Total Points Sold by Disney Compared to Number of Villas at Each Resort

Like others I’m confused as to what we’re discussing.

However maybe this might help. The total number of points sold at any resort is the number of points it takes to book every room for every night of the year.

To calculate that I’m told that DVC count every lock-off 2-bedroom as a 2-bed, not separate studio and 1-bed. Hence the lock-off premium.

So they cannot” over sell”. The Poly and CCV though have a gazillion points from the premium bungalows / cabins which most owners cannot book b/c they don’t have enough points. Poly gets away with it b/c there are lots of studios. CCV have few studios hence booking is hard.

Because of the number of small contracts many people can only book studios and they book fast. That also takes out lock-off 2-beds.

Toughest to book would be small numbers of rooms and cheaper categories: akl value, bwv std, CCV, blt std.

I knew you would know details that it would take me days to find!

@Nickysyme wasn’t so much a question more of looking for maybe a reason. However, I think you nailed what I was looking for. Thanks for the insight

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On top of this, there is the complication of where people plan to stay. We have a fairly large number of points, all at SSR - but I generally have very little intention of staying there. SSR represented the best value for money ($/pt, dues rate, expiry) in my view so I bought there with the intention of staying elsewhere. We go for 1 or 2 beds so the availability is much better and not really a problem at 7 months.

The only exception is places like BWV where we can’t fit in the 1 beds and the 2 beds are LOs with no dedicated 2beds - so they go at the same rate as the studios - but even then it’s only Boardwalk view that’s impossible at 7mths. Depends on time of year, ofc.

So depends on your strategy and points/resort isn’t necessary a good guide. I’m guessing judging by the fact that SSR and OKW are often available last minute, quite a lot of people do the above…!