chosen, worked on, sequence.

The TP is so amazingly accurate re wait times, that I don’t need to rework, reevaluate or (definitely) not optimize once in park.

We always RD, so haven’t needed to start say 1/2 way thru morning. I guess that could put another spin on whether to rework. But even then, I guess I’d just start at time on plan, say 10:30. Then try to fit in rides we’d missed by sleeping in.

Checking wait times on TP app is a big help, to fill in during the day, so could be used also for rides missed b/c missed RD I guess. Also, getting 4th etc fpps.

BTW, TP wait times app is usually much more accurate than Disney’s.


Thanks a million for such a helpful reply. So does ‘Optimise’ not make use of the actual queue times on the day?

I usually evaluate when I am in the park, not optimize - unless my plan had completely gone off the rails for one reason or another.
I think someone already suggested making a copy of your plan - so you have two for the same day - then if you want to optimize - use the copied plan, that way you still have the original one you were happy with to refer to.


Thank you all for that advice. It’s great to hear the plans actually work .

I have been using TPs since 2010 too. I prepare the plans in advance, always do RD and we generally end up ahead of the plan and squeeze in a few extra /double rides. The TPs work amazingly well.

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Ooh!!! So exciting, thank you. I LOVE a good plan. And even more so one that actually works. Amazing software . Bargain for the membership fee.


I went to a different extreme I used 5x7 index cards. I wrote my tp on the side with the lines and pasted the map on the other side. This way I did not have to keep taking my phone out and waiting for it to load up. I numbered all the stops and what time we should arrive. I also wrote down all our ADR # because i’m paranoid. When we completed a stop I crossed it off. When I was asked where to next I just pulled it out of my shirt pocket and off we went. The downfall was when we got delayed because of rain or closers. Example we were going to JC and it was raining so it was closed and we received a any time fp so next was POTC but it was closed so at this time I needed my phone to reevaluate the TP. This worked for me in AK and EP but MK and HS we hit rain that shut down rides and shows. But it was good to still use it as a check off.

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