Total gamble live-ish trip report 3/17-3/20

Y’all pray for us! :rofl:. We are normally super planned out RD touring plan black belts but decided three weeks ago to give this a go and I’m still short a couple ADRs and have analyzed and reanalyzed to the point where I’ve concluded it’s all unpredictable! :rofl:. So my TP looks more like notes than a plan but hey - some mouse better than no mouse?

Today we are off to EP, getting there super early just in case the 75min early trend continues and this is our “plan”. :rofl:


Have a great time!

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And I already forgot the reason I posted! :rofl:. I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone on chat and forums - y’all have been very patient with my million questions the last couple weeks and have provided invaluable insights that we much appreciated! Liners are the best!!


Wait so EP is opening 75 min early now? Everything I read so far is rope drop is 10:15a for 11am open. Very curious what time they rope drop for your group today. Have a great day!

Have fun!

So arrived 935am at EP and parking lots not open so had to go through and will have to circle back. They are saying lots won’t open until 10am. We shall see…


When we were there in Dec we lined up at 9:30 from IG for an 11 open. We were through security at 10:05 and lined up in the queue by 10:20.

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Disney day best day!


Your crew is adorable! Have a fantastic day!!!

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We are back 945am and now rather than having cars go through and circle out they have cars stopped in line so guessing they are close to opening lots. Just saw disney bus pass on right.


have a blast!! your crew is so adorable! can’t wait to follow along and kill my disney blues living vicariously through you guys :slight_smile:

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955am tollbooths open


Ok had kid forget magicband and had to get our au pair a card for entry but still tapped into park at 1012am and in queue for TT now. And we zipped right through security so all the walkers and Disney transport people were already in the park as we were walking in from parking lot just minutes after 10am.


Cut across to Norway after TT, amateurs potty break :roll_eyes: in line for Frozen at 1045am. Was 21m, headed to MS! TP says 16min, Disney says 50min, over/under anyone? :rofl:

Oh also - my 12 yr old and I agree that the new animatronics are creepy and look like they could rip their faces off at any moment. The bodies and movement are great but then you have the glow until the jaw line…

(Keeping in mind we last visited the World in 2014 so the Frozen folks are new to us…)

Weather was PERFECT for TT. Now that it’s 1135am out in exposed MS line it’s getting warm…

I had crew eat breakfast while waiting for park open thinking if it opened late or we hit long lines they’d be starving before WS time but then we knocked out TT and FEA and no one is even close to hungry so we shall see if MS Orange breaks anything loose. :rofl:

I almost feel like we should make this a liners choose your adventure. If I was savvy I’d make a poll. What next? Lines are definitely piling up so headliners are out.


I owe you huge! Thanks so much for all you shared on your trip I made lots of changes based on your trip!


Thanks for reporting on the logistics it’s very helpful. You are getting off to a great start on your day!

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Ok good I was afraid it was way overkill but that’s the stuff I struggled to find while attempting to plan…


The shop in Japan is super fun. The manatees are awesome, and spaceship earth is a classic and easy on the legs. I always like living with the land just to see what kind of crazy veggies are happening. I don’t recommend awesome planet or the Canada video, but the Canada pavilion is beautiful.

My boys were sick for a few hours after MS.


Nope, that’s the good stuff! Liners already know all the rest :rofl::rofl:


:pray: You will have a blast no doubt! Enjoy :grinning:

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