Touring Plans and Genie+: play nicely?

This may help same day but does not with planning. They should allow us to choose projected LL’s so we can gauge the timing of the day. My Tp for HS has 4+ hours of waiting that I have zero intention on waiting in! I need to be able to click ‘intended’ LL so my plan right sizes to what the projected wait time will be at that time!

Agree! That capability is coming, hopefully soon.

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Did you try the standard IT advice, and try rebooting your phone? It may not have been the app, but something gone wonky with iOS.

Yes. And I deleted and reloaded the app and it persisted. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Well then…I got nothing.

IKR? It was the most bizarro thing ever. As I said, I’ve been using the app for about a hundred years. Never had that issue.

I know it won’t take in the correct projected crowd information, but what if you set the date for today (well, not literally today at 9 pm, but whatever day you are messing with it)? And then populate the LLs as you hope to have them and optimize.

Then you can see what it might look like and copy it or change the date to your day having a better idea of what might happen.

I wish I had time right now to jump into my plan and try exactly that but it’s an idea.

ahh. super smart thinking. when I get a chance, I will see if it works.

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Tomorrow is similar crowd day to my arrival day and I (sort of) have time to mess with my TPs and see what happens.


It was a kind of a pain work around, but I made a copy of my February TP for yesterday, which has a similar crowd calendar to the day I copied, and then used Genie tip board and the TP app to see which LL might actually be available at the times I would be able to pick them up - so I did as I would if in the parks and assigned accurate times to the TP steps and reoptimized as I added them. The act of pretending to go through a day was helpful, and I highly recommend attempting that if you have time and are hoping to use G+.

This morning I took yesterday’s plan and copied it to my actual day in February.
And all of the LL reservation times remained intact and I was able to optimize based on the LL times.

CAVEAT: Optimizing for my future date with the LL selections in place put at least one ride later in the LL arrival window, which meant I would have been tapping in later than I pretended to tap in yesterday, which potentially could have changed my next reservations.

But I now have something in my plans that includes LL reservation times for a future date.