Touring Plans on the Day

@Dubgirl46- You’ll like the plans even more, once you’re in the parks. You’ll be sailing past the long lines, feeling like a genius.

Of course, the real genius are these computerized logarithms TP uses to do the plans. My fam thinks I’m the genius tho, so I won’t argue about that too much haha.


I’m planning to print out our touring plan & FP on cardstock, cut roughly the size of a park map.

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I rarely use the Lines app while in the park, but I think I must be an oddity with that. The only time I have used it was to get updated wait times. I need to do a better job recording wait time data for others, but it can be hard to do while also trying to keep an eye on three kiddos. For the most part, I stick to our printed plan and only alter if we see something really fabulous that we want to do.


Our days went best that stuck closest to our plans. First morning at MK was golden although I did skip one thing, but tp told me it would put be behind but I didn’t trust them! I should have.:blush:. But we got a ton done.
Then our AK day went like clockwork despite being further back getting through the turnstiles than I would have preferred. Now that I think about it, Epcot morning too, was pretty much flawless. You’ll love the plans. I didn’t optimize while in the parks.


Wow, all great stories.

So if you don’t optimize in the parks do you optimize the night before?? In case any data has been updated?

Also @joefishing, when you say you missed a ride and you then had to evaluate - does this mean the software works out the best way to proceed? So if I miss a ride I need to evaluate ? Not optimize?

I think I am slightly confused between Evaluate and Optimize. They both do the same but Optimize actually makes changes to your plan, Evaluate just suggests??

Evaluate tells you how your plan works in its current order by updating wait times
Optimiize puts things in the best order based on what you have listed, FPP, ADRs, and wait times

So evaluate just changes numbers, and optimize can completely rearrange the order of everything


Thanks. So why why wouldn’t you keep evaluating/ optimizing then when in the parks if it gives you the best options?

I basically have an idea of the order I want to do things. That is based partly on what different sites have suggested and had success with and partly on my own preference. So I come up with a plan and evaluate it. Then I copy that plan and optimize. If the optimized plan looks as good or better to me based on my personal preference, then I’ll use it. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my plan as long as the evaluation looks good.


Thanks everyone.

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One thing for me also - is that I like to see characters so I put several ‘breaks’ into my plan, if I optimize that can throw that off.


I bring a printed TP with me to parks. Ds has same on his iphone. I don’t bother evaluating, don’t find a need to. The estimated wait times on printed TP are amazingly accurate. I def don’t optimize, wouldn’t want my plan to be rearranged while in park.

I know others evaluate (&some optimize) in parks, but I like to keep it simple. And it’s never let me down yet, so accurate as is.

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Same for us.

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When would be the last time you would optimize before the parks? The day before? Week before? I like the idea of printing off a copy.

@Dubgirl46- the last time I optimize is just b4 I rearrange ride order to my liking. So 1. I set up my rides, in no special order 2. Optimize 3. rearrange to my liking 4. evaluate 5. plug in 3 fpps acc to those advised by plan 6. evaluate 7. tweak if needed, to get better wait times, by rearranging order 8. evaluate.

After getting actual fpps at 60 days, I go back & place them in plan. Then evaluate again, tweak order if needed, keep evaluating. As you can see, I use optimize only at very beginning, then I use evaluate a lot.

Once plan is to my liking, it stays as done til I print & leave for Disney!

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To be more specific time wise, once I’ve added actual fpps, done any needed adjusting, it’s done. I don’t rearrange or do any changes at all after fpp additions & final plan is made at that time.

Ok that’s great, thanks !!

Brian from touring plans has mentioned on the Youtube videos that you always optimize again within the week you’re leaving in case of any changes to the schedule on Disney’s end. It’s also listed on the checklist tab by your touring plan a week out.

Oh that’s great, thanks . I will do that so.

So even if my plan was supposed to start at 9 and I don’t arrive until 10 , I just start at 10 on the plan and don’t try to ‘catch up’.

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And may I just ask one last question please?
My plans use the early morning hours where available.

I notice that this has us on rides at say 8.06 am. Is this a tad unrealistic without racing to the ride and being there super early?

Should I put the start time as 8.30am even when there are EMH??

I have no idea what time we should be there for the early morning hours. Thanks again !

Also could anyone explain why this plan starts at 8 even though the park doesn’t seem to open until 9 ???