Totally Random, But Hopefully You Can Help!

This is a completely strange request, but I am hoping that maybe someone on this forum can help me out.

Does anybody have a picture that they took during their trip to Universal of one of the buses that has a picture of Diagon Alley in the background and Harry Potter in the foreground, looking back over his shoulder? My sister and I had a running joke about this particular image on our last trip. She’s been feeling a bit down, and I wanted to send it to her to cheer her up, but many Google searches have not turned it up for me, and, stupidly, I never took a picture of it myself. If you have it and could post it, I would be extremely grateful!

This one?


Yes!!! Thank you so much! Why they heck couldn’t I find it???

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And I owe you a butterbeer!

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I’m so glad! I remember this picture because they had it in the shuttle bus from Cabana Bay!

Yep, that’s exactly where we saw it as well!

Lol—Hot, cold, or frozen?

Your choice! But I recommend the hot. Then the frozen.

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I love frozen butterbeer so much. Even though it gives me an ice-cream headache Every Single Time.


I agree! Frozen was my favorite for the longest time. Then, on the last trip, the last drink I got was the hot one—it was perfect for an empty night stroll through Diagon Alley :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It does to me, too! Frozen is definitely my favorite followed by the hot butterbeer.

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Have you found a recipe that you’ve made for any of them that tastes very close to the park taste? I always see people post “butterbeer”, but skeptical to try lol.

Every summer, we have a Harry Potter marathon and I make a very basic frozen one. It’s not exactly like the park, but since I’m already completely immersed in Harry Potter, I think my brain does a good job of convincing me that it’s close. Here is the link to the article with five different recipes. I just do number five because it’s simple!

I wish they would come up with a sugar free or reduced sugar version of Butterbeer. Even the frozen one, to me, is overly sweet, leaving me feeling thirsty after drinking it.

But, if I have to pick one, the frozen is, to me, the best. I also tried the butterbeer fudge. It was bland and pointless. I wouldn’t bother.

I agree. I wasn’t impressed with the fudge or with the ice cream one.

Thank you! This was the one I was looking at:

I like to do HP marathons with my family, and we like to make different types of treats. I think I’m going to have to try some of these out, lol. I like how simple the one you put with ice cream is.

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I will have to try that one out! I have the Harry Potter cookbook, so when we do our marathons, I always make rock cakes and cauldron cakes as well. And we play drinking games, but that’s a different story for a different time. :rofl:

I don’t like the frozen as much as the regular. I found it flavourless. The ice cream is extremely bland. I just downloaded a book today for free on Amazon that is supposed to be a butterbeer cookery book. I haven’t actually had chance to look yet but I’m assuming it will be different kinds of desserts.

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This is what I’m talking about. You and I could never be friends. We agree on nothing. NOTHING.


I seriously regret only trying the frozen. I wish I’d tried the hot. My husband said it seemed like a drink that would only be served hot. I didn’t even try the regular! What was I thinking. We intend to go back but no idea when.