Total Points Sold by Disney Compared to Number of Villas at Each Resort

I started thinking about what resorts are the hardest to reserve at 11 months out and at 7 months. Personally, I am only concerned about studious that sleep 5, for the time being. I started researching online and found out how many points where sold by Disney at each DVC resort. Currently there are 64,581,304 points sold. There are 1935 studious available that sleep anywhere from 4 to 5 people. I took the total points for each resort and divided it by the number of studious. Resulting anywhere from 4,416 points allocated per room to 65,188 points allocated per room. I was hoping to find a direct relation to availability. Part of the results I would agree less points more availability, but it is not consistent throughout. Below is the information that I have obtained. However, How would you rank the resorts from hardest to easiest to get? To save by myself some typing I cut it from a spreadsheet. 1st set of numbers total points at that resort, 2nd set number of studios and 3rd points per room… example
vero beach 1,616,438 total points with 366 studious and 4,416 point associated per room. Since I don’t know everyone maybe @PrincipalTinker can taf some members for discussion. Thanks

|Vero Beach|||||1,616,438.00||366|||4416.497268|
|Animal Kingdom Villas -Jambo|||||1,803,844.00||128|||14092.53125|
|Boardwalk Villas|||||4,888,837.00||246|||19873.32114|
|Beach Club Villas|||||3,027,124.00||110|||27519.30909|
|Boulder Ridge|||||1,961,969.00||65|||30184.13846|
|Saratoga Springs Resorts|||||14,029,319.00||432|||32475.27546|
|Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani|||||5,595,400.00||168|||33305.95238|
|Old Key West|||||7,674,852.00||230|||33368.92174|
|Bay Lake Tower|||||5,732,762.00||147|||38998.38095|
|Copper Creek|||||3,321,966.00||78|||42589.30769|
|Villas at Grand California|||||1,136,865.00||23|||49428.91304|
|Villas at Grand Floridian|||||2,520,379.00||41|||61472.65854|
|Hilton Head|||||1,368,962.00||21|||65188.66667|

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…wut…? :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are only 65 studios at BR? That seems so strange!

So there are 2 million GF points but over 3 million CC? I was just thinking how many more points it takes to book anything at GF compared to CC.

That’s one thing that is definitely going to throw the numbers points per night average… I’ll run that after I eat dinner what an average week cost and see what it throws out

Just curious what your goal is here? Are you trying to find ones that are “easy” to book and then purposely not buy there? For fair warning, this year I booked a studio at Beach Club DURING F&W less than 4 weeks before check-in. But I would expect to have trouble booking anything in the second half of 2022.

I don’t think this advice is be-all, end-all, but ultimately where do you want to stay?

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No goal I was just trying to see if there was any correlation between the two. I started to think about it and my OCD kicked in. I thought it might be an interesting discussion.

I just continued my thinking on the chat question: CCV, SSR, AKL and why I said the poster should be aware of the booking issues with CCV. BCV is another of those small resorts? I have been reading a lot of complaints from GFV owners the last few weeks too!

Ok gotcha. I think that the availability correlation is more closely related to the sheer number. For example, Poly studios do last a while. AKL also has availability often. Then obviously SSR and OKW have the most availability.

Honestly, I will talk about DVC every day, all day long if someone will let me.

I am still interested in how far those points truly stretch at each resort. I know I can book a studio at CC, or a Boardwalk view at BW for the same points but at RR those points will get me a tower room, and for a point or two more I can get a savannah view most times of the year.


So I compared total points to average weekly stay per disney’s new seasonal tiers. changes the outcome condiserable. However, I just got called for dinnernot everyone that owns points can stay in a week based of everyone wanted a villa. Ill post in about 15 minutes

I wasn’t kidding: i don’t understand what the discussion here is.

I think what you’re getting at is “disney prices the DVC points in attempt to spread out the stays”? But that isn’t the case. The point costs of a room has almost nothing to do with availability and but rather number of rooms and location will. Example: Copper Creek: super small amount (i don’t know the number rooms) vs Bay Lake Tower (also don’t know the number of rooms).

Both are right on top of Magic Kingdom, but while BLT has far easier access to said park, CC is much harder to get in terms of availability. Simply cause of the limited amount of rooms. A look at it right now will show that December, copper creek is almost full for anything. However, BLT has a significant amount of openings.

Then you throw OKW and SSR into the mix and both have stupid low point values, but both are wide open, and usually are right up until the day of.

I have a feeling point costs are tied to the property tax and zoning of the building itself.

Maybe there is zero comparison who knows. I am not experienced with DVC. Maybe there was a reason for why. Who knows. Just something I thought about.

I have always been told that CC will have those issues because of the extra points sold for the cabins. It points more points/owners in the system because a majority of owners never intend to use their points for those cabins. When they started giving incentives recently for CC I dreaded every time I saw a new CC owner (new points). A majority bought hoping to stay at WL when the tree was up.

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I was really trying to find something that probably is just not there but I still find it interesting.

Total points for a resort, number of villas, average weekly cost based off Disney’s seasonal pricey. The last number is if everyone who has points there tried to use that to stay at a villa. Vero Beach 38.17 weeks each villa would be booked per year. Where as Beach club does not have enough villas for the same demand with each villa booked out 215 weeks out of a 52 week year. So probably doesn’t explain the difficulty to get, but food for thought. I just nerd out on my own…

|Vero Beach|||||1616438||366||115.700000000|||38.17197293|
|Boardwalk Villas|||||4888837||246| |116.142900000|||171.110943|
|Animal Kingdom Villas - all|||||7399244||296||119.7857|||208.6847257|
|Beach Club Villas|||||3027124||110||127.714300000|||215.4755504|
|Boulder Ridge|||||1961969||65||126.714300000|||238.2062519|
|Bay Lake Tower|||||5732762||147||150.142900000|||259.741759|
|Villas at Grand California|||||1136865||23||173.750000000|||284.4829528|
|Saratoga Springs Resorts|||||14029319||432||112.500000000|||288.6691152|
|Old Key West|||||7674852||230||100.285700000|||332.7385833|
|Copper Creek|||||3321966||78||126.285700000|||337.2456873|
|Villas at Grand Floridian|||||2520379||41||171.000000000|||359.4892312|
|Hilton Head|||||1368962||21||94.750000000|||688.0070361|

Do you have your spreadsheets in sheets or office 360 where you can share a copy ?

You are trying to figure out an average stay?

I love playing with this app:

It gives you the points, rental, and usually rack rate (it never seems to work for BW) for every stay you try (nightly)

I was just trying to figure out if there was some reason certain resorts are harder to get… I thought it might be to excessive over selling. I’ve got a spreadsheet but it is the exact info I pasted.

Thanks for the tag.

I’m kind of boring about DVC in the sense that I don’t get into the finer points of how it all works. I kind of glaze over. OK not kind of. I completely glaze over.

I also almost never book at 11 months, and the one time I did was The Trip That Never Was which has been booked and rebooked and cancelled and rebooked 5 times now. When we book, I look and see what’s available and book what seems to work best for us in that moment. I’m not the member that absolutely has to stay at any one place, and I’ve never chased a reservation and would never care enough to walk one either.

I’m also not clear about what the question is here. LOL I probably glazed over while getting to it. No offense to anyone at all intended - I’m the dunce in the group who probably wouldn’t notice if I was getting royally screwed over by the way points are allocated, just so long as I have somewhere to sleep when I get there again :wink:


No real question I just there might be some relationship with allocated points per resort and how fast certain rooms go…