Touring Plans and Genie+: play nicely?

Hi all!

So I’ve been watching videos, reading blogs, and creating multiple plans with Touring Plans (both personal preference and optimized). Of course, the big unknown is LL and Individual LL.

We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 9 year-olds) and are going on the week of March 20 (yeah, spring break). We are staying on property and I’m a pretty good planner/rope dropper.

I have questions, hoping some of you may have answers or advice:

1.) Does Touring Plans play nicely with Genie+ (which I have already purchased). Meaning are the Touring Plan scheduled still holding fairly true?

2.) On our early entry day at HS, I’m a bit vexed on what to do as far as Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and Individual LL passes. My heart wants to go straight to Galaxy’s Edge and ROTR and then LL Slinky. Or go to Galaxy’s Edge and LL ROTR. Or do we consider Toy Story Land first? See, so torn. (We plan to do both in the first half of the day, then break, then park hop to Future World at Epcot in the evening. We’ll come back the next evening to do the rest of HS because I want to see all the stuff at night.) Speaking of hopping…

3.) How’s park hopping going? I have our AM parks reserved for our days we’ll be there, but I don’t mess us up doing my usual “morning’s here, evening’s there” routine if they don’t really move as fluidly in the post-Covid world.

Okay, that’s a lot. But I know the folks here are incredibly helpful.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Last I checked TP still doesn’t register LL so the way I handled it was I created a plan with all the things I wanted to do and if I got a LL for something I deleted it off my TP plan. Then I would use my LL’s and ILL’s when they were time and then I’d just optimize the remaining things I wanted to do in my TP and do what it said when I had time between the LL’s and ADR’s. This worked really well for me. The longest I waited was 25 min for RnRC standby (supposed to be a 7 at DHS that day). I think that’s the only attraction I waited more than 17/18 min for. As the day progressed anything else I got a LL for that was on my plan I’d just go delete so it wouldn’t try and optimize that later when I had free time.

  2. For DHS I did this and it worked well:
    @7am I got LL’s in this order: SDD, RotR and MMRR and got return times for SDD of 1015am, MMRR 1025am and RotR for 1110am. I let me family sleep in a little so I actually purposefully chose the 1025am MMRR as there were earlier available for that. We arrived around 1015am and went straight to SDD with a very short wait and I secured an 11:25am MFSR LL next after tapping in. We rode MMRR with a very short wait with our ILL, rode RotR walking straight into the BB8/Rey room, rode MFSR walking straight onto the deck and I secured a 1:30pm ToT LL after checking in. After MFSR I optimized my TP with the remaining attractions I wanted to accomplish that I had not yet gotten an LL for (ST, RnRC and TSM and it had my 12:30 Hollywood Brown Derby Lunch in there and our 3:05 Savis and 3:50 Droid Depot). It was telling me to go to lunch but I ignored it when I saw the predicted TP wait and Disney wait for ST which was posted at 10 minutes and was 4 minutes standby. We were still able to make our lunch a tiny bit early. During lunch I secured a 3:35pm TSM when I hit my two hour mark. After lunch we rode ToT with our LL. When we got in line RnRc had a 45 min wait and when we got off it was 35 min posted standby so I thought we could squeeze that in before our 3:05 Savi’s just barely. It was only 25 minutes and we very easily made our Savi’s and Droid Depot and were in line for TSM by 4pm using LL (give or take 15 minutes…). We went home after this for a break before dinner in Epcot at 745pm at Space 220 Lounge. My suggestion is to obtain LL’s in this order for DHS 1) SDD, 2) RotR, 3) MMRR (all at 7am if you’re willing to pay for ILLs) then as you can get more 4)RnRC (this was sold out on my day by the time I could get another after checking into SDD), 5)MFSR, 6) ToT, 7)TSM, 8)ST, 9)shows

  3. I park hopped and it works well especially if you have access to Evening Extra hours. We did AK in the AM and EPC in the evening very easily. As you can see by our DHS day you really don’t need a full day unless you plan to also see all three available shows and the light up shows on the Chinese Theater and character meet & greets, etc. It’s very smooth for me.


Your DHS info is so helpful, thanks! Heading back in April for the first time since 2019 and getting a bit overwhelmed by all the changes, but reading about your day helps so much! :blush:

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Wow, this is really helpful… I feel there’s so many ways to trip up, but Touring Plans has always been solid. Thanks, Jenny!

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Oh I forgot AS2. I’d do that before ST but after TSM in LL priority. We just didn’t ride it so I didn’t think about it. :slight_smile:

I wrote out my MK one for another post

  1. LL for JC at 7am,
  2. bought ILL for 7DMT,
  3. bought ILL for SpaceM.
  4. In Early entry we rode PPF,
  5. still early entry we rode HM
  6. rode space with our ILL at open
  7. rode PoC (TP suggestion) standby. Walk on.
  8. checked into JC LL and booked 1:20 BTMR LL
  9. rode 7DMT with ILL
  10. popcorn and drink break
  11. rode PeopleMover - almost walk on (TP suggestion)
  12. rode Buzz Lightyear with a 17 min wait in standby (TP suggested we head to lunch but I saw the standby time was 20 min and TP thought 18 or 19 min so they were both pretty close and I knew we could fit it in so we hopped in line)
  13. lunch at Skippers Canteen
  14. during lunch I snagged a 1:45pm Splash LL at my 2 hour mark (I would set alarm on my phone for 2 hours when I’d get one)
  15. played all five A Pirates Adventure scavenger hunt games
  16. rode BTMR with LL
  17. rode Splash with LL and got a 340 WtP LL
  18. ice cream break, shot around for free in Frontierland Shootin Arcade and caught a Dapper Dans Performance (TP suggested Dapper Dans here and I saw the arcade was free on the way)
  19. Rode WtP with LL and grabbed a 445pm LittleMermaid LL
  20. waited 18 min standby for Monsters Laugh Floor (TP suggestion)
  21. rode Little Mermaid with LL
  22. saw PhilharMagic standby waiting 1.5 performances (I didn’t time it but it wasn’t long and TP suggestion)
  23. hung out at Casey’s listening to the piano player until time to checkin for fireworks dessert party at 615ish which we did till fireworks and then left. (Pianist was on my plan and TP suggested it but it was also the only thing left besides fireworks)

If you’re willing to throw money at it; it goes very smoothly and you won’t wait long. The day about was predicted a 10 by TP and we were late for Early Entry because of the race delays for the half marathon so we only had about 20-25 min of that.


So much app involvement and bouncing around.

I gave up


It was okay for me. If I got a LL for something I just deleted it from TP. If we got off a ride and didn’t have an LL or ADR for a bit I went over to TP and hit optimize and most of the time it was right. I mean everything it told me to do never had a long wait. But sometimes it’d rather get me to lunch 30-40 min early than do a quick attraction.

Every time I moved away from TP (and I don’t mean closed it - I kept the app open and just moved to another app) it took me to the main start page and I had to start over finding my plan. It frustrated the hell out of me as that was new (and not good). So between that and G+ it was too complicated and I gave up


That didn’t happen to me. That’s weird. Maybe it’s our phones. Do you have android?

No. Apple iPhone 13

Ditto. Same phone

Do you mean your touring plan?

If so, did you access it through Lines?

I use the lines app, yes
have been using it since forever
have never had this issue

open the app
find my touring plan (eg Savage Sisters Do Epcot)
open my plan

get a text (for example – but navigate to any other app)
read text (leaving lines app open)

Go back to lines app to continue with my tp
i’m back at the start page for the app
need to search for my plan allllll over again


i quit using it early on in that first day and never went back to it again

this is a new usability issue

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That is odd. No app does that, they all stay put. :thinking:

Just posted on the blog.



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Hey thanks! You beat me to it.

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That is very annoying. A lot like being asked to log in every time you access the lines app. I tried using it in December and a had a lot of issues which makes me sad. I have the latest version of Android and definitely since they did updates to the app last year it has been very glitchy for me.